Conference Finals

My cards...

As you know, I am saving my aces for the Finals' 4x multiplier. For now, I'm juggling with my role players.

I like picking players when they are playing at home. I can only name a handful of players who revel balling on the road, but none in this pool.

In the West, I like Barnes in OKC games when Bogut is not playing (see January 2015 games). As for Roberson in Game 2, maybe I'll play Iguodala instead if Bogut remains sidelined. Kanter gets the nod at home in Game 3 (hopefully with Bogut still out). And of course Westbrook gets the elimination game, whichever game that may be.

In the East, I like Thompson in Game 1s, and J.R. Smith in Game 2s (look at the first two rounds). I like Frye in non-close-out games, so maybe I'll move him to Game 3 if the Cavs sweep again.

As lower seeds win games, we'll reach further into the bench. But no matter what happens, the 2 Big Threes stays reserved for the Finals ;)

Well, that's the plan!


  1. DeRozan was okay as my pick yesterday. Lowry was far better, Biyombo was great (already picked). I will gladly take 37 from DDR.

    Now it´s gets dicey, one game per day per series. Saving up on the Warriors and Cavaliers because nobody believes the Thunder and the Raptors to upset the big guys.

    Well, I didn´t expect either of them to even reach the conference finals, so there´s that.

    I will start slowly, as usual. Role players from the home team for starters. Without checking any numbers I just pick from my gut, and my gut says Iguodala and Tristan Thompson for game 1 respectively. Then wait and see how it all develops.

  2. I see a bunch of people in the comments of previous posts talking about a google league? What is that referring to? Can anyone send me a link? Too late for this year, but just curious.

    1. One had to email mfari to have access to it. It is a spreadsheet with formulas and mfari puts in supporting data. Players edit the spreadsheet for picks via Google Sheets app or Google Drive website. Love it. But yeah it is too late.

    2. I can still send you the link if you'd like, just shoot me an email. my username

  3. Justise Winslow put up 22 PRA in Miami's last game of the year which was a decent total especially when compared to the other top scorers from the losing Heat: Dwyane Wade (23 PRA) and Goran Dragic (29 PRA). Goran Dragic was the highest score from the losing team, although playing him in Game #6 was a better return. Now Miami is finished and Toronto moves on to most likely get slaughtered vs. Cleveland.

    For OKC vs. Golden State, the Warriors should win at least eventually. Unfortunately due to the Spurs being favored, the Thunder roster has been vastly depleted with not much to pick from. I'll save Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant for home games unless the Warriors manage to drop a home game, then I may rethink thigs. However the plan is to go with the 2 workhorses at home at the moment.

    For tonight I will reluctantly pick Andre Roberson, hoping he somehow can put up 15+ PRA. If I still had either Steven Adams or especially Serge Ibaka, who could potentially be great in this series matchup, one of those would have been my pick for tonight. Going to have to get creative here, especially if this series goes longer than expected. Hopefully OKC doesn't manage to beat the Warriors, or this is even going to get to be a bigger mess. However for now, going with the plan of an eventual Golden State series win.

  4. So far things have been rough I'm hoping to turn it around in the 2nd half. My first D&S pick is GONE!
    I didn't do a recap after the 1st round, probably because of that 2 round gameday. Here are my results so far:
    Google drive PAR; Drive and Slam PARBS(XR#)
    1st round
    D1 Dwight Howard 26; PICK MISSING
    D2 Zach Randolph 14; Zach Randolph 14 (14)
    D3 James Harden 41; Dirk Nowitzki 22 (22)
    D4 Isaiah Thomas 21; Kyle Korver 28 (28)
    D5 Andre Drummond 27; Andre Drummond 29 (29)
    D6 Raymond Felton 25; Dirk Nowitzki 30 (30)
    D7 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 22; Reggie Jackson 31 (31)
    D8 Damian Lillard 39; Kemba Walker 29 (29)
    D9 Reggie Jackson 28; Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 20 (20)
    D10 Kemba Walker 39; Damian Lillard 26 (26)
    D11 George Hill 20; George Hill 22 (22)
    D12 DeAndre Jordan 36; DeAndre Jordan 39 (39)
    D13 FORGOT TO PICK; Isaiah Thomas 40 (40)
    D14 Dwayne Wade 33; Dwayne Wade 38 (38)
    2nd round
    D15 Enes Kanter 10; Boris Diaw 14 (28)
    DUAL rounds
    D16 1R Paul George-41 but might only have 39; 2R Mason Plumlee 21 (42) George had 3 steals and no assists so it looks like they both had 42 that day based on different rounds if George really only had 39 PAR.
    2nd round
    D17 Paul Millsap 33; Jeff Teague 14 (28)
    D18 C.J. McCollum 26; Kyle Lowry 20 (40)-Awful night for Lowry
    D19 Jeff Teague 23; Paul Millsap 30 (60)
    D20 Kyle Lowry 28; DeMar DeRozan 32 (64)
    D21 Al Horford 28; Kent Bazemore 10 (20)
    D22 Al-Farouq Aminu 33, Al-Farouq Aminu 34 (68)
    D23 Russell Westbrook 36, Russell Westbrook 39 (78)- Terrible game from the field.... AND the Thunder won!
    D24 Luol Deng 20, Goran Dragic 25 (50)
    D25 Serge Ibaka 10, Serge Ibaka 11 (22)- AND HIS TEAM WON....TOTAL DISASTER PICK!
    D26 Mason Plumlee 15, Bismack Biyombo 22 (44)
    D27 Kawhi Leonard 36, LaMarcus Aldridge 35 (70)
    D28 Goran Dragic 41, Joe Johnson 18 (36)
    NGD1 LaMarcus Aldridge 0, NULL 0 (0)
    D29 Joe Johnson 18, Luol Deng 17 (34)

    1. Thanks for the heads up about Paul George. Must have been some sort of a stat correction, and he did have a 39. It's been adjusted now.

