FP Fantasy Scoring

I think this should have been addressed earlier, but better late than never :P

Fantasy Postseason - League Settings (60719) 

Fantasy Scoring 
Per Point: 1.0 
Per Rebound: 1.0 
Per Assist: 1.0 
Per Block: 1.0 
Per Steal: 1.0 
Per Turnover: -1.0 
30 Points: 5.0 
Double Double: 3.0 
Triple Double: 8.0 

We've all been familiar with PRABS with last year's Drive & Slam, so we need not dive deep into that. But what is new to some of us who do not play regular season fantasy basketball, are these:

Turnover. Players prone to turnovers, especially some point guards, have little bit less value than usual. We all know that 5 fantasy points can be the difference between a great pick and an average one and a poor one. In picking a point guard, it might be good to look at the opposing player on the floor. A defensive-minded opponent will definitely contribute to more turnovers. One-dimensional ones (All O, no D) are the best opponents.

30 points. The playoffs are about defense. Low-scoring games and longer possessions are the norm. And thus it is unfair to expect a regular-season 30-point scorer to do it in the playoffs. This is where extra reading and watching player interviews come in place. By what you've read and seen, do you think a certain player is motivated to do more next game? 30 means 35 in FP.

Double double. Triple double. While double-doubles are quite easy to predict with rebound-heavy players, triple-doubles are harder to pin. I look at the playoffs and I see only LeBron James and of course record-holder Russell Westbrook. An additional 8 points is great for your fantasy scoring.

Westbrook got 88 fantasy points (88!) in Game 2. Wow! I don't see any pick besting that. But I still hope this Game 3 playing at home and down 0-2 are motivations enough for him to do something special. Less turnovers. 30+ points. Triple-double. Let's go! :)

UPDATE: Sticking with Dennis Schröder for Saturday. 2% owned. Cold.

UPDATE 2: Switching from Isaiah Thomas (who finally have a W) to Jeff Teague of the 0-3 Pacers. Teague as an unrestricted free agent soon doesn't hurt ;) I may be missing some chance to pick stars from the other series, but a 30+ from Teague ain't bad.

Triple Threat

Three games where the lower seed leads 1-0. It is possible that one of these series will have the lower seed advance to the 2nd round. But which one?

MIL@TOR. The Raptors should still win this series. It's just that Giannis and the Bucks are not looking like they are going to give the Raptors the chance. Lowry needs to assert himself more and the Raptors need to play D the way they are known for. I'll bet on the Raptors to figure it out, but I am willing to wait.

CHI@BOS. It is unfortunate, really, that Isaiah Thomas had to be put into his current situation. I know his beloved sister wouldn't want him to waste this opportunity. Seed 1. Now if only Butler and the Bulls stop suddenly being a different team like they were in the regular season. I want the Celtics to win this series.

UTA@LAC. Rudy Gobert is injured and Joe Johnson cannot carry this team every game. None of that is in Jazz's original script. This is a different team altogether, and they cannot possibly keep getting lucky. Paul, Griffin and Rivers are winning this series.

It's Gordon Hayward for me in FP and Google Drive ;)

Good luck to me :P

UPDATE: Millsap for Day 4 :)

UPDATE 2: Sorry quite busy week. George for Day 5 :) Some good advise below in the comments from everyone!

Day One Upsets

Upsets ruin plans. They do! When you see half of the games won by a lower seed and even the reigning champions almost lost, you start to say, "Oh no not another difficult fantasy playoffs!" :P

First, the Pacers was right there with the Cavs up to the very end. Losing by just a point, it could have gone the other way. I don't know about you, but I am not touching that series anytime soon. I still expect the Cavs to win the series, but let me see a 2-0 lead first before I pick Paul George. Nice pick by the way to those who picked him this game. He and Grizzlies' Marc Gasol turned out to be the better picks in Day 1.

Second, my pick Giannis and the Bucks have stolen Game 1 from the Raptors, and quite convincingly. I am happy with the result of the pick, but the win puts a damp on the plan. If Bucks win the series (just a big "if"), then that's one lost Giannis for me for the second round. I am not selecting from this series again until I see a 2-x lead.

Third, surprisingly Joe Johnson gave the Jazz a W, stunning the Clippers. An unfortunate early injury to Rudy Gobert (pity those who picked him) gave the Jazz a new look on the floor and they found a way to win. The Clippers are still too good to lose this series, but I wanna see a 1-1 first before I pick a Jazz.

My Day 2 pick stands as is... Blazer Damian Lillard. It's a safe pick as there is no reason the Warriors lose that series. No way. Hopefully Lillard brings his all in Game 1 playing in his hometown.

The CHI@BOS series -- I am reserving that for April 18's Game 2. The other games from that date are the Bucks' and Jazz's games, which are off-limits :)

ATL@WAS is interesting, and OKC@HOU is a must-see. Both series for me may go either way, and so let's see where the games take us. I do have Dwight Howard penciled-in for April 19's Game 2.

Good luck on your Day 2 pick!