Day 1 Pick: Not Kevin Durant

It's a newbie mistake, folks. Yep, I'm pointing to a sixth of you who are picking Kevin Durant on the very first day. Don't do it! Just imagine yourself in the future to the Conference Finals picking some lowly player while the rest of us picking Durant. Save him for later.

Remember: You can only use each player once throughout the entire playoffs.

You see, you have to take advantage of players while they are playing right before they lose. It's about choosing wisely: right players at the right round. First round picks for first round exit teams. Finals picks for Finals teams.

Here are your options for Day 1.

Stephen Curry. He is the hottest pick. And it stands to these reasons: (1) Andre Bogut is lost and with him their chances, (2) Warriors are turning to Small Ball so more stats for Curry, and (3) Curry is prone to injury so picking him ASAP makes sense. Pick him.

Zach Randolph. His 2011 Day 1 nets 42 PRA. His 2012 Day 1, just 14. Last year's, 17. I'm sure 2014 will be at least better than 17. You can pick him now, but I suggest delaying him for Monday with only two Game 2s then.

Paul Millsap. Sorry Hawks fans, but the Pacers are back on a mission. Millsap is not the best player on a potentially losing team this day (Curry is), but Monday's tight two-game schedule sked gives us limited options then (especially if Warriors or Grizzlies steal Game 1). Millsap gets my pick.

Of all the matches in the playoffs, the Nets-Raptors series is the most uncertain (just look at the polls). We'll do a wait-and-see for this one before we make a pick here.

For fans of certain teams, we all here can understand why you can't pick from your beloved team. That's alright! Don't.

Just don't pick Kevin Durant on Day 1.

How To Pick

For all new to this fantasy game, this post is for you. Note that screenshots are from the mobile site (mobile age, baby!), but the desktop version is quite close. Let's get to it...

First off, log in to and you will see something like this...

Click on "SELECT", and you will be presented with a list of players.

I recommend sorting the list by "AVG POINTS" because total points accumulate and screw up the list -- we don't want that.

Now scroll down the list and look for a player whose team you THINK will lose the round. Remember! PLAYER ON THE LOSING TEAM :) If you pick a player, that player can no longer be picked later in the playoffs.

When you have decided which one, click on that "SELECT PLAYER".

Now, as an exercise, do the same thing for all the days in that week. Don't worry about being perfect, coz you can always replace your picks before the games begin. Happy picking!

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Playoffs Preview: Round Up

And we are set! We have the matches and player selection should commence anytime today (they said April 17!). So stick with me as my next post will be how to do picks, for the sake of our new players.

In the meantime, here are the rest of my playoffs preview... turbo style!

Playoffs Preview: Bobcats @ Heat

The Bobcats can still grab the 6th seed if they win their last game against the visiting Bulls AND if the Wizards lose theirs against the Celtics. While that is probable, nothing have stopped me yet from prematurely previewing a matchup ;) Bobcats do not want the Heat.

Playoffs Preview: Hawks @ Pacers

I can never understand why the Heat would rest LeBron and Bosh against the Wizards with the East top seed at stake. They lost, doh! Now, the Pacers clinched it, and will be facing the Hawks.

Playoffs Preview: Nets @ Raptors

The Toronto Raptors are back in the playoffs, although I'm not sure if Canada is excited by that. Yet. The billion-dollar team (Brooklyn Nets who else?) owns New York basketball this year, and it's their last chance before Phil Jackson starts operating.