  5. Thunder UP !!!
    ..............I had Klay Thompson! Better use them GSW players while you can :)

  6. I had Stephen Curry tonight in DTTF. It was a decent game, 43 PRA, but not as much as I would have liked, selfishly hoping he would light it up big time tonight. Look out though, the Thunder won. That will make things interesting.

    In Drive & Slam, with news that Bogut may not play, I picked Festus Ezeli, since I had very little in options at this point anyways. He got me an impressive 3 points and 3 rebounds. Factor in the 3x multiplier, and we're looking at an amazing 18 PRABS! The championship will soon be mine if I keep getting performances like that!

    1. Bogut was reported as a starter at least 30mn before tip off...

    2. Yep, he was. I was at work and didn't care enough to check to see if he was starting. I would have gone Ezeli even with Bogut playing, taking a chance that Bogut wouldn't play as many minutes. I don't have many options right now.

  7. Well it's a new round and already I have a new low, with Shaun Livingston getting 8 PAR including just 2 in the 2nd half. This sub-passes the 10s that I got with Enes Kanter and Serge Ibaka. Kent Bazemore (who I "gave up on google for Westbrook") is the guiltiest party on Drive & Slam with 10 actual PARBS, 8 excluding B&Ss.

  8. I plan on using Kyle Lowry tonight...
    ...In a 7 game series you can only use 7 players at most.
    ...Each team has 5 starters.
    ...You can "not" use ALL the starters for each team in the finals.
    ...So you just as well use some in THIS round.
    ...My plan is to use up most of the GSW and OKC players saving CLE starters for the finals.
    ...Of course I will not be able to use up all of the GSW and OKC players leaving 2-3 for the finals.
    ...So this leaves me with ALL of the CLE big pts. LBJ, Love, Irving for the finals plus 1-2 good players with the other team.
    ...I took Klay Thompson in game. I will take another GSW in game two, probably Draymond Green.
    ...If OKC wins i'm good and I actually might start using a CLE big in the TOR series, thinking I can use most of my OKC in the finals
    ...The GSW OKC series will dictate this.
    ...Until then....
    Good luck everyone....

  9. Maccabi de LevantarMay 17, 2016 at 4:41 AM

    After first Thunder win last night, I am even more convinced to avoid any Cavs in this series, at least by now. As I could need them in the finals. So I start with Patterson, also while Valanciunas isn't back. I don't expect as high scoring as I had with my new idol Biyombo, but 15-20 would be fine.

    Now I only need the Cavs Big3 to get injured, Raptors advancing to the Finals, and playing the x4 with Joseph, Roberson, Foye, Nogueira and...Popovich? I still have all of my Spurs, if anyone is interested I could sell for a cheap amount of points ;-)

    1. I got most of them too so I also need to sell them and buy Russell Westbrook and several Raptors in their place!

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    3. Maccabi de LevantarMay 17, 2016 at 3:56 PM

      Biyombo all the way! I want 4 Biyombos for this round. I prefer him over Westbrook. They almost gave me the same number of points xD

  10. Another team with a phenomenal home record falls to defeat in this years playoffs as Golden State puts up a miserable 14 points in Quarter #4 to carelessly punt away a home game to the OKC Thunder. Golden State had a decent sized lead at the half, but played miserably in the second half and especially in the 4th Quarter, and now OKC has home court advantage. The Spurs can attest to what happens when you give the Thunder home court advantage and it isn't a good outcome at all. Maybe OKC is for real this year. They certainly are playing better on the road vs. quality teams than they normally do, and both the Spurs and now Warriors have been very careless not defending home court.

    My pick of Andre Roberson (13 PRA) had a nothing special performance. As expected Serge Ibaka (23 PRA) and Steven Adams (28 PRA) would have both been much better picks, but unfortunately I didn't have either of them remaining. Russell Westbrook (45 PRA) and Kevin Durant (39 PRA) were the high scorers from OKC on the night, but as for best picks go, if the Warriors somehow end up losing this series now because of their Game #1 implosion, we might have to rethink things going forward.

    In any event, the OKC Thunder are really turning the world upside down right now.

  11. For tonight Jonas Valanciunas is still out, and still supposed to be out for Game #2 as well at least, so still time to pick his replacement Bismack Biyombo in Game #2, which I will most likely do. For tonight I like Patrick Patterson from the Toronto Raptors who will hopefully put up at least 15+ PRA for this night. Terrence Ross or DeMarre Carroll could also be considered before getting to the 2 big names (De Rozan and Lowry).

  12. Not a great night for me. I had Kevin Love in DTTF. I preferred to be the windshield instead of the bug tonight, and while the Cavs crushed, Love wasn't a big enough part of the crushing. Love is perpetually hurt, so I'm OK with taking some points from him in advance, but it wasn't enough to my liking.

    In Drive & Slam, I had DeMarre Carrol. He dominated! A huge 3 x 7 PRABS = 21 PRABS! Combined with Ezeli last night, and I look unstoppable this round. Crushin' it!

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  14. Could someone edit my pick for me. I noticed that I put the wrong date down for J.R. Smith It was a bad pick but that's my fault! My username is tilly.

    Thanks in advance.



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