The Cavs Await!

Just showing off my lone 40+ PRA the whole postseason!!

Yeah I know, 2016 blows :P


When the Thunder won Game 4 to a 3-1 advantage, they became favorites to win the series. and we began picking off the Warriors. Even when they lost Game 5 on the road, we keep picking off the Warriors (I got Klay next). Now, losing Game 6 at home... that's unacceptable.

You know what that means. If Thunder loses Game 6, we all pick a Thunder in Game 7 (mine's Westbrook) because the Warriors won't lose a Game 7 at home. So for me, Game 6 is a do-or-die for both teams. Don't miss Game 6 folks! 

And oh, congratulations to the Raptors for a great season. Now, they have to pay DeRozan the max. Else, they'll lose the momentum. 

Watch out for the Cavs! Going for the ring!

The Durantula Is Here To Stay

KD is definitely home. Free agency will be a formality's sake. The Lakers and the Wizards and the Spurs are fooling themselves thinking he will leave OKC. And sorry Mark Cuban, he hates you so don't bother. With the way they are trashing the Dubs, future is bright in OKC.

Look, I know we are all disappointed that the record-breaking Warriors are on the brink of elimination, but the truth of the matter is that Green is not himself in this series, Curry is playing hurt, and the Thunder is playing the better small ball! From what I've seen, the Warriors do not deserve to win this series -- the Thunder does.

And so it is not a sin to write the Warriors off. Steph in G5 and Klay in G6. There's just no way they can win three straight, while Green is looking like a walking time bomb (one more flagrant and poof goes the bacon).

By all means we should all be saving as much Cavs players for the Finals. The Raptors have had their thrill ride, but I can't imagine them winning G5 nor G7. Carroll plays better at home than in Cleveland, so he gets picked for G6. Despite lowered minutes, I'm sticking with James Johnson for G5.

Good luck with your picks!

Panic Time?

So I am working 10-hour shift today and I am currently having my two-hour break. Took to a local pub looking for Warriors' Game 3. There on the screen, 30-point Thunder lead in the third quarter. I thought, 'Sh..'. I bought myself a pint of beer. I'll continue this entry when I get home after work. Let me see if this beer is worth it.

UPDATE: OKC wins it 133-105! Alright @topknox, Thunder Up? should be Thunder Up! Anyone interested in a Game 4 pick of Klay Thompson and Game 5 Steph Curry? Tell me why, and also why not! See you in 7 hours...

UPDATE 2: I traced Draymond Green's game logs playing on the road at OKC, looking for any decent game. I went 2016, 2015, 2014... bah! I stopped there, nothing! Green sucks @OKC. And so because I'm crazy this season...

So yeah as some of you think, Game 4 is the game changer. Whoever wins that game most probably will win this series.

If OKC wins G4, it's Steph for G5 coz I am not risking not picking him, even though I believe Warriors will take G5. And then Klay in G6.

If GS wins G4, it's Waiters in G5 and Westbrook in G6.

Good luck!