Strategy: Best Player In Losing Team

As you can see here in that 3-year old poll (see bottom of right pane), the most popular strategy (nothing else comes close) is to pick the best player on the team you think will lose the series. Now that we are in our 4th playoffs here in this blog, that strategy seem so common sense now. Unconsciously, that is what most of us are doing already.

Round 3, Fight!

Congratulations to the Indiana Pacers (for earning a rematch with the Heat), and to the Oklahoma City Thunder (for their third West Finals appearance in the last four years)!!!

And I am giving kudos to the Washington Wizards (for their deepest run in years) and the Los Angeles Clippers (for their resilience). Watch out for John Wall next year. And watch out for a much improved Clippers organisation, too!

Strategy: Sticking To Your Guns

The Heat and the Spurs finished off their respective opponents at home in Game 5, and they are just waiting for the winners of the Wizards-Pacers and Clippers-Thunder series. My pick for Game 6 remains to be Chris Paul and I am hoping for a strong showing in a loss -- that would be a nice farewell gift for me from the Conference Semifinals.

As we near the Conference Finals, let me touch upon the subject of "sticking to your guns" and "chickening out".

Lobbed City

Boy, if you are a Thunder fan, you should be ecstatic by now. That. Was. Close!

And if you are a Clipper fan, you should be angry.

Never mind the discrepancy in referee calls, this series is 'da bomb! Honestly, five minutes left in the game, I was preparing to write my blog post to talk about road wins and how the Thunder are again in that 2-3 hole coming into Game 6. But alas, that ESPN Gamecast kept me fixed-in even before I finished a paragraph. Once KD hit a three and a layup, I hit the Delete button. This was going to be a whole different blog entry!

Saving For The Finals

It will be the end of the road for either the Nets or the Blazers on Wednesday. Or both. It is highly unlikely that both will win Game 5 on the road. That will be difficult as the Heat, the Spurs, and the home crowd will be looking to finish their series off. So, sort your remaining Nets and Blazers according to average PRA, and pick the top guy. For me, that would be Deron Williams.

Put Your Wands Up In The Air

The Clippers were able to eke out a win earlier to even the series at 2-2. I am loving this series! The Thunder are still favoured to win a best-of-three series versus the Clippers, and I don't mind this one going seven games.

The Wizards were not fortunate however, as they lost earlier and are facing elimination in Indiana in Game 5. So our Tuesday pick must be a Wizard. Here are your options:

Happy Mothers Day

Hey Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers playing here in Drive To The Finals, and to all the mothers in your life as well. May their day be free of headache from us hehe! Behave, kids!

So what happened earlier? The Nets won Game 3 and are now 1-2. The Blazers meanwhile lost theirs and thus are now in the brink of elimination. There is no question that our Monday's pick should be a Blazer. Whether it is a hot pick or not, it doesn't matter on Monday. You have to pick your best remaining Blazer from (in order of average PRA) LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard and Nicolas Batum. If you still have someone from that trio, make the pick. It doesn't matter who will perform better or not, there will be none of those tricks and manoeuvring. Pick that Blazer!