Round 2, Fight!

That was an entertaining Round 1, wouldn't you say? Too bad the Spurs had to face the Clippers early, but without that series, Round 1 would have been a bore. Now that that's behind us, let's get to the next round...

Conference Semis Winners?

The Conference Semifinal showdown kicks off with the Hawks hosting the Wizards. While I personally will bet on the Hawks to win this series, many in the DTTF are hedging otherwise. 20% are picking a Wizard and 15% are picking a Grizzly. I choose not to pick from this series yet and look at the first two games. However, if you are pressed to pick, here are your choices:
  • John Wall (WAS - 33 PRA)
  • Marcin Gortat (WAS - 30 PRA)
  • Bradley Beal (WAS - 30 PRA)
  • Paul Millsap (ATL - 28 PRA)
  • Al Horford (ATL - 28 PRA)
  • DeMarre Carroll (ATL - 27 PRA)
  • Kyle Korver (ATL - 24 PRA)
  • Jeff Teague (ATL - 24 PRA)
As you can see the Hawks are jam-packed, and if you think they are going to lose this series, better start picking them off in Game 1 to take advantage of these PRAs. Remember that unlike Round 1 where 30+ PRA is the norm, it is perfectly normal to average high 20s later this round. Prediction: Hawks in 5.

The second game features the heavy fave Warriors hosting the Grizzlies. These are both Top 5 Defensive teams, and we should expect less and longer possessions, thus slightly lower PRAs. Here are your options for this game:
  • Marc Gasol (MEM - 34 PRA) 38%
  • Zach Randolph (MEM - 24 PRA) 16%
And that's about it. The Grizzlies main game is 'feed the bigs', and I wonder how Andrew Bogut can last this series uninjured. The loss of Mike Conley was not so obvious against the more-injured Blazers, but I think that loss will make a big effect in this series. Just watch the Splash Brothers have their day out in this series. Prediction: Warriors in 5.

My pick: Zach Randolph
Primary reason: the cold pick strategy
Secondary reason: Gasol plays better against the Rockets or Clippers, just in case they advance

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  1. First Round Recap of my picks:

    1) Monta Ellis – 20 PRA
    I had the right idea that Ellis would be huge in the series, but I joined the party to soon. His big games were awaiting him when Rondo and Parsons went down and he became the backcourt.

    2) LaMarcus Aldridge – 47 PRA
    This worked perfectly. He got off to a huge start out the gate and wore down as the series progressed, very similar to last year’s Spurs series. Very happy with how this pick worked out.

    3) Giannis Antetokounmpo – 21 PRA
    Wish I had gone with a Bull here, since the second round is loaded and a guy like Rose or Noah would have helped here. Still, at least he wasn’t ejected.

    4) Kyle Lowry – 12 PRA
    My biggest regret about this pick is I forgot that DeRozan tends to underperform in the elimination games (one game sample size from last year, but, trend!). If I had remembered that, I probably would have gone with him here and it would have made a huge difference. Really felt like this was when Lowry takes over. I was wrong. You can’t win them all.

    5) Brook Lopez – 27 PRA
    Not his best performance, but not his worst. I’m satisfied with what I got from him.

    6) Anthony Davis – 47 PRA
    This was the biggest pick for me. Waiting for Game 3 for Davis had a huge impact for me in an unexpected way. If I had picked Davis in Game 1 instead of Monta Ellis, I’m very confident I would have picked Isaiah Thomas for his 8 PRA stinker on this day. The rest is history.

    7) Dirk Nowitzki – 46 PRA
    The pick I’m happiest with. Felt great to pick my favourite player when he goes off for a huge game! Well above his average.

    8) Tyreke Evans – 14 PRA
    A pick I was forced to make due to how the rest of my picks fell into place. Not surprised I didn’t get a great game from him, although he was much worse than I anticipated.

    9) DeMar DeRozan – 22 PRA
    Another player I was forced to pick in this spot, and wasn’t sure what I’d get. I’m OK with this considering how bad of a blowout the game was.

    10) Damian Lillard – 41 PRA
    This was a huge performance. So happy I waited on Lillard for later in the series.

    11) Blake Griffin – 51 PRA
    The Clippers winning the series did not help, but I feel good knowing that at least Griffin went absolute beast mode when I picked him. Clippers scrubs here I come!

    12) Nicolas Batum – 23 PRA
    A good pick to buy me some time. Didn’t work out as well as picking Joe Johnson and Deron Williams in Game 5 and 6, but you can’t win them all.

