Spurs: 1 - 0

What a great Game 1 that was! Well, at least for the general NBA fan and San Antonio. The Spurs played a great game worthy of the word "fundamental", with Tim Duncan anchoring the defense, and Tony Parker getting lucky in the fourth quarter. If you are a Heat fan, I am sure you are asking a lot of questions including, "What the [insert expletive here] just happened?"

LeBron was a good pick in Game 1 with 46 PRA. Oddly enough that was due to 18 rebounds -- he only went 7 for 16 from the field. Nevertheless, his triple-double was a great boost for anyone who picked him in Game 1 in 1-N-Done, garnering 184 points!! Myself and anyone else I have seen in the forums have leapfrogged about halfway towards the lead (percentile-wise). Those in the 70% jumped to 85%. Those in the 80% jumped to 90%. Those 90% to 95%. Not bad, not bad at all. Saving him was worth it. Those who are yet to pick him should be excited of the potential. He will be looking to will his team back in Game 2.

Dwayne Wade was the hottest pick heading into Game 1, with more than 25,000 gamers picking him in DTTF and 1-N-Done combined. He was okay and seem to be doing great, it's just his efforts didn't translate well into his PRA of just 21. The two days rest should be ample enough time for him to have fresh legs and hopefully a good PRA for game 2.

Ray Allen is now free! Yes, free from the clutches of the Pacers and roaming freely against the Spurs. As expected he put up good FG percentages, netting me a decent 16 PRA in DTTF. If he gets more touches, he'll have more contribution in this series.

Chris Bosh was the bust of the day while being the second hottest pick, just awful. 6 for 16 from the field and 0 for 4 from the trey. He is the hottest pick for Game 2; you have 40 hours to pull him out of your lineup, and wait until he plays in Texas.

Kawhi Leonard was the pick of the day for 21 PRA for anyone who was left to picking fillers (roleplayers) in the Finals. He did a fine job on guarding LeBron while at the same time mustering a double-double. Don't expect him to be able to sustain that.

Manu Ginobili was back to his pesky self. He was not telling a lie when he said that the long rest benefited him -- he was all over that game. He was only 4 for 11, but expect those shots to fall in soon.

Tim Duncan was also a great pickup with 38 PRA. Expect him to have that kind of performance all through this series. I don't think the Heat have any answer for him. Maybe hack-a-Duncan? He went 4 for 4 from the stripes, by the way.

Tony Parker was just unbelievable. Start with that lucky buzzer beater in a broken play. He only got 21 points. That is not yet enough for the Heat to start putting LeBron on him, but expect Tony to be more aggressive next time. Pick him before LeBron does ;)


  1. I have

    So who should I go for. Parker or Duncan? Or maybe Allen?

    1. Not Allen, unless series is sure to extend more than 4 games. Coz you have Parker, Duncan and Bosh left in case of sweep.

      Not Bosh. Wait until he gets a good game.

      Parker before Heat puts LeBron on him.

      Duncan, pick anytime you want.

  2. Parker or Ginobili for game 2? I am thinking Parker before they put LeBron on him

  3. James, despite a triple-double and his 46 PRA, kind of disappointed me. 18 points, 6 in the final quarter, I thought 2011 was over and done with. What a strange turn of events.

    I will save Bosh for the games in Texas, as planned. But I am not sure about Duncan and Parker. Who to pick in the next game? Who to save for game 3 at home? I don´t think homecourt matters much for these two veterans.

    The question is: Can Duncan repeat his game 1 performance? Can TP be even better now? Will James play like it´s 2012 and be the facilitator of a big win for the Heat?

    1. Answers:
      Duncan, yes.
      TP, yes.
      James, yes.

      Parker or Duncan, it's a toss up. You can pick any and you won't be disappointed.

      Parker may relax a bit though coz of the Game 1 win.

      Duncan will not relax; he wants this before he retires.

    2. Thanks for your input. I will do what I do most often: Stick to the original plan, that means picking TD in game 2.

      Depending on the outcome of that game I will decide how to proceed.

  4. heres my pick plan
    In order game 2, 3, etc.
    What do you think??? Should I move parker up to next game or is this a good plan to stick to?

    1. Parker is good where he is. Just don't move him further.

      If you think Spurs will win the series, you can opt to pick him on the fourth win; he'll work to have a performance worthy of a Finals MVP.


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