Dubs Are 2017 NBA Champs!!

Domination! That describes the 2017 Golden State Warriors. Congratulations to the fans, to Kevin Durant who made the unpopular but right choice, to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green who redeemed themselves, to the rest of the Warriors and their families, to Steve Kerr and Mike Brown and the coaching staff.. congratulations!

As for LeBron's Big Three and the Cleveland Cavaliers, I think they can still compete with the Warriors. But I think next year they have to be a lot better defensively. I don't mind a Part IV between these two teams.

As for the rest of the NBA outside the Spurs, now's the time to rebuild. Can't compete with multiple star teams :P

Thank you to Maccabi, Tangent, Alex, aceee06 and more of our readers who have provided us with valuable content. Even more than the blog posts :) With only half the count of the usual posts per year (the playoffs was that boring until the Finals), you guys have provided us with something worth paying attention to. Tips, strategies, insights.. all valuable!

Most of all thank you to FantasyPostseason.com and Jason (Tangent) for giving us Playoff Hoops Contest and Google Drive, respectively! You guys are keeping our game alive! Thank you thank you thank you very much! Keep tabs on FantasyPostseason.com for next season's fantasy leagues.

Our scores...


2nd place in Google Drive. And almost Top 10 (Rank 11) in FantasyPostseason. I think this is one of my strongest years, but it is kind of an easy tournament with the small player base. Hopefully next year we can help FantasyPostseason promote their leagues.

Feel free to comment below with how you fared this year, and talk about the incoming NBA Awards.

That's all folks! See you in April 2018!

One. Game. At. A. Time.

Down 0-3 clinging to death, then you give yourself life by winning Game 4. How do you get to Game 7? One game at a time. That is how the Cavs are looking at it. If you are a Cavs player, stop reading here.

But we're fans so we can get into the mechanics of a Cavs-in-7 scenario :P Game 5 will be tough as it will be in Warriors' turf. I'd say that will be their toughest challenge! If the Cavs get over that then Game 6 and 7 will be more manageable. Game 5 is the game-changer.

Then Game 6 is back in Ohio, the Cavs are favorites to win that one. That in turn will be the Warriors' tallest hurdle. But Cavs would win that one and give themselves the chance to play Game 7!

Then Game 7 homecourt doesn't matter. It's the mecca of NBA basketball! Last year, Cavs are first to bounce back from a 3-1 deficit. This year, first one to bounce back from 3-0 deficit -- there's history and greatness that comes with that and a real motivation for the Cavs fans to give their all for their team.

If you are Cavs player and you read this til this line, then you are not focused enough! Win Game 5, Game 5!

Anyways... best available player: Draymond Green.

For FantasyPostseason, tied at Rank 15 and suddenly Top 10 is reachable for me. Especially if this goes 7 games :P

For Google Drive, it's a battle for 2nd place :) 1st place is reachable if this goes 7 games!

But... seriously who am I kidding? Dubs are winning Game 5. Peace!

Fo', Fo', Fo', Fo'?

Can they do it? Yes, the Warriors can.

Will they do it? Well, that's up to the Cavs.

See, when you think about the 2016 Cavs who came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the Finals and set that record, you will always now say that the other side of that piece of history is that it was the 2016 Warriors who let that happen.

Will LeBron and the 2017 Cavs allow the 2017 Warriors to take hold of a playoff sweep 16-0 record with the Cavs on the shameful end of that? You'll never read or hear them say that, but I reckon it's in everybody's back of the mind. It's either a player gives up or fight to prevent it. I say they should accept it and have everybody fight for it.

Ranked 5th in Google Drive, there are still two ahead of me who have LeBron available and who will pick him. With my LeBron pick as well, I'll give in and settle for 3rd. Of course that is assuming that LeBron gets the most PRA in Game 4. Fingers crossed.

Ranked 19th in FantasyPostseason, there are still a lot of drivers ahead of me with LeBron. For that I'm contented with staying in Top 20. Top 10 is 40+ points away.

Best available player. LeBron James.

UPDATE: Richard Jefferson said, "Our only goal is -- it's about us and it's about trying to be in the best form that we can be and trying to win a championship for ourselves. If your motivation is other people, then you're probably doing this for the wrong reasons."

Now that's better! Let's... go... Cavs!

Slow Down The Game? No!

So Durant demolished the Cavs early on. And when they changed their coverage on Durant, Curry had a field day.

And what is this I'm reading around that the Cavs should slow the game down because they cannot match up with the Warrior's pace? I say it's a knee-jerk reaction. Cavs should stick to their plan. They did not lose because their strategy fell to the Warrior's. They lost simply because they did not play their game. 20 turnovers. No rim protection. No transition D. Missed shots. These things are uncharactertic of the Cavs. They just played a poor game. They do not need to change their well-laid plans. The Cavs are not the best defensive team this year (in fact they suck at it), their strength is on the offensive side: 3 pointers and playmaking. And LeBron. Slowing a game down is not who they are.

I think Game 2 will be a much closer game. You will see the Cavs that the fans expect.

Game 2 pick: Steph Curry. I have a bad feeling he won't be as good in Game 3 and 4.


UPDATE: Dubs are up 2-0. Although I think Cavs can still win at least one of Game 3 and 4, it is safer to get your top two available players picked next, just in case of an otherwordly chance of a sweep. For me it's between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Both are viable picks for Game 3, but my guts are going with Irving. If they lose, then James for Game 4; otherwise, Love for Game 4.

Good luck!

All-Star Finals

Heads up! Game 1 of the Finals is open for picks at fantasypostseason.com ! Pick! Pick! Pick!

Why Durant? No particular reason. You can say home game and best available player before injury or fatigue sets in. Okay, yeah, maybe! But I pick him just because my guts tell me to.

I have my whole Warriors and Cavs pool before me, and I can only hope for seven games in the Finals for me to capitalize on what I have. At rank 48, 87 percentile and trailing the leader by more than 100 points, I can't fathom getting the trophy. But let me see if I can overtake some of us readers from this blog.

Some of you have already used one or two from these two teams back in the (unexciting) Conference Finals, and it will do you good if these Finals finish earlier. And if it happens to extend, these two teams have several 20 PRA players even outside the Big 7.

Make your pick! In FP and Google Drive. Good luck!

UPDATE: Kevin Durant's special shoe only for sale while he's on court for Game 1.
Will Durant be motivated to produce more to promote the shoe? They need a W, not a showcase.
Will Durant even be 100% wearing a new shoe??? I may switch to Curry...