Go Fish!

Down 1-2, the Thunder needs to win Game 4 with more desperation than if they are in an elimination game. For Coach Brooks, he needs that win because we all know if they go down 1-3, that's three straight games he has to motivate his team to a win. That is no easy task.

Game 4 is a must-win for the Thunder. And you can say the same for the Heat because they know being up 3-1 is almost the Ring for the King.

My pick for today is Derek Fisher. If there is anyone who understands the value of this game, it is him. A couple of points and assist is not much, but he knows he can will his team into a win.

Good luck, Fish!


  1. I'm also going with Fisher... But this is because he is the only player I have who will play 20+ min (I hope)... So, he can produce (or not) a decent PRA, but he is the only one who will have the time to do it.

  2. That is the right time to pick Kevin Durant?

  3. Almost halftime and fisher is 0 PRA, ouch!

    @Anonymous, it seems Durant's time is on Game 5 or 6.

  4. My first zero in DTTF... :((((

  5. Wow. Had Haslem for a meager 4 and made 4 more than you guys. Pick of the night? Cole. Playing less than 8 minutes and still netting 10 PRA.

    I´ll stay the course with Battier for game 5.

  6. Possible last game of the season. Pick your best available, guys!


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