Strategy: Free Agents

This is something I have not used in the first two rounds. Timing of pick for free-agents-to-be. I have used this a lot in the past few years and I plan to use it in the Conference Finals. Soon-to-be free agents will not readily admit it, but they are extra-motivated to perform beyond expectation so as to showcase themselves to their current team and potential suitors in the summer. They show up hot either on elimination games, or on their last potential game at home.

What Should The Thunder Do?

We have two days off from the NBA Playoffs and I am sure Coach Brooks and his staff are cooking up a NEW strategy because what they did in Games 1 and 2 in lieu of Serge Ibaka's absence has NOT worked. Starting Nick Collison has not worked. Thabo Sefolosha has not worked. That starting five has not worked. Trying to match Spur's size has not worked. Where was the small ball that worked some in Game 1? I didn't see a lot of that in Game 2. And the Thunder was practically in half-court game most of the time, giving too much time for the Spurs to set up their defense.

Paint Wide Open

So as expected, the Spurs carved out the Thunder's interior defense (if there was). Tony Parker relentlessly attacked the paint, and dished the ball to Tim Duncan for Mr. Fundamental's most imposing performance of the playoffs. So what happened to the Thunder's lineup?

Out Of Options

Several are running out of options in DTTF. Across the board on polls, they have the San Antonio Spurs winning the series especially now that Serge Ibaka is out of the playoffs. One would think people will pick Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook in Game 1 if they still have them, or at least another Thunder. But if you look at Monday's picks, Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan are the hottest ones. Game 2 is no different; people are turning to the Spurs roster for picks early, and that will certainly have a major impact on the Finals for DTTF.