Golden State Warriors are CHAMPS!

Big congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, our 2015 NBA World Champions!

Cheers goes to every player in the roster who understood what they had to do all season to achieve this. To the players who sacrificed a lot to be here like Finals MVP Andre Iguodala and David Lee. To Steve Kerr who adds this to his ever-impressive resume. To Draymond Green for his Game 6 triple-double. To Stephen Curry for a much deserved ring to top his greatest season so far. To all the loyal Bay Area fans who stuck with the team for better or worse waiting 40 years to get another title. Truly, strength in numbers worked. Congratulations!

As for the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James, it still is a great season. There are a lot to look forward to in the next season for a core that will only grow much better together. Cleveland will have their turn, and I believe that.

As for this fantasy game, it's a wrap. Such a crazy season for Drive To The Finals! I was not able to reach my target of top 100. Not much great picks, and only very few low ones... just an average flow all throughout. Next season's top 100... wait for me.

As for this blog, my sincere thanks go to all our contributors in the comments section, especially to Tangent, Daytona, aceee06, Alex, basketballfan, kaboom, Wiley, Damian and a slew of others who I thought have lifted each other towards a better enjoyment of the game. This blog is nothing without you. I salute all of you!

That's it folks, I'll see you again in 10 months!

Drops mic.

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  1. Guys and gals, use the comments to record your scores.

    Mine: PCT 96, Rank 1036

    Good game, everyone!

  2. I've been reading all your blog posts and all the comments but I just never really got to comment much besides the first few posts in the first round. Hopefully I will comment more next year ?? Anyways thanks for writing and sharing your opinions and strategies! I only got 86% percentile this year compared to 100% percentile last year (I was 76th rank last year in the top 100) so it was a dissappnting year. Nevertheless it was a fun ride and I'll see you guys next year !

  3. Thanks, enjoyed your blog.
    You passed me on the last day... I had Mozgov, but chickened out last minute and took Delly. I was afraid of that 0 in game 4...
    I ended with 1245, percentile 94.
    Had I stayed with Mozgov I would have been at 97 or 98... O well, enjoyed the game.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the blog and the game. Catch me next time!

  4. PRA: 1155
    Rank: 6087
    Percentile: 75

    Easily my worst season. Took a strategy of all Warriors in the West semis and all Cavs in the Finals, and just got a lot of guys on the wrong night. Also missed out on Iguodala picking the likes of Shumpert and Dellavedova. Huge mistake. Finished with a 59 from LeBron, so at least it ended well and I can sit with that until next year.

    Best Picks:
    - LaMarcus Aldridge 32-14-1-47
    Definitely his best, and a huge advantage right off the start
    - Dirk Nowitzki 34-8-4-46
    Getting a huge performance from your favourite player is always a joy
    - Jimmy Butler 29-9-3-41
    Getting that kind of performance while guarding LeBron is special
    - Jeff Teague 30-6-7-43
    Huge overtime boost. Teague was a monster.

    Worst Picks:
    - Kyle Lowry 6-2-4-12
    Ouch. Never good in Round 1 to get that kind of stinker.
    - Marc Gasol 15-6-3-24
    Foul trouble caused his numbers to be way lower than any other game in round 2. It also ruined a lot of other picks by putting them all on the wrong day, missing Beal's 47.
    - Josh Smith 15-1-0-16
    Missed DeAndre Jordan by betting on the Clippers. Did not work out to well for me.
    - Harrison Barnes 0-6-1-7
    Ouch. Couldn't score. At all. Easily his worst game.
    - Iman Sumpert 3-3-0-6
    Proved by the end of the Finals that picking him over Iguodala on any night was really not smart.
    - Timofey Mozgov 0-0-0-0
    Why he got benched is beyond me. He was so good in the series. I understand the want to go small ball but really, we saw in game 6 that he was very helpful when on the floor.

    There you have it - more stinkers than I would have liked. Hopefully, I'll take it all this year and be much more lucky next year.

    1. Best picks:
      LeBron 66 PRA

      And that's about it. Everything else is jjust average PRA in general.