    13) Chris Paul – 38 PRA
    In the position I wanted to be in. The Clippers were facing elimination, and there was no chance that I go down without picking both of their big two. They deserve credit for never giving up and coming back to win the series.

    14) Joe Johnson – 24 PRA
    Definitely his worst night, but that was expected in such a blowout. Not that far off from his best night, so I won’t lose any sleep at night.

    15) Tim Duncan – 39 PRA
    At a minimum, I’m glad that I got this from Duncan with the Clippers advancing. Makes me feel a lot better about it.

    PRA: 472
    Rank: 6,153
    Percentile: 73rd

    Saying goodbye to:

    Isaiah Thomas – Missed his huge 30 PRA performances, but also his 8 PRA one. I’m OK with that.
    Evan Turner – Again, missed his many 20+ PRA performances, but skipped out on the 7. I will survive.
    Michael Carter-Williams – A ride that was never really that worth riding. Ditto for K. Middleton. No royal performance delivered for me!
    Deron Williams – Barely broke the 20 PRA mark, other than his out of nowhere 47. Not going to lose much sleep over that.
    Kawhi Leonard – Kawhi have you forsaken me? I will Kawhi every night knowing you are gone!
    Tony Parker – First time Eva in DTTF that I don’t pick Tony Parker. That’s a Longoria streak that has come to an end.

    1. My recap:

      Davis 43
      Lillard 25
      Giannis 21
      Thomas 30
      Lopez 27
      Evans 31
      DeRozan 44
      Aldridge 33
      Ellis 40
      Batum 29
      Dirk 36
      Johnson 31
      Griffin 44 (advanced)
      Deron 22
      CP3 35 (advanced)

      POINTS 491
      RANK 3,039

      Clipper early picks will sting later.

    2. That's a fantastic first round, other than the Clippers. 87th after round 1 is not too shabby.

    3. would have wanted complete roster coming into round2. clippers fans have the floor now in DTTF.

    4. It turned out I had 40 percentile coming into last night and 46 after so I gained 6 percentile not 1 like I thought as apparently that doesn't adjust for awhile after the game(s) of that day are final.
      My 1st round Recap:
      D1 Anthony Davis 43-Great ending after he had 20 with half a quarter left
      D2 Damian Lillard 25
      D3 Giannis Antetokounmpo 21-This felt like a 2nd round day with only 2 games early in the round, Khris Middleton had 28 but the recent play averages had me decide between Giannis and Michael Carter-Williams who actually did slightly worse at 19 PAR
      D4 Kyle Lowry 12-Awful invisible result and worst PAR of the series, 7 worse than his 2nd worst game and 21 worse than his best game.
      D5 LaMarcus Aldridge 39-Not the worst but I lost 4 PAR by taking him and Damian in the wrong order.
      D6 Isaiah Thomas 8-The most unforgivable result in the playoffs with not only a single digit PAR but with 30+ PAR in all other games of the series, he was 22 PAR worse than his 2nd worst game and 29 below his best performance.
      D7 DeMar DeRozan 44-Got a performance that I had to have, which was by far his best showing of the series; the unfortunate thing that wasn't his fault was that Monta Ellis and Dirk Nowitzki's best showings had to come on the same day so I could only take part in 1 of these 3 great performances.
      D8 Tyreke Evans 14-Another unpredictable stinker
      D9 Dirk Nowitzki 28-I made the wrong choice between him and Ellis and lost 12 PAR to Ellis pickers.
      D10 Nicolas Batum 29-Not bad but Brook Lopez my other choice got 39 including 5 coming with the benefit of OT
      D11 Monta Ellis 36-He and Dirk tied so the -12 differential from their previous game did not change.
      D12 Brook Lopez 20-He avoided an invisible showing by a hair, but unfortunately it was worst showing of the series, 6 worse than his 2nd worst PAR and 19 worse than his best.
      D13 Blake Griffin 44-This was an unfortunate pick since he would go on to advance, but down 2-3 on the road for G6 and I wasn't going to lose out on picking him 2 years in a row after the Clippers lost to the Thunder in 6, not 7 that I felt that series was destined for.
      D14 Joe Johnson 24-With Batum, Lopez, and Johnson combining for 73, the worst PAR of 4 possible combos on the days I used them and 13 worst than the 2 best, luck just did not appear how to join me until.....
      D15 Tim Duncan 39-I finally chose the correct player, getting 15 more than Leonard pickers and picking the best player on the losing team in G7, avoiding regret if the Spurs had advanced.

