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Last week, a few blogs ago, I mentioned that JJ Barea performed well in the early games of the previous three series, and that he should be picked early. I was wrong though. JJ early on in this series has struggled and is taking time to heat up. Very uncharacteristic of him.

Look at his PRA for the past four games: 5, 9, 9, 15. Starting Game 4 helped him a lot. His penetration caused the Heat to collapse on him, paving the way for those assists to Mavs' shooters. I am picking him now while he is in the upward trend, and while he is at home.

Week 8, June 9:
Jose Juan Barea

His PRA is not that great, but we are running on fillers late this stage in DTTF.

An alternative for you is DeShawn Stevenson. His move from starter to bench have actually helped him. His Game Four 15 PRA is the most he has gotten this postseason.

Good luck!


  1. tao- Agreed, he's played some solid ball as a starter. Hope the Mavs wrap it up tomorrow night. I'm so tired of seeing the Wade/Lebron ego show.

  2. I think LeBron plays better when loved (Cavs version) than hated (Heat version). It is his first year as the villain. That's too much to bear in mind. Who wants to live life being hated constantly anyway? I think his having a bigger head is a self-preservation tool to evade all these distractions.


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