Breaking The Rules That Broke The Rules

First, Break All the Rules . That is the book that showed us that countless managers succeed by veering away from the norms, the traditions, and the stereotype. In DTTF and 1-N-Done, this is evident in strategies which goes against the hot picks.

In Game 3, the hot picks are Tony Parker and Tim Duncan with almost half of the gamer base having either in their lineup, mainly because of the "rule" that players generally ball well at home. By breaking that rule and picking Chris Bosh, one gives himself a chance to catch a player's better performance on a time when nobody else did. That was the pick I was leaning on for Game 3 even before the Finals began anyway.

Gamers tend to follow the cold pick strategy tightly, that soon it too becomes a... rule.

Second, Break The Rules That Broke The Rules. No, that is not a book yet, but I am sure that breaking the rules beget breaking everything eventually. It's a vicious cycle. In Game 3, I really strongly feel that the Spurs, Parker and Duncan will bounce back. But, half of the fantasy gamers are getting in my way of picking them. Well, not anymore. I am breaking away from the cold pick strategy for Game 3. Tim Duncan gets my pick.

Don't get me started on rules-are-meant-to-be-broken thing. They're not "meant" to be broken. They're just simply being broken.

(Btw, Dwyane Wade may have injured his left knee. The right knee was the one already hurt before. If he continues to dip in minutes, Manu Ginobili may be a nice pick.)


  1. i got paker bosh green and chalmers left who do you think i should pick?

    1. Green and Chalmers too early to pick for a series that may go 4-1.

      Bosh if you believe he plays well in Texas. Or you may reserve him in the other two Texas games.

      The safe bet is Parker. Good luck!

    2. Do you regret that particular post, Taong? :D

      You were at least partially right. Chalmers was not a good pick. Bosh was as good as in game 2.

    3. Haha nah. If I get a do over, I'd say the same.

  2. Right, Taong... If your feeling is Duncan will have a big day producing 40+PRA; that's your pick!!

    The reason that Duncan and Parker are the hottest picks is that many people save them till now and they have to use them before the series ends.

    1. That, and Tony Parker has always been Game 3 hot pick ever since the Finals began.

      Good luck to us all!

  3. Wow. 1.6% of the players hit the lottery tonight with Gary Neal. Wow.

    Career night.

    Time for the masses to pick Wade or Bosh or second best Heat player. Miami is on the ropes.


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