      Worst stretch:
      Josh 13
      Millsap 11
      Terrence 11
      Bazemore 24
      Bogut 12
      Carroll 16

      Those weeks 5&6 were atrocious.

    2. Best Picks:
      LeBron 66
      Aldridge 47
      DeRozan 44
      Griffin 44
      J. Butler and Lillard 41
      Ellis 40
      Wall and Harden 39
      Teague 38
      Nowitzki 36
      CP3, Rose and Iggy 35
      Beal and Z-Bo 34
      D. Jordan 33
      Ariza 30
      T. Thompson 29
      Josh 28
      Gortat 25
      Bazemore 23

      Worst Picks:
      Horrord 19 (ejected)
      K. Thompson 18
      Howard 14 (ejected)
      Korver 14 (injured)
      Evans 14
      Pau 14 (limit restrictions)
      Mozgov 12
      Lowry 12 (injured and foul trouble)
      Bogut 12 (scoreless in pts)
      Isaiah 8

  5. Also, time for the "perfect picks". I'll be interested to see if anybody can find a better combo of players:

    Round 1
    Quincy Pondexter 35
    LaMarcus Aldridge 47
    Tyreke Evans 33
    Dwight Howard 42
    Kawhi Leonard 35
    Greek Freak 39
    DeMar DeRozan 44
    Anthony Davis 48
    Monta Ellis 40
    Deron Williams 47
    Dirk Nowitzki 36
    CJ McCollum 36
    Mike Dunleavy 29
    Kyle Korver 32
    Tim Duncan 39
    Round 1 Total: 582

    Round 2
    Al Horford 41
    Pau Gasol 35
    DeMarre Carroll 32
    Blake Griffin 53
    Derrick Rose 44
    Zach Randolph 33
    DeAndre Jordan 45
    Bradley Beal 47
    Jimmy Butler 41
    Marc Gasol 36
    Chris Paul 49
    John Wall 39
    Trevor Ariza 32
    Round 2 Total: 527

    Round 3
    Josh Smith 29
    JR Smith 39
    James Harden 57
    Tristan Thompson 23
    Stephen Curry 52
    Jeff Teague 43
    Draymond Green 40
    Paul Millsap 31
    Harrison Barnes 31
    Round 3 Total: 345

    NBA Finals
    Kyrie Irving 36
    Klay Thompson 41
    Matthew Dellavedova 29
    Timofey Mozgov 39
    LeBron James 65
    Andre Iguodala 35
    Finals Total: 245

    Total Perfect PRA: 1699

    1. I don't think I got any of these PRAs !

      Thanks for all the posts Tangent. See you next year!

    2. My only miscue in the finals was G3 and G4 if I swap my picks. I wouldn't had pick Irving in G1 anyways, he could had got injured very early.

    3. See you next year as well! Thanks for running the blog, makes DTTF a lot more fun checking back to see the articles and the comments. I think you had 5 of these perfect picks, if I'm not mistaken - DeMar Derozan, Monta Ellis, Dirk Nowitzki, John Wall, and Andre Iguodala.

  6. PRA: 1154
    Rank: 6127
    Percentile: 75

    1 point behind Tangent, I see.

    My round-up for the Finals is not good. I had enough players left but took most of them on the wrong nights. Except for the two superstars. I got both the best nights of the series for James and Curry. Not that it helped me much.

    The funny thing, after regaining the lead in my private duel my buddy had James. Had I picked J.R.Smith, which I considered doing, I would have beaten him. But, true to this season, I picked Delladova who repeated his 7 from the previous game. Fitting.

    Maybe I will even do a follow-up comment demonstrating what I did vs. what I could have done. In the meantime thank you, Taong, for your blog. I'm looking forward to next season. This blog makes the game better for me, especially if I suck like I did after the first round.

    See you all in 10 months. My goal next season? Crack the 80 percentile, for starters.

    1. Looking forward to the next one too for some bounceback.

      Thank you Alex! Auf Wiedersehen!

