A missed free throw. LeBron James' three. Followed by Ray Allen's three. Tied! Overtime. Two Chris Bosh blocks for the win! What a steal!

[UPDATE below]

I don't know how to explain this. The Spurs had this game. A stellar performance from Tim Duncan. It was there! There at the palm of their hands! Looked at the other way and a moment after, the palm was empty.

That game-tying three by Allen -- Allen bringing his talents to South Beach, that was all worth it. Without Allen, no more tomorrow.

I was cheering for both teams. I was pumping my fist for any shot on either side. I was disgusted on every turnover or missed shot. As an NBA fan, what else can I hope for? A Game 7, the mecca of basketball!

Erase everything. One game, baby! One game!

UPDATE: Everyone, I'm sure many of you like me have very poor remaining players for Game 7. Just pick the best that you can. There is nothing else we can do. For DTTF, my pick is Mike Miller. For 1-N-Done, it's Ray Allen. Good luck, and may your last pick surprise you.


  1. It was hard to watch Ginobli play so bad. 8 turnovers, countless poor shots, and lazy D and they still had the win...until he chokes on the free throw.

    I was really surprised to see Duncan would even consider letting Pop sit him down those final minutes. We'll never know if he would have snatched either of those two crucuial boards but like Hibbert in game 1 of the Indy series...I guarantee Duncan is on the floor in game 7.

    Hoping the Spurs can shake off the heart break and use it for inspiration.

    Definitely an instant classic.

  2. One of the best games of these playoffs hands down.
    Now back to dilemma of who to pick.
    I have left Ray Allen, Mike Miller, and Gary Neal as my best options. Of course Birdman, and Splitter are options as well but not really good ones. Any thoughts? So far I am leaning toward picking Allen

    1. It's a toss up between Allen and Miller. I'd personally pick Allen, but I won't blame you if prefer Miller. Both are viable picks.

      Neal is now unreliable after two poor outings.

  3. So I have Gary Neal, Mike Miller, Norris Cole, and Tiago Splitter left. I'm thinking about picking Neal.
    Any thoughts?

    1. After Neal stinking it up on two straight games, I am not a believer anymore.

      I'd go Miller over Neal. But if your guts say pick Neal, you should do so.

  4. I would go with Mike Miller. I don't know if Spurs are going to recover after this tough loss, and plus their 3 point shooters like Neal and Green play better at home.

    1. I agree they do shoot better at home especially Green

  5. Arghh! They had it! Then they threw it away.

    Normally, I would foresee a rout by the Heat in game 7, but not in this crazy-ass series. The last six games tell us that the Spurs will win in a landslide. Tracy McGrady will be on the court in the final seconds and ending the game with a dunk to cap off the 110-91 win for the Spurs. Green will be MVP after his stellar 7 of 8 performance from outside, James will get all of the blame despite of his third triple double of the series and despite Wade and Bosh combining for 7 points.

    Then, July 4th, Howard and Paul will announce that they will both play for the Mavs next season, and one year from now we will all celebrate Dirks second championship after a 4-1 win over the Heat with a choking James who will average 24-12-10 for the Finals.

    Usually, at about this time, I wake up and realize what really happened. It might be possible for the Spurs to do what every team in this series has done after a bitter defeat. But I really don´t think they will be capable of accomplishing that. If they had lost, okay. But they LOST! It couldn´t have been more devastating if it had been scripted. If you saw this in a sports movie you would laugh it off as being absolutely impossible.

    Both of the 3s after offensive rebounds. Two missed freethrows in the final 30 seconds. Tim Duncan nowhwere to be found. I have to stop now.

    Soo... back to DTTF. The good news is I changed my pick from Cole (DNP) to Andersen (5 PRA, 3 steals that do not count, 4 fouls). Could have been better, could have been worse. Neal had 6 PRA, so hats off to you, Taong.

    For game 7 I will have Parker. Would have preferred it not to have to pick, but that´s the way the cookie crumbles.

    Funny enough, in the official game of DTTF we have winner, as the leader just picked LBJ for his 53 last night! He now has about 37 points on the next guy and somehow I don´t think it will be possible to beat this one. Not a bad showing.

    I am hoping against hope for a sixth and final momentum swing in this series with a 32-3-16 night from Parker. I just don´t see it. Sigh.

    1. A Parker pick for Game 7 is quite excellent. Everyone else will have fillers.

      Howard and Paul, as they should be smarter than most people regarding the NBA and free agency, should be able to see the merits in the long term of taking a lower pay (ala HeatBig3) and joining up with the Mavs.

      I said Spurs needed to win Game 6 coz they can't win Game 7. But now for the sake of my love of basketball, I want to fool myself into thinking this is a 50/50.

      Good luck to both teams.

  6. Wow is Pop leaving Ginobli on the floor and continuing to go to him when he's a disaster waiting to happen. He really (save for one great game) hurt the Spurs this series. Some of the worst decision making and sloppy play I've ever seen at the championship level.

    What was Pop thinking leaving Parker out and giving him the ball when they were down 2. Ginobli turns it over and then chucks a long, terrible 3. Sad.

    And that's the season guys.

    Happy summer.

  7. What happened your latest post. I typed up a huge post but when I hit submit, it wasn't there.

    1. Ah I edited something, added DTTF result. It's back :)


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