Cavs Are Champs!

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA ChampionsCongratulations LeBron, Cavs and especially their fans!!! They deserve it. 52 years of waiting comes to an end. To Finals MVP LeBron James, you are now officially a hero. To Kyrie Irving, you've been great this series. To Kevin Love, you persevered your trials and now you finally got that ring. To the rest of the Cavs, coach Tyronn Lue and the coaching staff, congratulations!

As for the Golden State Warriors, it is still a great season no matter what. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and the gang with Steve Kerr on the helm will be formidable for this generation of NBA fans. I'm looking forward to enjoying next season following the Warriors.

As for Drive To The Finals, we did not have that this year, and many of us have been vocal to AutoTrader and TNT early on. I am sure they have seen the errors of their ways and will bring us back DTTF next year.

As for Google Drive, I would like to give big thanks to mfari031. You've been a great part of that enjoyment of these playoffs. I enjoyed making my picks there even though I bombed out :P Again, thank you mfari!

As for Drive & Slam, I would like to thank Ganaca for hosting an alternative. They did not have to do it, but like us they are huge NBA fans. So don't forget to thank them.

Among 1100+ players in the beginning, trimmed to 250+ players in the Finals -- and here is how I fared...

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Congratulations to those who topped your respective leagues. Here's this blog's leaderboard...

I have put up an unofficial global leaderboard on this page [link]. It has ranking and percentile, as per popular demand ;)

And of course, big thanks to you guys and gals. To Tangent, @topknox, Jerry Ricochet, aceee06, Daytona, mfari031, Maccabi de Levantar, Alex Herges and the rest of you -- your comments are better than gold these playoffs. I must admit that your contributions have been more valuable than my blog posts recently. I am sure our readers are grateful to you. Again, thank you thank you thank you!

It's been a whirlwind of a ride these playoffs!

So that's a wrap! See you again in ten months!

Game 7 -- This. Is. It!

The Warriors staved off elimination from the Thunder last round in a Game 7, so they very well know that it is possible. Of course they believe in themselves, and wouldn't have it any other way than the end saying "Dubs are champs!" It's a nice cap to a record-setting 73-win season, isn't it?

And there's the Cavaliers. Nothing is sweeter than LeBron bringing that far-longed championship to Ohio. He said that's the only reason he came back. And he wills it, and can will it. The good thing is that he no longer has to carry the city in his shoulders.. he's got Kyrie, who's been equally phenomenal this series. It's totally possible.

And there's us. It's the battle of role-players and bench-warmers. Put your best remaining player forward. There's no Game 8. This is it boys and girls! The endgame. All our ups and downs this postseason come down to this very day.

My final pick... Leandro Barbosa. Hottest pick, too (how ironic).

Enjoy the game!

Game 6 Preview: Mavs for Cavs

Bogut is out. He does have small minutes, but he sets up the defensive tone early on for the Warriors. Even with Ezeli, expect more of drive and slam from the Cavs early on (forced pun hehe).

Green is back. Warriors will go small more now, and I think that makes them better, and negates Love's presence on the court. But who's betting here Green will get another flagrant foul and miss Game 7?

Me, because the Cavs are winning Game 6. I know Cuban will earn more with his "City of Champions" trademark, but it's time to repay Cavs Nation for 2011...

Mavs for Cavs!

UPDATE: I have lined up Iman Shumpert for Game 6 playing at home, but with him being all-defense and un-measured contributions on the court, I am not sure if we'll ever see decent PRABS from him.

Bogut's absence has brought in more picks for Ezeli. I looked at games this year when Bogut is out, and found that Ezeli is not an automatic replacement. He still serves as relief backup and may continue to do so. Despite his eagerness shown in interviews, I am not convinced (yet) that he can make an impact for Game 6.

Frye and Dellavedova are the two other Cavs fillers that can have big points potential. It's just they have not shown that yet these Finals.


The heck.. I'll go with Leandro Barbosa. Tried and tested ;)

Good luck with your picks.

UPDATE 2: Change of heart. Change of pick. This guy got more minutes when Bogut went down in Game 5. He was 0/6, but that just tells you he's not afraid to shoot it.

Marreese Speights, let's go!

Game 5 Pick: All In

You're down to your last chips, and you take a look at your cards. With a straight poker face and toneless voice, you push everything forward and say, "All in."

The Cavs are in that situation. They've been winning the last 3 tables with ease, but found themselves in the same table as the poker player of the year, the Warriors. Down 1-3, it's all-in for Game 5. If they upset the Warriors on the road, they'll go all-in again in Game 6 at home, and so on. Unfortunately, there's no bluffing involved. The Warriors will keep calling, until the Cavs draw a poor hand.

We are in that situation. With a probable final game, we are to weed through our roster and bring forth our best remaining player. To all of you who have been saving LeBron James in an elimination game, now is that time. To all who have been waiting for the right time to pick Kevin Love after his concussion, now is that time.

Alas, all I have left are fillers. My pick goes to my best remaining player... Shaun Livingston. He's been the X-Factor for the Warriors, in my opinion. Hopefully my DTTF season ends with a bang with a stupendous Livingston outing.

This year has been bad for my DTTF game, but I hope to overtake rebounds and jerry in the final day in our league leaderboard.

And tangent is sneaking up on Alex, but he probably doesn't want me revealing that :P

Good luck ;)

Game 4 Pick: Uncle Drew

And now we have a series!

Dead-half of Drive & Slam picked LeBron James in Game 3 and he delivered as expected. A 52-PRABS performance is the best so far these Finals, so congratulations to those who went with the obvious pick for Game 3.

My pick Kyrie Irving was also good for 43 PRABS. If it wasn't for the blowout, he and LeBron would have gotten more.

Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith were the steal picks of the game. With 29 and 28 PRABS respectively, I don't think they can do better for the rest of the series. And as a reaction from the community, these two have bumped up in ownership for Game 4...

I still see 9% picking Kevin Love, who is still questionable. Better delay that pick, guys and gals!

The Australian Assassin Kyrie Irving is the hot pick for Game 4 as this might (just slightly) be the last home game for the Cavs. Better not waste the opportunity for some home ballin'!

My pick is Richard Jefferson. He played 33 minutes in Game 3 as he replaced Love in the starting lineup. I will be happy if he gets 20 PRA. And if for some reason Love returns from head concussion for Game 4, I'll still be sticking with him as he is my best remaining Cav.

I love what I saw from the Cavs in Game 3. Less iso-ball. More picks. More ball movement. More energy. Lockdown D. Let's see them win Game 4 please.

Good luck with your picks!