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The Psychology of LeBron

I am not supposed to write a post before the playoffs, but I've been itching to post this for months. Here we go...


When LeBron left Cleveland, many were broken-hearted. I am sure this applied most to Cleveland, but as an NBA fan outside the United States, I saw this true as well to Cavaliers fans in many parts of the globe. They were put in a reflective mode: am I really a fan of LeBron, or the Cavaliers that had LeBron? After that, you'd be lucky to find anyone outside Cleveland who still remained a Cavs fan. Some die-hard LeBron fans followed him to Miami, but some did not.

When LeBron left Cleveland, many were angered and turned to hate. Cleveland sure did. Remember "Cavs for Mavs" in 2011?  Scorned and bitter. 'Nuff said.

When LeBron left Cleveland, many were ashamed to had been LeBron fans. Non-LeBron fans were taunting LeBron fans, especially within groups of friends. Nobody wanted to be linked with the big bad wolf. I have a friend who was a die-hard LeBron fan, bought his merchandise and all. Now he follows Kevin Durant. I have a nephew I like to gift shoes, but I never wanted him to have LeBron shoes for fear of being bullied at school.


LeBron's popularity plummeted. He was still the best baller on the planet, but you know Thanos was deemed the most powerful force in the universe. All these had made LeBron the villain. For a time I thought LeBron has accepted that, especially as he mustered to block away everything else to win two straight championships in Miami. But he really didn't want that villain tag. He wanted to be the hero. Yes maybe he was a hero in Miami, but to the rest of the world he wasn't. (Dr. Doom is a hero in Latveria, btw.) He realized he did not want to be the bad guy. He is a father -- he wanted to be a superhero father. Remember that superhero mask he wore? That was not an accident. Deep inside, LeBron wanted people to see the hero in him.

Did it feel good when the Avengers (San Antonio Spurs) defeated the villain? Yes. LeBron was Loki, LeBron was Ultron, LeBron was going to be Thanos.

There was one logical thing he had to do.


When LeBron came back to Cleveland, many rejoiced! Cleveland sure did. Here is that prodigal son who came back and was embraced back into the family. Those in Cleveland who hated him love him now. Hope is back. LeBron will end the drought.

Many NBA fans who hated him, hates him less now. Much less. Heck even some don't hate him anymore. I don't hate him anymore. If I have not been planted as a Dirk-Mavs fan, I would have been a LeBron fan nowadays. I am rooting for him to get Cleveland a championship (after Dirk hangs his shoes of course). That nephew I have, I want him now to get LeBron shoes! I want to get my own son LeBron shoes (once he gets big enough to wear a pair).

LeBron is a hero once again! Just the way he likes it.

Spurs Are Champs !!!!!

Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs who got their redemption by dominating The Finals! They truly are a model organization in the NBA. Congratulations to Pop and Timmy for their fifth ring together! To Kawhi Leonard to his well-deserved Finals MVP! To Manu and Tony for their fourth ring! To the rest of the Spurs who made these Finals a memorable one for all of us. And most importantly, congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs fans -- I know you were hurting, but I am sure you never felt more relieved than now :)

Kudos goes to the Miami Heat for their fourth straight Finals. And we all can be very well sure that they will be back in the Finals again next year. LeBron, Wade and Bosh are there to stay.

In this Drive To The Finals fantasy game, I only am a tad better than last year's 98 percentile but overall missed my target of 99 percentile. Loved how 9 straight picks after LeBron James kept me in the 100 percentile, but then loathed over that last two duds that sent me crashing away from Page 1 of our league. Next year, I am not settling for anything less than Top 100.

As for this blog, we have more than quadrupled our reader participation in the comments section! Special heartful thanks goes to the likes of imawake/topknox, Tangent, Luminosity, Daytona, aceee06, Alex, thehalfcourtheave, Ali, Karol and a slew of others (regulars and new) who continue to provide invaluable insight and tips to the betterment of the improved DTTF experience of all. This blog is nothing without you guys! BIG THANK YOU!

Congratulations also to our reader Matt for winning it all! May your family enjoy your new ride ;)

That's a wrap, folks! See you again in these parts in ten months!


This is it, boys and girls! Elimination game next! Put your best player forward.

How about Game 4? Same banana as Game 3. Another poor showing for the Heat players. It's like the producer of this series decided to split the the third movie into two and shot them back-to-back. Game 4 was every bit as Game 3 was. Spurs built lead in first half, Heat rallies in the third, and then out of gas in the fourth.

Slow Play Is Death

NBA defenses are so sophisticated now. You don't want to give them a chance to get fully established. When we played Miami in the Finals, we knew that if we called any plays we were doomed. We had to play faster than that. Popovich really pioneered a lot of that. There is a pendulum on a lot of these things, but I really don't see faster offense going away." - Rick Carlisle

41 Spurs points in the first quarter. Boris Diaw started over Tiago Splitter for more ball movement, and that opened up the alley for the Spurs' two shooters. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green finally clicked. Spurs really wanted to break the game open early. The Heat didn't give up (much to the relief of DTTF), adjusted and made a good third quarter rally. But in the end, the lead was just too unsurmountable for the Heat to overcome. Spurs stole one in Miami and got back their home court advantage. 2-1, baby! Okay, 2-1 means nothing yet, but Game 4 is a must-win now for the Heat.