Filler # 1

Looking at the top picks in DTTF from Game 1 to 7 of the Finals, it seems that not that many drivers were able to save their stars (Thunder or Heat) for the Finals. The most that a star is picked is 8% in Game 2 (Chris Bosh). The top 3 picked players in Games 1 and 2 are already Kendrick Perkins, Thabo Sefolosha and Serge Ibaka. So I am assuming that you, the reader of this blog, have mostly fillers for the Finals. For those who still have stars available, pick them ahead or risk losing them to injury or adjustment by the opposing team on defense.

For my filler marathon, I pick Kendrick Perkins.

The thought pattern I had was Perkins versus Sefolosha. Both are playing at home, but Perkins has the upper hand, I think, because Chris Bosh may not start Game 1. Coach Spoelstra's view of Chris Bosh is still the same with his Game 7 decision -- that Chris may be unable to handle starter minutes and rumble with the Thunder's bigs. Not with that just-healed abdominal strain. They have to be on the safe side in able for Bosh to play the whole series healthy (or able). Now, Bosh may start soon (even Game 1) but the uncertainty of it all points to picking Perkins the earliest with the best chance for him to grab the most rebounds he can get.

Good luck to us all!


  1. It seemms everybody is picking Perkins... So I'll go with Sefolosha!!! :))

  2. I had the same thought last week, but changed it coz of the above reason. If both Westbrook explodes tonight (which he does early in series this playoffs), ge will be pressured by Heat next game, thus freeing up Thabo in Game 2.

  3. Yeah, that was what I thought. Perkins, of course, was about the worst of the scrubs, losing out for a few points against Sefolosha, Collison, Battier (pick of the night), Haslem. Okay, he was 1 better than Fisher. Hooray.

    The bad thing is, I didn´t pick KD when I should have, so, of course, he went off in his first finals game ever. I did the same thing last year with Nowitzki, not picking him in game 3 at home when everybody picked him and went off for a 34/11, then when I had to pick him after the loss in game 4 he was sick and posted a 21/11. So I changed my pick for game 2 from Durant and pick Bosh instead. He needs to be better in order for the Heat to steal a game and so he gets my nod.

  4. Harden in game 2. Perkins in game 3.

  5. Perkins hit his average PRA so that was still okay. I remained at 94 percentile.

    Bosh I agree has to be better for them to have a great shot it. Unfortunately, Harden was mostly invisible in Game 1 and we know he will bounce back. Good to pick Harden in Game 2.

    Pick Perkins in a home game. Doesn't play well on road.


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