  7. House of Aisin GioroJune 17, 2015 at 3:48 PM

    I ended with 1332, rank: 31. And that with a pair of 7s from Delly in the last game (I was in 10th and had to make a differential pick, so could not choose JR, my best remaining) and Evan Turner. Will I do better next time? You never know.

    Enjoyed the blog and found it very useful, this year and last!

    PS I am the Smallworld/TSN fantasy player mnty. Would enjoy hearing from some of my old colleagues in this blog's group next year.

    1. Wow rank 31, that should be me lol! I envy you.

      I would have picked differently too to have a chance at 1. It was the correct move. I remember the winner of 3yrs ago did the same thing.

      Glad you found all these useful.

      Until next year, we'll see you around Smallworld, mnty!

  8. My Finals recap:
    This round certainly had the potential to win, but fortune wasn't on my side. One little trick at the beginning of the round lead to 2 bad or worst Finals games. That trick was of course was hearing that Kyle Irving wouldn't be at his best at the beginning of the Finals, I moved him to G2 and that was too late as his kneecap gave way in OT of G1! If I had used Kyle Irving in G1, then 1 of my G1-4 picks would have been used in G5, avoiding "the ZERO!"
    D38 J.R. Smith 13 - The KI article trick not only cost me Irving himself himself but 23 PAR in this game as JR Smith was very disappointing.
    D39 LeBron James 66 - My all time best pick in DTTFs even though it (amazingly) wasn't his best game of the 2015 playoffs but it was tops for the Finals. If not for the aforementioned mistake, this may have had me on the way to something special, especially after the brutal 3rd round and other disappointments in the first 2 rounds.

    D40 Stephen Curry 39 - This was tied for his 2nd best performance of the Finals despite being lower than 4/5 of his 3rd round scores.

    D41 Draymond Green 30 - This pick was also tied for 2nd best in the Finals but there are a lot worse things than that, see next pick for the biggest example EVER!

    D42 Timofey Mozgov 0 - "The ZERO" The title says it all pretty much but unlike most ways of getting 0 this came from a player who got 39 in the previous game and 31 in the next. In all other games he played at least 29 minutes, in this one 9! Tell me how to predict that?! Stats wise he was a solid pick but unfortunately it's the result that counts which makes this the worst pick of all time (a record that can't be broken) and makes it the 2nd straight NBA Finals G5 with <5 PAR!

    D43 Tristan Thompson 28 Not a bad performance at all, this just completes yet another pairing in the wrong order and like many wrong order pairings, even the better day of the two had less PAR than the other player in this case Mozgov got more PAR (31) than Thompson (28).

