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Mario Chalmers
Udonis Haslem

Coach Spoelstra is never afraid to milk his Big Three and play them tirelessly. In fact, LeBron played a whooping 45 minutes in Game 1. This, you may think, leaves less minutes for the bench.. not. Coming into this series, they were saying that it is their bench who can make a difference in this series. So far the Heat's bench have not disappointed yet.

Mario Chalmers to me was the X-factor in Game 1. He scored 12 points, and without these and the 3-pters he made, we could be looking at 1-0 series on the other end. It seems that the Mavs are leaving Mario free on pick-and-rolls, and in some plays letting him unguarded in the corner three. If this continues, Mario will see some more of these threes.

Udonis Haslem was the hard-worker on defense, that is why he was let to play more minutes guarding Dirk. His production, 7 points and 6 rebounds, is modest and still better than other fillers in this series. It seems the Heat likes him very much so look for him to see more minutes for the rest of this series.

Both bench-players Mario and Luigi Udonis played around 29 minutes each. In comparison with starters, Bibby played 14 minutes and Anthony played 18 minutes. If you already used the Big 3, Dirk and Terry before, feel free to choose either Mario and Udonis in Game 2, especially if your strategy is to pick players playing at home. Treat them as if they are getting starter minutes.

Good luck to us all.


  1. Chalmers was important in GM1. I may need to use him after I use in Bosh in GM2.

  2. don't you want to hold bosh for later when he plays in his hometown Dallas? When he was still a Raptor, I remember reporters saying he always play well in Fort Worth.

  3. I got Bosh for the game tonight, i dont think he will go 5 for 18 like last game.

  4. That's a gamble. Don't you want to wait til he gets one good game in?

  5. What if his best game is game 2, never know. A score above 30 and i will be satisfied.

  6. Sorry guys about the Bosh pick. He was 4 of 16. That's abnormal. He should be ripping apart the pick-and-roll.

    Good luck on the next pick though.

  7. Bosh wound up 20 PRA last night. Not his best night but it could have been worse. Marion has been 30+ for both games in the Finals.

  8. i entirely forgot marion was an ex-heat. he was sticking it to his old team


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