Toss A Coin

Three games all tied 1-1. Pacers got back on track against the Hawks. Grizzlies stole a road win from Thunder. Clippers retaliated on the Warriors... big-time! It's very rare that we are faced with all games in a day with a level of uncertainty. One wrong pick on a winner will send ripples (the bad kind) to our pick plan, not only for Round 1, but also throughout the rest of the playoffs.

Some of you may have picked already from these six teams in Games 1 and 2. And you have to ask yourself, "After two games, do I still think this certain team will lose?" Your answer may be different than mine. Even the team in your mind may be different than mine. But I asked myself that, and my answer is "Yes, Hawks will still lose."

Paul Millsap. Even if the Hawks won Game 1, I still thought they'll eventually lose. Not picking from that series for Game 2 was just an objective decision. But now, I can go back to picking a Hawk for Game 3. For those who have not picked Millsap yet and believe Pacers have this, pick Millsap.

Jeff Teague. He still gets the most goal attempts, and while I don't think he'll top his big Game 1 PRA, I can still expect the high 20s from him. Hopefully, Teague can feed off the fans' energy. He gets my pick.

As for the others, if you think their team is more likely to lose the series than the Hawks, then feel free to pick from these:

Zach Randolph. I also think Grizzlies will eventually fall. It's just I believe not as probable than the Hawks losing. Z Bo is still their top man. Points and rebounds will get him your needed PRA.

Stephen Curry. The Warriors to me will still lose this without Bogut. It's just I want to see them lose one more before I pick him. He's up for a big game, and the home crowd will help him do so.

Blake Griffin. Remember that Games 3 and 4 are in Golden State, and they already have a win. If you can foresee the Warriors winning both games, then it will be hard for the Clippers to get up from being down 1-3.

Kevin Durant. Some of those who picked him in Day 1 should be cackling right now. Yes, if the Grizzlies defense can win both home games, they can finish the Thunder off in Game 6.

Paul George. Yes you read that right -- I got pick recommendations from all six teams this date. I doubt Pacers will fall, but if you're a Hawks fan (they seem to abound this fantasy game too), you'll gladly pick a Pacer.

Good luck. It's a coin toss.

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Spread The Wealth?

For Day 5's games, the best bet will be to take a Bobcat. Usually I avoid picking from the same team in consecutive games early in Round 1 to avoid running out of picks from a series (or piling up too much on the others). Looking on future Bobcats game dates, they seem to be packed with other options. Maybe a Hawk on Saturday and a Mav on Monday. Okay, a Bobcat again then.

Lesser Of Three Evils

All the games on this date have road teams up 1-0: the Hawks, Nets and Wizards. That would have been a conundrum if not for the Nets already favored to win their series. So for today, pick a Raptor. It's a safer bet than picking a Pacer or a Bull.

Pick A Grizzly

Three road wins already in Day 1 had us watching our steps with care too early in the playoffs. The Nets win was not too surprising as most of us planned for an upset anyway. The Hawks win was a surprise but I think most are convinced this is still Pacers'. Noone is just going to pick a Hawk in Game 2. The Warriors win however was a stinger, not only for those who already picked Stephen Curry, but also to most of us who have to change our plans and adapt to it.

Strategy: Hottest Pick

Let's start off this post with my Day 2 pick.

Al Jefferson. What is not to like about this pick? He will give you the 30+ PRA you seek, plus you know the Heat will eventually win this series. I know I will never be more comfortable with a pick this round than this one. Al carved up the Heat defense this season, and that can be attributed to the Heat's relative lack of size in the paint. It is rare that a team adjusts early in a series, so I expect Al to be his usual banger against the Heat.

Day 1 Pick: Not Kevin Durant

It's a newbie mistake, folks. Yep, I'm pointing to a sixth of you who are picking Kevin Durant on the very first day. Don't do it! Just imagine yourself in the future to the Conference Finals picking some lowly player while the rest of us picking Durant. Save him for later.