Pick a Spur

At least two games are left, and so lay down your top two players remaining and pick the Spur. This is the game they are bound to play their best. Not game 6 on the road. And definitely not a Game 7 that they will lose.

Swing Game

It's now down to a best-of-three series, with the first game being played on the court... of the lower seed team. That's how odd this 2-3-2 format is.

Spurs: 2 - 1

As expected, the Spurs bounced back. Better yet, they bounced back equally (113 - 77). Once again in a blowout, the Big Threes sat early. That does not spell good for gamers who saved them for the Finals.

Breaking The Rules That Broke The Rules

First, Break All the Rules . That is the book that showed us that countless managers succeed by veering away from the norms, the traditions, and the stereotype. In DTTF and 1-N-Done, this is evident in strategies which goes against the hot picks.

And That Was Game Two

Spoiler Alert!!! If you do not want to know that the Spurs were blown-out, that Joe Crawford was invisible, and that your pick for Game 2 was subpar, don't read further!!!

Finals Strategy: Player Versus Self

In the previous rounds of the playoffs, it is easy to get lost on trying to predict who will get the most PRA on a given date. The first round gave us that, with 16 teams playing, picking names like Monta Ellis, Dwight Howard or James Harden are easy to come by. Sometimes, gamers carry that mentality into later rounds. The Finals, however, is not like that.