  9. My 2015 DTTFs Recap: The DTTFs to forget!

    1st round
    PR#=performance ranking of that individual
    BP=Best PAR
    GP=Games played
    Pick, PAR, PR#/GP, BP
    Anthony Davis, 43, #3/4, 48 - Hard to believe that was only his 3rd best and actually has 2nd worst.
    Damian Lillard, 25, #4/5, 41 - Didn't read the message board before game time to find out that Lillard is a better player later in the series.
    Giannis Antetokounmpo, 21, T#2/6, 39 - Not much to pick on this day, either Bucks or Pelicans and I already used Anthony Davis.
    Kyle Lowry, 12, #4/4, 33 - This lead to a chain of disappointment as I would have taken Dirk N or Monta E from the Mavs, the day I took DeRozan if I had used DeRozan in this game. I also had 5 picks tied or worse than this, and 1 came just 2 days later.
    LaMarcus Aldridge, 39, #2/5, 47 - WRONG ORDER #1 (with Damian Lillard), net PAR of -4
    Isaiah Thomas, 8, #4/4, 37 - While I already got my 1st worst performance of the playoffs with Kyle Lowry, but this came from a player who got 37, 30 and 35 in the other 3 games he was in during a 1st round sweep.
    DeMar DeRozan 44, #1/4, 44 - This is the 1st of 4 picks I made that had their best performance of the round and the 1st of only 2 who had their top PAR of the playoffs. Sadly I still incurred WRONG ORDER #2 despite DeRozan being +13 over his G2 performance, as Lowry was +19 so I still had a net PAR of -6. It's also a shame that Dirk Nowitzki's 46 and Monta Ellis's 45 had to all be on the same day.
    Tyreke Evans, 14, #3/4, 33 - The list of picks I got that were <20 amaze me even though it was brutally frustrating.
    Dirk Nowitzki, 28, #4/5, 46 - I couldn't help there being 3 great picks on the same day (when I took DeMar DeRozan) but you know what is coming, see Monta Ellis pick 2 days later.
    Nicolas Batum, 29, #2/5, 37 - I initially had Brook Lopez, switched and lost 10 PAR (5 from an OT the BL got).
    Monta Ellis 36, #3/5, 45 - He and Dirk Nowitzki tied after Ellis beat Nowitzki 40-28 the other day making this WRONG ORDER #3 and a net PAR of -12!
    Brook Lopez, 20, #6/6, 39 - Usually 20 PAR avoids worst performance (if you aren't a superstar like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Blake Griffin or Anthony Davis), unfortunately this is already #3 for me and this is still the 1st round! Not to mention he went from his BEST to WORST performance and thanks to Portland forcing G5 Batum beat Lopez 23-20 making it WRONG ORDER #4 with a net PAR of -13 and even though picking the player facing elimination is usually priority, it seems like whatever choice I make is always the wrong one! Notice we are up to 4 WRONG ORDERS and ZERO CORRECT ORDERS!
    Blake Griffin, 44, T#5/7, 51 (53 2X in 2nd round) - Blake Griffin is such a great player that this was actually (tied for) his 2nd worst performance of the series. The bigger issue is that the Clippers came back to win, it had 2 pros (see Tim Duncan and Chris Paul) but quite a few cons mostly coming in the 2nd round.
    Joe Johnson 24, #6/6, 31 3X - JJ tops BL with BEST "WORST performance" both with PAR and net PAR (-7) from his best showing. This is 4 worst showings to 1 best at this point.
    Tim Duncan 39, #2/7, 43 - YAY I finally made a correct choice between 2 players, getting a net PAR of +15 over my other choice (Kawhi Leonard), unlike all my other choices this was only 1 part as the Spurs got eliminated but missing Leonard was probably best for my choice as I most likely would have lost some of the +15.

  10. Rank: 1,942
    Points: 1,231
    Percentile: 92

    I really enjoy reading your blogs I think since DTTF game started. But one thing I wish the game could change is double up the multiplier each round similar to 1-n-done. We can pick players that averages in the single to teens in the later rounds. But playing this game in the next 10 months is a long way to go.

    Good finish to my season since I was at under 80 percentile when the finals started. See you all in April 2016!!!

    1. Thanks Grazer!

      I enjoyed 1-N-Done two years ago. I also hope they bring it back. It really puts pressure to perform, thus affecting our DTTF game for the better.

      See you in April!

    2. I hope they bring the 1-N-Done strategies to DTTF next year. There's not much joy seeing the same 1x multiplier each round. I don't think 1-N-Done is ever coming back for ESPN just like fantasy basketball salary game.

      I will be playing fantasy football on ESPN(college challenge and gridiron challenge). Also fantasy with multipliers. Good thing football is around the corner.

    3. 1-N-Done was literally that, 1 (Year) and done. That is ESPN for ya.

