Heat Are Champs!

That's a wrap!
  • Points: 1,188
  • Rank: 2,238
  • Percentile: 89%

Better than last year's 87% and had to scramble for points in the Finals. A lot of play-safe moves this year for me and I guess that only gets anyone near 90%. Next year will definitely be a riskier DTTF for me as I strive to stay within the top 10%.

I like to give cheers to the Heat. We all know it would happen soon, and here they are hoisting up that Larry O'Brien trophy. Congratulations to LeBron James -- I still don't like you but this series earned you my respect. Congratulations to Dwyane Wade for his second ring and at 30 years of age! Congratulations to Chris Bosh and the rest of the Heat, especially those who worked hard all their career -- Juwan Howard and Shane Battier, you guys deserve those rings. And to the Heat fans, congratulations!

And for the Thunder, I believe you will learn from this and this will just make you stronger. A lot of young guns all suited up to be a great team for years to come. You'll get there eventually.

As for this blog, almost 11,000 pageviews these playoffs, and better than last year's. Next year, I'm looking to get more people involved. Thank you to our avid readers, especially quark, Alex Herges, Rebound, and a slew of others who make the comment sections as lively always. This is a sign-off to all our readers across the globe -- United States, Australia, Japan, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Hongkong, Philippines, and others. And I will never forget a little shout out to Catalunya!

That's all folks! See you all next year!!!


  1. Points: 1267
    Rank: 284
    Percentile: 99

    A surprising jump in the finals even though I had the worst Durant possible, and the 4 from Haslem in game 4 were also not that great. But 32 from Bosh and 16 from Battier in game 5 helped me to stay afloat in the end.

    How was that DTTF-Campaign for me? I had one really dumb pick in Sessions for 5 PRA in game 1 in the second round. A few bad ones (I won´t go into the details now), okay, shit happens. I also had a few very good ones. All in all, it was not too shabby.

    Congrats to James who was the playoff-MVP without any doubt and who really earned it. Congrats to Bosh who showed his importance to the team by his absence. Congrats to worker bees like Chalmers, Battier and maybe even Haslem and old man Howard.
    I don´t like it that Wade got handed another ring and is now at two. It lessens LeBrons ring in my eyes because Miami is still Wade´s city. But who cares as long he has what he wanted.

    Even though this game (DTTF) frustrates the heck out of me I always like playing it because it´s the only thing that keeps the playoffs interesting after Dirk is out (happens always too soon, except for that glorious last season). Greetings from Germany, see you all next year.

  2. It's the first time I arrive at the final round only with fillers... but, except Fisher (incredible zero!!) I got the maximum of all of them:
    1-Sefolosha (12)
    2-Harden (27)
    3-Perkins (22)
    4-Fisher (0)
    5-Miller (28)

    So, much better then last year:
    points: 1193
    rank: 2055
    %: 90

    Looking forward to play with all of you next year.

    Greetings from Catalunya.

    1. Gratz again and see you quark and Catalans next year!

  3. For me

    Points: 1214
    Rank: 1381
    Percentile: 93%

    At the end, the team i root for won. Happy for them and specially for James, he finally shut some of his critics down.

    To round out my picks. Picked pretty safely. Biggest mistake was propobly picking only 2 Spurs players from their depth, but OKC were amazing with their comeback in that series.

    Look forward to being here next year, always nice to compare picks and tryin' to beat you guys head to head, since it's such a lottery getting that #1 overall spot.

    Bye to all you guys, have a nice year.

    Greetings from Iceland

    1. You too Rebound, have a good year. Catch you on the next playoffs!

  4. Points: 1259
    Rank: 386
    Percentile: 98%

    Had an amazing season this year! Thanks to players that responded huge especially most that are inconsistent. This help me stayed in the 90 percentile while I regret not taking Ginoboli(47), Lawson and Boozer. Fisher zero dropped me back to 1000 overall rank while I had decided to stick w/ Collison(10).

    Congrats to the Miami Heat especially James and Bosh(1st) ring while Wade's(2nd). Hope to see all of you again at the start of the regular season or maybe in the postseason.

    1. Nice going Gzazer! See you gain in this blog in April 2013.

  5. Even thanks to your job this is my result:
    Points 1,262 Rank 346 Percentile 98


    1. Thanks Anonymous I appreciate it. Gratz on 98


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