The Phone Booth Shot

Sweetest jump shot. Purest of 'em all. That's what you would call Ray Allen's jumpshot. The mechanic of his jumpshot requires him to land where he took off, for balance (hence phone booth). However, a bone spur in his ankle has caused him to pull up without balance and often on a tilted body. This is reflected in less than 40% shooting these playoffs, and prevented DTTF drivers to pick him.

Until now.

With 9 made out of 19 field goal attempts the past two games, and after a full day stay in Boston, he is now ripe for the picking. If he just raise his touches and trips to the line, we should be getting around 20 PRA. The injury is not going anywhere, that we just need to time his selection. I feel now is the time.


  1. Well, two days away from the internet, and what did I miss? Nothing much. Every team wins his home games. So what do I do now after game 3 of the East finals? In game 2 I picked the worst of Bostons Big 3, Garnett for 26 (PP 30, RR 62). In game 3 I picked the worst of Bostons Big 3, Pierce for 31 (KG 35, RR 37). Who do I have left for game 4? Either Rondo (by picking him I will doom him to be the worst of Bostons Big 3) or... Bass? Pietrus? Bradley? K.C.Jones?
    For Miami I still have everybody except Wade, meaning I have James, Chalmers and a shot in the dark. I would love to see Boston win, but that would mean at least 6 games if not 7, and I simply don´t have enough leftovers of both teams.

    What´s up in the Western conference? The series is now up for grabs, tied at 2-2. I still have most of my Spurs (and would be needing them for the finals) and I picked Harden, Westbrook and Ibaka. So I should be picking a Spur for game 5, and if the Thunder pull out the series I´m srewed. The finals could be a very bitter affair this time around.

    With all that said and done, for tonight I am going to doom the Celtics to a bad night by their best player, inevitably a loss and 4-1 series win by the Heat. I have this power. Picking Rondo.

  2. Alex, pick Rondo regardless of what happened and may happen. Nevermind the string of badluck

    1. If you, Alex, I'd pick Garnett and Rondo next game... I'm going with Bass, my last pseudo-consistent Celt avaible...

    2. Gratz on the Bass pick, quark! 21 PRA, double his usual.

      Haslem was the pick of the day though with 31 PRA. Who knew?


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