Swing Game

It's now down to a best-of-three series, with the first game being played on the court... of the lower seed team. That's how odd this 2-3-2 format is.

The Spurs are the favorite to win Game 5, not only because of the homecourt, but mainly because they know they have to retaliate. It's been back-and-forth, and the adjustments made by both teams so far work to address the issues of the former game. Pop will surely have something in his sleeves. Plenty.

If the Spurs win, they will have the chance to close it out in Game 6.

That is why the Heat needs to steal this Game 5 as well. They need to stop laying back after wins and understand they need to give their all now. No holding back. Spo knows that too well. Think 2011 Game 5. The last four games doesn't matter anymore.

If the Heat win, we all know there is no chance the Spurs are going to win both games in Miami. Zero. Zilch.

That is why the Spurs are not going to let that happen. Damn be injuries. Pop knows he cannot hold back Tony Parker. That strained hamstring will have to take it for the team. Manu Ginobili needs to be aggressive now that the Heat are clamping on Parker.

The Spurs have more to lose. Pick a Spur for Game 5.

And enjoy the game.