    5. After round 1, I'm 158 behind the leader, however the leader has taken 9 players who have advanced: Bradley Beal, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, Marc Gasol and Chris Paul. I took Blake Griffin too and that was too much but dang they had to lose to the Thunder in 6 last year!

    6. @Taong: What a difference a point makes (the point I lost because the stole a rebound from Dirk when I picked him?). After the 1st round I have 492 points, thats rank 2889 and 88 percentile. I got you.

      But I am 1000% certain you will catch me tonight. More on that a little down this site (warning: a sad tale, indeed).

  2. Next up. Round 2. Four great series are coming up. Chicago vs. Cleveland and Houston vs. Clippers are both on the same day. That is insane.

    Grizzlies vs. Warriors: I like the Warriors. A lot. Starting right off the bat with Zach Randolph, because he’s a must pick and it buys me a day to see Hawks-Wizards. I'm hoping to pick Marc Gasol at home if I am able to.

    Hawks vs. Wizards: I want to wait at least one game here. I’m not convinced the Hawks are that much better than the Wizards. They are a vulnerable top seed. But like the Pacers last year, I want to be more confident before making the choice in this one.

    Chicago vs. Cleveland: This should be a lot of fun. I like Cleveland, but not by much. Chicago has so many players that you can’t wait too long, especially with the injuries always a possible issue. Starting with Derrick Rose on Monday. I think I am, not 100% sure yet. The matchup with the "defense" of Kyrie Irving is too enticing. Gasol, Butler, and Noah waiting in the wings.

    LA Clippers vs. Houston: I like the Clippers. A lot. But I want to give Houston the benefit of the doubt for at least Game 1. This could be a smart place to pick a Rocket, since the Clippers will be tired from an epic 7-game slugfest. But I just want to open with Rose so badly that I’ll wait until Game 2. But if Chris Paul is out, I'm very tempted to go with James Harden. We shall see.

    1. I think Paul will play. Even hobbling, he'll still eat Jason Terry for breakfast. (Still love you Jet! MFFL!)

    2. Doc said, if he were to guess, he doesn't expect Paul to play Game 1. Could be gamesmanship though. Without the defense of Paul, Harden should be even greater than usual!

    3. True. Can't risk picking Harden though just in case they advance. More toying in DTTF needed re: that series.

    4. There is risk no matter what. The Bulls could advance too with Love injured. We just don't know.

    5. I still think the Clips sic Barnes on Harden. Who else is Barnes going to guard? Josh Smith?

  3. I am way behind, but I have the distinct advantage of being able to pick Blake and Paul while everyone else takes Matt Barnes and Austin Rivers in round 3. Only one card gone, Derrick Rose.


    1) Anthony Davis: 43. There was never any other pick.
    2) Isaiah Thomas: 37. Also a tremendous pick. His playoff best.
    3) Derrick Rose: 31. My only card gone. No regrets. Wanted to pick him before a potential injury.
    4) Monta Ellis: 32. He only got better after this game, but no complaints with 32.
    5) Brook Lopez: 27. My first below 30; close to his average.
    6) Tyreke Evans: 31. He was hit or miss; I got a hit.
    7) Kyle Lowry: 26. Can't really complain, his second best of the playoffs, but DeRozan and Dirk both put up 44.
    8) Dame Lillard: 33. His second best.
    9) DeMar DeRozan: 22. His worst. Bad luck.
    10) LaMarcus Aldridge: 31. His worst. Bad luck.
    11) Dirk Nowitzki: 36. Happy with this one.
    12) Nic Batum: 23. I'm ok with this one too. Not very many other options.
    13) Giannis: 10. Had to go and get ejected. No other big performers though, and I was staying away from Spurs Clippers because the Spurs were up 3-2 and I still thought the Clips would win.
    14) JJ: 24. No real other options.
    15) Kawhi Leonard: 24. Should have gone with Duncan.

    Cards already played: Derrick Rose
    Players I missed that I absolutely wanted to pick: Tim Duncan, Kevin Love.
    Must-picks still held: Harden, Curry, Thompson, Irving, James, Gasols, Griffin, Paul, Wall, Millsap, Horford, Teague, Butler, Randolph, Howard.

