Welcome to the 2016 Finals!

The Cavs will meet the Dubs in a Finals rematch! Gamedates are open for the picking. Here is what mine looks like (without any deep thought)...

Here's hoping there will be a sweep, because there's not much there for me past Game 4. It's a long shot!

I'll post in my analysis of my modified lineup before Game 1 comes around.

Meanwhile, here's our leaderboard, in Drive & Slam...

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Go set your picks now. Let me see if I can talk strategy in one more post pre-Game 1.

Good luck!


  1. Maccabi de LevantarMay 31, 2016 at 10:07 AM

    What a great WCF we had as basketball fans! And what a nightmare as D&S players. My last thought may sound a bit oportunistic now, but last 2 games are the best example why I never liked Westbrook. You can be an incredible athletic force, very talented. But if you take bad decisions consistently in the key moments, you will never be a great player. Especially as a point guard. I would think the same if KD could have won it by himself in the last minutes.

    I hope the Finals will be the same exciting, though it will be tough for me picking players if it goes longer than 5 games. My plan if nothing strange happens is:

    G1: Irving. I hope he stays healthy, but I won't take the risk of waiting too much.

    G2: JR Smith. It's a lottery to have him on the right day, but he has shown he can go hot on the road.

    G3: Kevin Love. He usually plays better at home.

    G4: Tristan Thompson.

    G5: Andrew Bogut.

    G6: LeBron James. Of course this is the last game to pick him, I will move him to 4 or 5 as soon as it could be the last game.

    G7: If it gets to that point, I will decide which great player to pick. Does Kerr still has his shot?

    1. I have a similar pick plan, except I have Draymond Green instead of JR Smith for Game 2. I think a lot of people will be thinking this way. Question is, will it be the correct order? Probably not, but I like it as a tentative plan.

  2. I haven't noticed any deep thought before?😁

    1. Maccabi de LevantarMay 31, 2016 at 12:03 PM

      haha, people who know me, especially in Spain's group of the official game in the last years, know I always said the same about Westbrook. The same that I admire KD. But I wasn't here in this forum, so I knew it would sound oportunistic ;-) Anyway, Westbrook, like the rest of the Thunder played great defense. It's just so difficult to stop both Curry and Thompson.

      PS: Sorry for my english, I try to write correctly. But I know I make some mistakes. (Does Kerr still HAVE his shot?)

    2. Good observation. This year I let you guys do the strategies, as I work with the site. I'm sure you've noticed all my posts this year are casual. No research. I normally have complex spreadsheets (as I do with my fantasy leagues), but not these playoffs. These things take too much time.

      But you guys made great content in the comments. So keep em coming :)

    3. You know Taong, I was only kidding... :P

  3. A funny thing happened, I actually watched g7 at a buddy´s home at 4 AM. On a work day. Needless to say, I had to cut work a little short after a night with no sleep at all.

    Westbrook was slightly better than Durant, mostly because he didn´t score. Not that he didn´t try, he took more shots than KD, but he scored just 19 pts on 21 shots. He got 30, 36, 31 and 28 in the four games before that. He also had 2 steals (4, 5 and 4 steals in the three games before that). Mind you, he had 20 RA (20, 22, 15, 20 in the four games leading up to this one). So, was he bad? Not necessarily. Under average, and of course I had Durant and Westbrook in the wrong order, but I lost only 7 PRA in that. Still, that adds up. 5 PRA lost between Curry and Thompson, 7 PRA with KD and RW, and I really don´t want to search deeper than that :)

    That leaves me with the big 3 and... that´s about it. From the Warriors there are Bogut, Livingston, Speights, Varejao and Kerr, from the Cavs it´s Shumpert, Dellavedova, Jefferson and... Mozgov? Whoa, I hope this one goes 9 games so I can pick ´em all :D

    Just like everybody else I want to start with Irving. Seeing as this seems to be the consensus pick I am thinking of maybe saving him and going for a scrub to start things off, but going the other way didn´t help me when I picked Thompson and Curry in the wrong order, so I will probably keep Irving.

    Everybody has Irving in g1 and Love in g3 and LeBron as soon as one team reaches 3 wins. So it all hangs on who you pick in g2 and how fast they can end it.

  4. This is a bit off topic but Taong have you noticed that the nba stats api isn't working at the moment? I'm getting a No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI when trying to look at the boxscores! They must have changed something somewhere!

    1. nope haven't noticed it. i'll check later. if it's the case, then our next tally might be a bit more manual.

    2. Let me know what you find out. It might just be temporary so I'm going to keep trying but I guess only time will tell!


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