Guards of the Fantasy, Vol. 2

One thing I like about Google Drive To The Finals 2017 is that you can see the schedule all neat...

That May 7 has one potential sweep game (Cavs series) and two swing games (Spurs' and Celtics'). Make sure that by that time, you have picked the high rollers from the Raptors. From the Raptors, I still have DeRozan and Ibaka. If the Raptors win Game 3 (which they are expected to), then it's Wizards' Gortat for Game 4. Otherwise, it's Ibaka for me. Hoping for double-double either way.

As for the Spurs' series, I still think that the Spurs win it even though they lost Game 1 and Parker. They are winning either Game 3 or 4, and going back to a best-of-three series with homecourt advantage. Otherwise, it's a scramble for Leonard, Gasol and Aldridge -- I don't even want to think about that scenario. Pretty sure if Rockets win Game 3, a lot will be pushing the panic button. I won't be.

May 6 and 8 have just the Warriors' series. If you still have Hayward, good on you because the rest of us only have Gobert and an injured Hill. I have Gobert for May 6's Game 3. If Hill plays Game 3, then he's my pick for Game 4. Otherwise, I got Round1-hero-Round2-zero Johnson for Game 4.

Today May 5, it's DeRozan. He's not been himself in the first two games. Hoping a home game will change that. Can't go down 0-3 because that spells a series loss almost. What I want -- DeRozan goes nuts, Raptors win.

Good luck with your picks!

Welcome to Round 2... Kinda

Sunday brings us a Game 7 (UTA@LAC) and a Round 2 Game 1 (WAS@BOS). If you are thinking of picking a Wizard just so you are surely to keep either the Jazz or Clippers rosters intact for Round 2, that is a bad idea. It is better to wrongly pick a Jazz or Clipper who "might" reach Round 2, than to pick a player already in Round 2.

But which one? Do you pick a Jazz player because the Clippers are hosting? Or do you pick a Clipper because you believe they cannot win again without Griffin? If you are unsure like me, then join me in picking the best player among the pool of Jazz and Clippers. Mine is DeAndre Jordan.

As for the remaining of Round 2 games this week, I have preselected the stars of the teams which I think will lose: Rockets, Wizards, Raptors. I may still change some of those as whoever in Jazz and Clippers who will face the Warriors are most likely exiting early anyways.

Lazy picks? What do you think?


Tuesday doesn't give me any reason to change my Wall pick as I don't have much Jazz players worthy as of current.

Wednesday though I am changing my pick from DeRozan to Lowry. I feel now that DeRozan will have a good game in a game they actually win. And it's not Game 2 on the road. I got him for Game 3 Friday.

Thursday, I have Beal tentatively. Or Gortat. Or Beal. Or Gortat.