    I'm in the 47th percentile, but had I picked Griffin and Paul, I would be at least at the 72nd percentile. The numbers will climb in the coming rounds, I have no doubt.

    Best pick of the round: Isaiah Thomas - 37
    Worst pick of the round: (Tie) LaMarcus Aldridge (31), DeMar DeRozan (22), Giannis (10). I put Giannis there because, really, only Bayless (16) and Zaza (13) outperformed a third of a game from him that night.

    1. Nice job saving Blake Griffin. That is really going to pay off for you in all likelihood, playing either against Houston or in later rounds. I used Blake already, and only have Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan as decent options from the Clippers, and Paul could be hurt, although it didn't seem to stop him in Game #7 from having a very good game.

  4. Hey Taong, if I'm leading the league I'm in (96th percentile) would you recommend doing the opposite and picking the hot pick (Marc Gasol)?

    1. yes! leaders don't need to change lanes. remain hotpicking. besides, gasol is still a great pick.

  5. Game #7 between the Spurs and the Clippers was one absolutely great game of basketball. You never knew who was going to win that and move on to the next round until the very end, and each team went back and forth exchanging leads. It was very exciting. Congrats to the Clippers for getting the job done on their home court, something San Antonio had two chances of doing themselves, but the Clippers came up big on the road, which was kind of surprising since the Spurs are very good at home, only losing 10 games there all season. The Spurs on the road were only slightly better than average with a 24-20 mark, and the Clippers also have a great home record. But anyone could have won that series, and it was definitely the best series of the Playoffs with the best competitive games so far.

    Going forward for DTTF, the Clippers have very little to pick from other than the top 3 players (Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Jordan). If Chris Paul is hurt, that is a huge problem, and I already used Blake Griffin now, so this is not great at all. The rest of what they have is roll the dice and hope you get lucky. So this will be tough going forward for sure. The Spurs had much more depth on their roster, and you could easily go 6 or 7 deep and still might get 20 PRA, depending on the night, and how lucky you are. From a DTTF standpoint, I would much rather have seen the Spurs win, they simply have far more players to pick who will earn you decent enough PRA scores.

    Tim Duncan (39 PRA) was clearly the best pick from the losing Spurs squad. Two other players emerged from hibernation to post the other top scores from the losing Spurs, Tony Parker (30 PRA) and Danny Green (27 PRA) out of the clouds, with no rhyme or reason for it. Tony Parker had a low of 8 PRA and a high of 21 PRA, up until Game #7 where he had 30 PRA, and Danny Green of all people had a low of 4 PRA, an 8 PRA game, and a one time high of 19 PRA. Then somehow in Game #7 in crunch time, Danny Green who had done next to nothing all series, explodes for 27 PRA. I don't know how you get to Green, but if you did Congrats. I looked at him and immediately crossed his name off the list.

    My pick of Boris Diaw, didn't get to 26 PRA like his last game, but still got to 19 PRA, and stayed within 5 PRA of Kawhi Leonard (24 PRA) who was the highest picked player. So I am good with that, although obviously I would have rather picked Tim Duncan (Net loss of -20 PRA), but I couldn't take that chance if the Spurs would have won and moved on for the later round(s). So that is what it is at this point.

  6. As we emerge into Round #2, the Warriors should beat Memphis as they have home court, and only lost 2 home games all year. So even if the series goes 7 games, they should advance. Memphis has only 3 great PRA options, and one of them (Mike Conley) is hurt, and out for supposedly at least the first two games of this series. Mike Conley is a 29 PRA player vs. the Warriors on most nights against them on average. So they will be up against it, winning in Golden State without him. The other two "big" PRA producers from Memphis are Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Each of those could put up 30+ PRA, but have also had lesser games vs. the Warriors. PRA scores will not be great for Memphis players in this series, looking at the past, other than those three. And the Grizzlies most likely would have better scores vs. other teams, but unfortunately this is the one they are playing, and most likely they don't get out of Round #2.

    For the Washington vs. Atlanta series, that seems much more likely to go long(er), and be far more competitive. Until I see a game or two from that, I honestly don't know who moves to the next round. Probably the team that has the most home games (Atlanta) will prevail, if it goes 7 games.

