Looking Forward

It's the NBA Finals, and here is my pick plan:
Game 1: Stephen Curry
Game 2: Draymond Green
Game 3: Kyrie Irving
Game 4: Kevin Love
Game 5: Klay Thompson
Game 6: LeBron James
Game 7: Andre Iguodala

The top 6 are there to maximize the multiplier, and Iggy can be the Finals' X-Factor again.

Why am I thinking so far ahead? Because I am running out of picks for the Conference Finals, that's why. With OKC's Westbrook remaining and TOR/MIA's pool dwindling, I have to borrow from the expected Finalists.

So the schedule for the OKC@GS series is out and here is my pick plan:
Game 1: GS Barnes
Game 2: OKC Roberson
Game 3: OKC Kanter
Game 4: OKC Westbrook
Game 5: GS Bogut
Game 6: OKC Waiters
Game 7: GS Livingston

Not that great, but I'd sacrifice my x3 for my x4.

My East Finals might look like All Cavs if the Raptors advance. Sad.

And oh yeah, I got Dwyane Wade for Game 6 because we are still in Round 2.

Good luck!


  1. I've gone with D Wade myself and that's tough from a Miami fan who still thinks we will advance to play the Cavs. I still have all Miami players left to pick so that's also why I hope they go through with 2 wins!

  2. I've got Dwyane Wade in both platforms tonight. Pretty easy pick. Team facing elimination, and a lot of the team injured. Wade needs to step up big if they want any chance of forcing a Game 7. What will be interesting is seeing if there is anybody out there who has not picked Wade yet and decides not to pick him tonight. If you are near the bottom and looking to make a move, perhaps that is the play to make. In Drive and Slam, I'm not doing great. But that's not the play for me. I've only picked one Raptor, and it's Valunciunas. So I'm best to play the Raptors advance game and play Wade tonight. That would be a big advantage for me going into the next round.

    1. The situation is a disaster for me:
      I've used three players from the Thunder and got all below average performances from them, 2 of which were not even close to average. Meanwhile I did not use any of the now eliminated Spurs until their elimination night. If I had just taken the Atlanta route in game 4 and believed that the Thunder wouldn't lose in 5 games I'd have gotten 29 more PAR (Bazemore 20+Westbrook 55 instead of Westbrook 36+Ibaka 10)then I did and have one more Thunder player available.
      As for Heat/Raptors, don't even get me started! I used Wade (in both games) in last rounds game 6 since the Heat were on the brink of elimination so I don't have him here, meanwhile on the soon to advance Raptors I have used Lowry in both games, DeRozen and Biyombo on D&S. Besides having used Wade I only took Dragic on D&S and Deng on google. Now notice which two players names didn't appear on that list; Whiteside and Valanciunas! I'm not good at researching injuries in advance, not only are they out but DeRozan (unused in google) and Carroll (not used in either game) are listed DTD but Lowry who is healthy has been used. GO FREAKIN FIGURE!

  3. Maccabi de LevantarMay 13, 2016 at 11:14 AM

    No more risk today, I also think Wade must give it all tonight. For sunday it will be Biyombo for me, before Valanciunas is back. No matter if it's game 7 or game 1 vs Cavs. Now I would prefer a Raptors win tonight, so no risk of losing DeRozan. Because if there's a game 7 I will take the risk.

  4. The OKC Thunder seem to have San Antonio's number, especially in the playoffs, as they once again eliminated the Spurs from the postseason tournament. Things looked great for the Spurs after their Game #1 rout, but it all went downhill from there as the Spurs eventually choked not once but twice at home after only losing at home once during the regular season. And now the San Antonio Spurs are finished, with most people using very little or any of their roster, meanwhile depleting the OKC roster significantly which is not good at all going forward.

    Picked Tony Parker (10 PRA) in the Spurs finale which was quite awful. Wish I would have picked Tim Duncan (24 PRA) instead as this may very well be his last game ever. Kawhi Leonard (36 PRA) or LaMarcus Aldridge (34 PRA) were clearly the best picks from the losing team on this night though.

  5. For tonight Miami tries to even things at 3-3 with Toronto taking a 3-2 lead with a win in Game #5. Miami probably wins tonight at home, although it is hard to trust either team at this point. In any event I will be picking a Miami Heat player, Joe Johnson. Hopefully he can put up another 20+ PRA effort tonight, and see if Miami can force a Game #7 on Sunday. I am sure the NBA would like that a lot should it happen.

  6. Leaderboards per league are up in Drive&Slam. Get yourselves in this blog's league @ http://drive.ganaca.com.au/node/2693

    1. I can't find the main leaderboard

    2. League boards for now. Main board crashing the site so was taken down temporarily

  7. how do i join a league again , I don't think there is a option

    1. Site dev just re-added the link. Just click Join, then Subscribe.


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