Temporal Anomaly

So the Thunder have something else planned for the future. And we are not going to like it!

The Thunder beat the Spurs barely in Game 5. In a sly twist of fate, the Spurs are on the verge of elimination, and unfortunately will try to avert it in Oklahoma City. That will be a tall order for them as they have yet to win on the road in this series. In DTTF, as much as most of the drivers have saved Spurs for the Finals, our hands are forced to pick a Spur for Game 6.
  • Tony Parker -- The Spurs MVP, and will continue to play MVP minutes. He averages 34 PRA in four elimination games since 2009; expect him to have that much.
  • Manu Ginobili -- Had his first start of the playoffs, with 47 freaking PRA. He won't surprise the Thunder with 40 PRA anymore, but can definitely have 30 PRA if he remains a starter in Game 6. If I have time to confirm from the day's roster if he starts, then I will change my pick to him.
  • Tim Duncan -- Mr. Fundamental had one off day but is back in business. Should get a double-double easy for a PRA around 30. This has been a special year for the Spurs, and Tim will never let this get out of their hands. He gets my pick.

Judging from the hot picks (Ibaka 19%, Perkins 15%). It seems that a lot of drivers have not changed their pre-set picks yet. If the Spurs lose this series, they will miss delicious PRAs the Spurs' Big Three can deliver. [UPDATE: Just 8 hours after, the picks have changed...

As for the Heat-Celtics series, they are tied 2-2. Chris Bosh is now day-to-day, and based on some news, is set to play in Game 5 barring any setbacks. Before he got injured, he averages 20 PRA; but how will he fare in his first game back? Without Bosh, the Celtics are allowing the screener (Udonis Haslem or Joel Anthony) open, and the two defenders follow the ballhandler (poor Dwyane Wade). With Bosh in, the Celtics will now be hesitant to leave Bosh open because he has a deadly midrange jumper. This bodes well for him and for Dwyane Wade. Points-wise, he should be back to normal. However, rebounds-wise, I believe he will be favoring his just-healed abdominal strain and will make it hard for him to jump after the ball. I have to see him first perform in Game 5, before deciding if he gets my pick in Game 6 or 7.

As for now, my pick remains to be Brandon Bass. He and Haslem have been up and down, but Bosh's return would most likely diminish Haslem's effectivity than Bass'. Bosh is more of a game changer on offense than in defense. Bass has been playing great in spurts only. He mostly plays better at home, but he has to understand now that he has to have the same intensity on the road. Because if the Celtics lose Game 5... bye bye.


  1. Well well well...
    I finally did it. I picked the best man on the court from the loser and most-likely-to-be-eliminated Spurs. Why am I not happy? Because I have all of the Spurs left to pick and maybe only one more chance for it while there is only Durant left for me to pick from a team that looks on its way to the finals.
    So, while it might be enticing to pick Duncan over Parker I have to go with the French guy. He has to become a beast for the Spurs to have any chance at all. I hope he does just that.

    In the East I also have one good option left on both teams with James and Rondo. But seeing as Bosh might return, the Heat still having home court, I favor them to win the series. I will pick Chalmers anyway. Is that a good idea with a possible comeback by Bosh? I have no idea. Probably not. But likely a better pick than Battier.

  2. Whit no Celt avaible, I'm with Chalmers today.
    For the West series i have to think a little... Savin Harden for game 7; in game 6, my doubt is Ibaka (OKL) or Leonard (SAS)... If I pick Leonard and SAS win the series, I will miss the Ibaka pick and I will rest with only Diaw-Green for the final round. Picking Ibaka, if Thunder win in 7, I will still have Thabo-Fisher-Perkins... So,... I think I'll bet on Ibaka...

  3. Yes Alex, Chalmers is a better pick than Battier. On the return of Bosh, Chalmers will not be affected much. He runs a few pick-on-roll, but it is mostly Wade that does that. Also in the fourth quarter, you can see Wade bringing in the ball and Chalmers is waiting in the corner to drop some treys.

    quark, Leonard is inconsistent but logging 30+ minutes lately and "may" be a better pick than Ibaka, just because the Spurs are losing. The difference of Leonard's PRA and Ibaka's is not that far between, so missing out on Ibaka if you pick Leonard is not that critical.

  4. The thing, Taong, is not missing Ibaka; but having enough players to pick next round...Only Diaw-Green (picking Leonard now, if Spurs win the series)...

  5. Ah! If the Spurs win. I am not betting my badoodles on it though

  6. Sooo, right now I could be done picking for this round. I have pencilled in Parker and James respectively. Should there be a game 7 in any series it would be Durant and Rondo. I am only a little afraid to pick for game 7 now because I have the slight fear that I would be unable to pick Durant or Rondo in the finals if there is no game 7 because the system might tell me that I already picked ´em before. Might only be a technicality but anyway.

    So the next pick where I have to think again will be in the finals. And what a finals this will be (complete disasster DTTF-wise, but enticing in any other way).

  7. Gratz Alex for saving Durant for Finals. I have nil. Time to be lucky!


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