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I look around the Heat roster and there is only one person there I like with regards to personality. And that is Shane Battier, and he gets my pick.

He is the guy (especially with the Houston Rockets) who will make appropriate hard fouls on your favorite NBA player (for example, Dirk Nowitzki) and you will never be angry towards Shane. He'd draw charges and you'll never fault him. You can cheer for the Thunder but if this guy hits the dagger you'll stay put in shock and shut your mouth because you have high respect for him. One can hate LeBron for The Decision, hate Wade for getting all the foul calls in 2006 Finals, and hate the Heat for the summer of 2010. But I dare you to say you hate Shane.

Consumate glue guy. Best defensive presence on the court. Two straight 17 points. Heat's starting forward. If the Heat wins it this year, it's because of him.


  1. I'd be great DTTF finishes now... With my last pick (Perkins, 22) I'm again in the 90%... But there are 2 more picks, at least...

    1. The safe way is go where the masses go. If they dip, you dip, and they will not overtake you. If they rise, you rise, and they will still not overtake you.

      Plus you have to be lucky on one more pick to stay above 90. I sincerely hope you get one.

  2. Goddammit!!! You can add lots of expletives here at your own leasure.

    I waited and waited and waited to pick the best game for Durant. What did I get? His worst of the playoffs so far. Of all times to start getting whistled for fouls, now was that night. The lesson, as always? Don´t think too much, pick from the top when you are in the finals. Had I picked Durant in game 1 (48 instead of Perkins 11), then Bosh (32), then Perkins (22 instead of Durant 31), I would have netted 28 PRA more. But I decided to wait until Durant would play his worst game of the playoffs.

    The fact that I still reached the 99th percentile for the first time this season at 212 with 1247 points doesn´t help matters.

    Now if someone might explain to me why Scott Brooks thought it would be a good idea pulling Westbrook with five minutes left in the third quarter and Durant on the bench with foul trouble, that would really be interesting. What, did he think it was too easy and there was no reason to bring back RW in that period? That is only adding insult to injury.

    I don´t have anybody good left. For game 4 I try Haslem, then Battier in game 5. That means Battier will probably go for 17 points again next game and Haslem will pick up a few fouls in the first five minutes to make up for the Durant-calls in game 3.

    1. I suggest Battier in Game 4, and Haslem in Game 5.


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