Back To The Future

Let's ride Marty McFly's car in a visit to the future..

It is the NBA Finals 2012! After using all the Heat (except Chris Bosh) and saving all the Spurs for the Finals, let me lay out my pick plan.

Game 1: Tony Parker (29 PRA)
Game 2: Tim Duncan (28 PRA)
Game 3: Manu Ginobili (20 PRA)
Game 4: Chris Bosh (19 PRA)
Game 5: Kawhi Leonard (15 PRA)
Game 6: Boris Diaw (14 PRA)
Game 7: Danny Green (13 PRA)

And that was a peek into the future. Now let me disrupt that future.

For Game 5 of the Spurs-Thunder series, my next best available pick is Kendrick Perkins. He has an average PRA of 11 this postseason, and his inconsistency has him hitting a PRA as low as 8 and as high as 25 in this current series. He has been playing well at home, however the next game is away at San Antonio. I am saving him for Game 6.

Next in line is Derek Fisher at a PRA of around 10. But I will not pick him here. Instead I will pluck one pick from the NBA Finals, Tony Parker; and replace him for the Finals with a 10 PRA filler (same as Fisher) which is not far off from the Finals Game 5 pick of 15 PRA. We've done this before and you know the drill. This is just advancing a pick without much of a loss, and with the same effect.

The NBA Finals will give me about 100 to 150 PRA if Tony Parker is in there. Without him there, I will only get 70 to 120 PRA (plus that 10 PRA filler). And that's okay, I am just cashing-in in advance. I'll get my 30 PRA now, thank you.


  1. I'm with you, Taong... but I think Parker won't score a 30PRA in this serie... So, if you are sure SAS will win, save him for next round (where you can expect a 35+PRA playing home) and pick Duncan (if you really want to bet on a Spur).
    I'm picking alternating Thunder and Spurs and for this game I'm with Ginobili.

  2. Parker went 32 and 45 PRA at home hosting the Thunder. He'll be fine.

    Duncan is okay. Maybe in Game 6 if and only if Spurs lose Game 5. Unlikely though.

    Ginobili is inconsistent. Might have better luck in Game 1 of Finals.

  3. Okay, I admit it, yesterday I tried to be tricky. By announcing to pick Rondo and secretly picking Bass instead I tried to cash in. Bass was great in the first half, nonexistant in the second and gave me a 21, which is nice in and of itself, but not after he had about 17 at halftime. Yeah, Haslem would have been the best, but that´s ridiculous, really. His PRA in this series, if I remember correctly: 3, 29, 8, 31.

    For tonight I´m starting to pick Spurs now. Saving Parker and Duncan I try and roll with Manu. Leonard had two games in a row, time for other players to step up and for the rookie to become a little more passive. Maybe next series.

    By the way, I am counting on a Spurs win, then Durant in game 6 and a 4-2 for San Antonio despite a big game by KD. I don´t know about the East. I still have 1 good pick from each team (James and Rondo) and go with Chalmers in the next game. Was considering Battier, just for the record.

    You could really have scored very well with a time machine. Lots of high 20s and low 30s by players nobody dares to pick in both series.

  4. A 21 from Bass exceeds expectations.
    A 35 from Rondo is average.
    You tricked fate and picked just fine.

  5. Yeah, I did, at that. The only nit I have to pick with some of my picks is that after a not-so-bad first half they tend not to contribute after halftime. Ray Allen in game 1 did nothing, Diaw in game 1 got pulled 18 minutes from the end, Bass didn´t accomplish much of anything in the final three sections (including overtime).

    I am not that unhappy with what Pierce did. It´s just that it was the second game in a row I picked the 3rd best of the Big 3.

  6. Fate is turning for you. Just hold on hehe!


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