Golden State Warriors are CHAMPS!

Big congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, our 2015 NBA World Champions!

Cheers goes to every player in the roster who understood what they had to do all season to achieve this. To the players who sacrificed a lot to be here like Finals MVP Andre Iguodala and David Lee. To Steve Kerr who adds this to his ever-impressive resume. To Draymond Green for his Game 6 triple-double. To Stephen Curry for a much deserved ring to top his greatest season so far. To all the loyal Bay Area fans who stuck with the team for better or worse waiting 40 years to get another title. Truly, strength in numbers worked. Congratulations!

As for the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James, it still is a great season. There are a lot to look forward to in the next season for a core that will only grow much better together. Cleveland will have their turn, and I believe that.

As for this fantasy game, it's a wrap. Such a crazy season for Drive To The Finals! I was not able to reach my target of top 100. Not much great picks, and only very few low ones... just an average flow all throughout. Next season's top 100... wait for me.

As for this blog, my sincere thanks go to all our contributors in the comments section, especially to Tangent, Daytona, aceee06, Alex, basketballfan, kaboom, Wiley, Damian and a slew of others who I thought have lifted each other towards a better enjoyment of the game. This blog is nothing without you. I salute all of you!

That's it folks, I'll see you again in 10 months!

Drops mic.

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Small Ball

For two straight games and a half, the Golden State Warriors' small ball has been giving LeBron and his Cleveland Cavaliers the fits. Can the Cavs truly adjust?

In Game 5, the Cavs still started Mozgov but seeing that he was too clunky for the Warriors' speed, they soon benched him. And thus began the road to zero PRA for him.

Tristan Thompson was the right choice against the Warrior's small ball. Athletic big man who can run the floor. Look for him to be heavily used in Game 6.

Here is the problem with the Cavs matching small ball -- they don't have enough people. Coach Blatt has insisted on a short rotation scheme. Minus Mozgov, that even limited their options. Maybe it's time to listen to the players and play the vets. Look, Shawn Marion has played in the Mavs' version of small ball before. He is not that quick anymore but his defense can still wreak havoc. 5 minutes of play for each benched vet is a precious rest for the core guys. Do it!

The Cavs will again force the two-headed frontcourt of Mozgov and Thompson early on, because if that clicks like it did in Game 3 and Game 4, then the Cavs will dictate the game. If not (like in Game 5), then run run run going small. The Dubs with small ball are forcing LeBron to run with them, hoping that will eventually tire him.

Warriors -- strength in numbers -- TRUE.

Cavs -- All in -- NOT QUITE. Play the vets.

As for DTTF, assume Game 6 to be the last even of you are rooting for the Cavs. Play your absolutely best baller remaining from your pool. Mine is Andre Iguodala. Going hot...

This may be it, guys and gals! Good luck!

Cold Cold Cold

Just laying out my cards for Games 5, 6 and 7 (if necessary)...

Notice that all of them are playing on the road. So yeah, this is a very unorthodox move for me. With PCT 93, I need a miracle.

Disclaimer: Let these picks serve as an example of what NOT to do.

As for Game 5, here's wishing Cavs win. There, I said it. Underdogs, woof!