An Undesirable Occurrence

Sunday's pick is easy. The Hawks are down 0-3 and are facing elimination, so our pick has to be a Hawk. That Hawk you've been saving, bring him forward. Mine is Jeff Teague.

Exception to this is if you still have OKC's Big Two, which in case you have to consider picking a Thunder. The Spurs having to retake homecourt advantage means they should be in control going forward. It's not out of the realm to think Spurs can win the next two games to advance.

As for Monday, it's not as easy. The Raptors (yes them, Raptors) have stolen one back in Miami and are leading 2-1, hence the undesirable occurrence. Now, those media 'expert' predictions of the Heat taking this series don't look promising at all. Even if the Raptors lost Valanciunas, the loss of Whiteside from the Heat I think is more impactful.

Do we start picking Wade or Deng? If the Raptors steal Game 4, then we are looking at lost opportunities picking more Heat players. Or can the Heat win two straight games and get up 3-2? Unlikely, but this series has gone wacky enough that anything is possible. It might be good to take a wait-and-see approach with this series.

Good thing there is still the not-so-lowly-anymore Blazers. They convincingly won Game 3 but we still don't expect them to take this series from the Warriors even if they tie 2-2. My best remaining Blazer is Crabbe. Not great, but good enough move for me especially for PRABS-M.

Good luck!


  1. Just a reminder....
    ...I had K. Bazemore on the 4th..
    ...and I changed from T. Ross to DeMar Derozen on the 5th
    (keep up the great work)

  2. I'm pretty happy that the Raptors won! Honestly, if you look at how most people have picked in DTTF, not many have not gone through either two or three Raptors. So a Raptor win is good for us in Canada, and doesn't really have a huge impact for me in DTTF. I'll be making the same sketchy picks as everybody else next round ;)

    I still have Plumlee and Aminu from Portland, so easy decision for Monday, right? Incorrect. Plumlee looked awful and rode the bench, while Aminu shot 8/9 and likely will come down to Earth. I'd be disappointed I missed on a great time with Aminu, were it not for the epic 55 PRA I got from Lil' Damian! So I'm taking a chance on Goran Dragic. He's having a good series, up until yesterday's game. With Whiteside out, they will need somebody besides Wade to step up. My money's on Dragic.

    After a 55 from Lillard, I'm looking to keep the good times rolling, so I'm going with Russell Westbrook. May the triple doubles be ever in my favour!

    1. Plumlee was battling foul trouble throughout that entire game which destroyed any chance of him doing anything to my demise.

      Wish I would have picked Aminu instead. What is the chance of him actually doing that well again? Missed the boat once again.

    2. Love Aminu's game since Dallas last year. Blazers do not run any plays for him coz he's a 3rd/4th option, so don't expect a repeat of that. Game 3 was an exemption coz players wee looking for him after he got hot. I'll say his 3-pt shooting greatly improved in Portland.

    3. Good point Daytona, I hadn't noticed that Plumlee was in foul trouble. Explains why he was on the bench. He might be the most awkward player I've ever seen. Great rebounder and great passer, but every time he puts the ball towards the basket or dribbles, it often ends in disaster haha. I'll follow him closely again in G4 to see if he will make sense for G5.

  3. Today I ended up with Paul Millsap who I previously picked before today. After further review I should have picked Al Horford, who seems to play much better at home than on the road. This won't matter though if Cleveland gets the job done today. If so, then I would rather have picked Millsap of the two, if I was going to not be able to pick one of them.

    I would think that Atlanta would try and fight and send this back to Cleveland, but the Hawks last year shown that they have zero heart in these types of scenarios. So Cleveland should sweep here. Either a sweep or 5 games though, this series is over, regardless.

    OKC probably wins tonight to make that series slightly more compelling. In any event, no reason to pick from that one when Atlanta is on the brink of elimination.

    1. Darn Teague's stats s#cked big time. That will hurt.

  4. I was going to use Kent Bazemore on google and Al Hortford on Drive and slam to round out my Hawks useage but the Spurs/Thunder series is on the same day and with the series now standing at 2-1 Spurs, the Thunder could be eliminated in 2 games! I have not used either Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook so I have to pick one today in order to make sure, I don't lose out on either one.
    As for the other pairing, a shocking development occurred last night as the Raptors won in Miami after splitting 2 overtime games at home. As a result, I have to find Heat players to use for games 4 and 5 instead of Raptors. I can't use Wade since I used him when the Heat were on the brink against Charlotte, Whiteside is out and Bosh has long been out, so my three best remaining options are Goran Dragic, Luol Deng and Joe Johnson. After that there isn't anyone worth picking.

  5. For tonight I prepicked Westbrook but changed it because I was afraid of a Cavs sweep (which has since occured) and a lot of Spurs-Thunders games to pick from as the only games that night. Schröder is my national-pride-pick, I wish I had gotten his 27 from game 1, but who could have predicted that? Teague had a bad series.

    I see my wisdom in having picked Durant in game 2 of that series, so there´s no rush in picking Westbrook. Game 5 or game 6, depending on which is an elimination game. Should the Thunder go up 3-2, then it might get ugly.

  6. Tonight is a prime example of how thinking about the right thing can make the difference. IF my mind had considered "It was Mother's Day today", the decision between Westbrook and Durant would have easily been Durant. Didn't even think about that. Always pick the guy with the most vocal and visible mom on Mother's day. Lesson learned.


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