Heat Are Champs!

That's a wrap!
  • Points: 1,188
  • Rank: 2,238
  • Percentile: 89%

Better than last year's 87% and had to scramble for points in the Finals. A lot of play-safe moves this year for me and I guess that only gets anyone near 90%. Next year will definitely be a riskier DTTF for me as I strive to stay within the top 10%.

I like to give cheers to the Heat. We all know it would happen soon, and here they are hoisting up that Larry O'Brien trophy. Congratulations to LeBron James -- I still don't like you but this series earned you my respect. Congratulations to Dwyane Wade for his second ring and at 30 years of age! Congratulations to Chris Bosh and the rest of the Heat, especially those who worked hard all their career -- Juwan Howard and Shane Battier, you guys deserve those rings. And to the Heat fans, congratulations!

And for the Thunder, I believe you will learn from this and this will just make you stronger. A lot of young guns all suited up to be a great team for years to come. You'll get there eventually.

As for this blog, almost 11,000 pageviews these playoffs, and better than last year's. Next year, I'm looking to get more people involved. Thank you to our avid readers, especially quark, Alex Herges, Rebound, and a slew of others who make the comment sections as lively always. This is a sign-off to all our readers across the globe -- United States, Australia, Japan, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Hongkong, Philippines, and others. And I will never forget a little shout out to Catalunya!

That's all folks! See you all next year!!!

Do Or Die

This is it, boys and girls! It's potentially the last game of the season. Bring your best player to the front and pick him. For those who are still sandbagging any from the two Big Threes, wait no longer because these six will lay it on the line. Stars play the most minutes in these types of games. For the Heat, a win means The Ring and that's too precious to pass up. For the Thunder, a win means a chance to fight again another day, albeit in OKC grounds.

My pick: Nick Collison.

It is the same situation last year, only it was Game 5 of the Conference Finals versus the Mavericks. Nick produced a whooping 25 PRA (that's big for someone off the bench). Hopefully, that happens again for Nick. And it should because the Thunder needs all hands on deck, and everyone's best effort.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Go Fish!

Down 1-2, the Thunder needs to win Game 4 with more desperation than if they are in an elimination game. For Coach Brooks, he needs that win because we all know if they go down 1-3, that's three straight games he has to motivate his team to a win. That is no easy task.

Game 4 is a must-win for the Thunder. And you can say the same for the Heat because they know being up 3-1 is almost the Ring for the King.

My pick for today is Derek Fisher. If there is anyone who understands the value of this game, it is him. A couple of points and assist is not much, but he knows he can will his team into a win.

Good luck, Fish!