    Best to play a Memphis player today and hope for the best. I'll probably go with Mike Conley's replacement (Beno Udrih or Nick Calathes, if I can find out who that is in advance, and go with that, saving Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol for home games. Could also go with Courtney Lee or Tony Allen, but both of them don't exactly light it up vs. the Warriors. Beno Udrih put up a Playoffs high for him 34 PRA vs. Portland, but never came near that again, and that was at home, so doubt he gets anywhere near there on the road. Still this game could end up in a massive blowout, and Udrih could end up with big minutes (or Nick Calathes). I may change this depending what happens, but for now I have Beno Udrih going in place of Mike Conley, hoping to get 20+ PRA or around there before Conley comes back to play.

    1. calathes gave em quality minutes. the udrih pick may be risky

  7. I knew Clippers would win I should have backed them like I did from the beginning, game 5 and most on here said don't go against Spurs. Frustrating but it's my fault though for not having the balls.

    I was so happy for CP3 though that could have been Cliff in the 2nd half for all that we know...

    Today I'm not picking from Griz until Conley is back. I think without him it hurts the big's production but also these games could be blowouts without him.

    I'm backing the Hawks to win this series mainly because of their offense and also have learnt my lesson now for not backing the Clippers. I'm going with Beal because I like Gortat/Pierce @ home and Wall in a elim.

    Good luck guys in 2nd round :)

    1. i like the beal pick. he can go toe2toe with korver

  8. Cold pick strategy? Seems illogical to should always try and pick the guy you think will have the best game on a losing team...trying to go against the hot pick could also just make you lose even more ground

    1. you should only use it I think if you're trying to pass a specific person in your league or something along those your analysis though so far for the playoffs keep it up

  9. Agreed, it cuts both ways. I don't think the cold pick strat makes sense if you're ahead. It only works if you're behind as you by definition need to make different picks than the league leaders if you want any hope of catching up.

    If you're ahead, I think you pick, as you said, the guy who will have the best game on the losing team.

    1. you're right. also if you have complete roster, you must continue hotpickin

  10. Argh! I screwed up big time.

    But first, the rundown on round 1, that is fun. Here goes:
    1 - Davis, 43, daily leader. Great start even though this was his 2nd worst performance
    2 - Aldridge, 47, daily leader. Perfect pick, his best game, and still leading the game (with about 1500 others)
    3 - Noah, 30. Even though I saw the Bulls advancing, I picked from the probable winner, to get him out of the way before he gets injured. Okay pick
    4 - Lowry, 12. I don't want to talk about that pick :)
    5 - Johnson, 31. Perfectly happy, he got 4 more than Lopez that day, and 31 was his best (achieved 3 times in 6 games)
    6 - Evans, 31. Very happy with this pick
    7 - Ellis, 45. The best Ellis, but that was that crazy day with three potential picks going for 44, 45 and 46. Still happy
    8 - Anteto..., 20. Hrmpf. Still the best of the three Bucks to pick, okay, sh*t happens
    9 - DeRozan, 22. Hrmpf. Not a good start in week 2 with two lousy picks in a row
    10 - Lopez, 39. Another winner. Could have been more, but I am happy
    11 - Nowitzki, 36. Was 37 initially until the NBA stole a rebound from Dirk and awarded it to Ellis. Well, still happy about it.
    12 - Lillard, 31. Very happy. Nobody could have seen McCollum's 36 that day. Far better than Aldridge
    13 - Griffin, 44, daily leader. Hmm..., the Clips won, Griffin had less PRA only in the blowout loss, but still. A reasonable pick, and I made up some ground there. Okay.
    14 - Williams, 22. Okay, there were no good picks that day, and of the available players he was the best. So I am happy.
    15 - Duncan, 39. Great pick, but sad to see the Spurs go out.

    492 points
    2889 rank
    88 percentile
    obviously far ahead of Taong :D

    Now for the sad part. Round 2 started today.

    I have picked Rose for tomorrow since about five seconds after that game was set. This is probably the final time that Rose will have more than 2 days rest for a game and I will use that. But I didn't really know who to pick for sunday.

    After I looked it up I was pleasantly surprised that the Hawks have no less than 5 players with an average PRA of 24+. Hey, that's great. I mentioned I wanted to probably pick a Hawk, didn't decide yet who it might be. Was leaning towards Carroll but didn't commit the pick. I would do that today.

    I admit, I also wanted to wait to see the update on this blog for info what Hawk might be the best pick for game 1.

    You see where this is heading, don't you? When I was online in the afternoon, my internet connection didn't work out too good. So I couldn't pick. Went I went online again about 70 minutes ago I discovered that I was too late. It was 9.30 P.M. over here and the games usually get played at night, but this time, well, not as much.

    The Hawks already lost (my potential pick would have been the right one, wanted to save Millsap, Carroll had a nice 27 that I will miss for the rest of the campaign), the Warriors game was already in the second quarter.

    Sigh. My best first round ever and I go and forget to pick for day 1 of round 2. That hurts.

    1. ouch. the games were just too early today. woke up (aus time) and the 2nd game already was in 3q.

      you still have cp3 to cover the loss

  11. Well I slightly benefited for taking Randolph instead of Gasol, but it was only by 1 PAR so it won't make too much of a difference, my biggest issue was that the 4th quarter was great for the 37% of Gasol pickers and a nightmare for Randolph pickers who were up 33-21 after 3 quarters looking like a great day and a sure gain of at least half of that.... ZR needed an offensive board with 40 seconds left just to out par Gasol at all and avoid a disgraceful goose-egg in the 4th quarter. Now don't get me wrong ZR beating Gasol today will be huge if I can get Gasol at the right time and have <20% with me. If they had gotten the same numbers but the bad quarter had been the 1st or 2nd, it would have felt really good, but being up by 12 after 3 and only winning by 1 feels so negative since the worst came last. The biggest things is that the Warriors won so there remains 1 series that has a "sure" winner. Hopefully I can get that with the Clippers and not take another Clipper till round 3. The eastern conference series will be harder to figure out and as for the Cavs, after James and Irving no one seems relevant to pick, a huge problem if the Cavs make it to the 3rd round and there are 2-5 other players (with the dreadful 1 game days) to pick!
    In the other game, I see that the Wizards won and have now grabbed a 1-0 lead and home court advantage!

    1. ZBo was +10 PRA so that was a great pick. Also his first 30+ of the playoffs

  12. Hoped I stayed with my gut and picked Beal, but chickened out and picked Z-Bo instead. After watching G1, its clear that GS has an advantage against the Grizz thanks to the MVP Steph Curry. Randolph did a fine job forcing his way inside but on defense, its a different ballgame. Draymond Green buried 4 treys while Randolph looked gassed against the Warriors' crisp ball rotation. Gasol was great and I am picking him in either G3 or 4. As for the other game, Wall and Beal got hurt but played through pain as they stole one on the road. My gut says its going to be ATL but I will pick a Hawk soon enough just because there aren't a lot of options on the MEM team while the Wiz have Wall, Beal (both hurt) and Gortat as steady contributors. Pierce to me looks like a conference finals pick because of his inconsistencies in the PRA.

    Tomorrow is going to be tricky. Both series are primed to be a nail-biter. Cavs however are going to be w/o Love (done for the playoffs) and Smith (2 game susp.) which brings me to a toss-up between Iman Shumpert and a Rocket (either Ariza or J-Smoove)

    1. with Wiz winning and more time for Beal to comeback, you're lucky you had ZBo

  13. I got my best year so far :)
    Points: 569, Rank: 196 (99%)

    My picks:
    Davis 43 (No brainer, GSW sweep)
    Thomas 37 (Cavs Sweep, great game from Isaiah)
    Antetokounmpo 21 (Better swapped with my Middleton pick)
    Nowitzki 25 (not his greatest game)
    Aldrigde 39 (Good game)
    Middleton 28 (better swapped with Giannis, but stil pretty good pick)
    DeRozan 44 (GREAT pick, got me moving up the board)
    Lopez 35 (good game)
    Ellis 40 (good game expected with Rondo/Parsons out)
    Lilliard 41 (GREAT pick, Mr. clutch)
    Griffin 51 (Lost Griffin, but feel pretty good about it dye to the enormous difference in PRA with the other players, Harden at 2nd already 12 behind, gave a nice boost in ranking)
    Batum 23 (Meh, ok game)
    Paul 38 (Lost Paul, but not sure if he will be able to post another 35+ game with his injury troubles, so ok for me)
    Johnson 24 (ok game)
    Duncan 39 (So happy with this pick because i first went with Kawhi, glad i changed to timmy :D )
    Horford 41 (Wanted to get an Atlanta player of the board in case they got eliminated, also excellent cold pick (7%) )

    Happy so far, I hope i keep making the right choises

    1. That's awesome Mr. Anonymous! (Use Name/URL please)

    2. no worries burst2fire. i'm curious on how you decide on your picks. feel free to share in these parts. cheers!


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