  11. The 1st round took forever to go through but with all the stunts and upcoming rules as a result, I must check EVERTHING out!
    RPR#=performance ranking of individual in round I picked them in
    GPR=Games played in round I picked them in
    L2RPR#=performance ranking of individual in their last 2 rounds
    BPR=Best performance of round
    L2R=last 2 rounds
    2nd round
    Zach Randolph, 34, #1/6, 34, #1/11, 34 - Apparently I lied, I actually got 3 players in their best game of the playoffs, this one was just easy to miss but add one YAY me for me to the tally please!
    James Harden, 37, #5/7, 47, *#8/12, *59 - The good news about this one is that no one else had him left for round 3 either making a 48, 57 and 59 in the 3rd round (all better than his best R2 performance which was +10 than what I got, but better -10 than -20 or -22 I guess?
    Paul Millsap, 34, #3/6, 35 2X, #3/10, 35 2X - One off best performances in his final 2 rounds... can't complain here
    Josh Smith, 15, T#5/7, 27, T#9/12, 31 - Should have played Joakim Noah instead, would have also gotten a 15 but used a player in his last round and used only 3 Rockets like most people did, a huge disadvantage for me. If I played him at home in R3 like I did in R2, I'd get either a 28 or 31 from him and greatly improve my score no matter which day I chose, see Terrence Jones and Andrew Bogut in R3.
    Derrick Rose, 44, #1/6, 44, #2/12, 47 - Right player, right time YAY!
    Marcin Gortat, 25, #3/6, 26 X2, T#5/10, 42 - Can't complain here as I avoided an 11 and 5 in later games of this series, something I wasn't too good at overall.
    Dwight Howard, 14, #7/7, 43, *#12/12, 43 - He was in foul trouble all night culminating with fouling out (also got 2 Technicals + ejected) leading to his worst career playoff game, leading to the belief of an aceee curse. This performance was 16 worse than his 2nd worst of the round and 29 worse than his best. The only upside (if any at all) is that no one had him available to use next round.
    Marc Gasol, 35, #4/6, 40, #6/11, 43 - I wanted 35+ PAR to bounceback from the DW disaster and I got it!
    Trevor Ariza, 33, #1/7, 33, #1/12, 33 - The one Rocket I picked this round that I can't complain about at all!
    Bradley Beal, 34, #4/6, 47, #5/10, 47 - Dann he went off 1 game too early, not the end of the world though unlike some picks I've already gone through and more to still come.
    Jimmy Butler, 26, T#4/6, 41, T#9/12, 42 2X - He too went off in his previous game before my pick and his slightly sub par result brought cheers from fellow DTTFs players.
    John Wall, 39, #1/3, 39, T#2/7, 44 - I thought he was "lost" to me and so did many others, he surprisingly returned in G5 and many of us jumped on him in take 2-game 2.
    Chris Paul, 41, #2/7, 49, #4/14, 49 - The 2nd and final pro about the Clippers comeback win against the Spurs and the only pro in their collapse against the Rockets.
    *irrelevant result

    1. 3rd round
      Pick, PAR, RPR#/GPR, BPR, L2RPR#/GPL2R, BPL2R
      Klay Thompson, 21, #4/5, 29, #6/11, 41 - This was the first Warriors player I used due to roster shortages with the Rockets. Can we say oops? Could have been worse though, both with some of his other games and see 6 of my next 7 results for the ugliness of this round!
      Iman Shumpert, 13, #4/4, 23, T#5/10, 23 - It looks embarrassing now with the Cavs sweeping the Hawks but I actually thought the Hawks had a chance to advance going into that series.
      Harrison Barnes, 15, #4/5, 31, #8/11, 31 - Not a great performance but he also had a 7, 3 and 13 in the final 2 rounds.
      Kyle Korver, 14, #2/2, 19, #4/8, 20 - Had 14 at halftime but did nothing in the 3rd quarter and then was knocked out for the season at the end of that quarter.
      Terrence Jones, 11, #3/5, 21, #9/12, 23 - If I had Josh Smith avaliable and chose to use him in this game I'd gain 17 PAR, use TJ instead of AB in G4 and that becomes 26.
      Jeff Teague, 43, #1/4, 43, #1/10, 43 - By far the lone bright spot of this BRUTAL round, though Jason Terry AKA JET was twilight bright!
      Andrew Bogut, 12, #4/5, 26, #6/11, 26 - Had I had Josh Smith and used him here, I would have gained 19 PAR and that becomes 33 if I played AB in G3 instead of TJ. As you can see Laddie luck was not with me, yet there is still more where that came from, including the very next pick!
      Al Horford 9, #4/4, 25, #10/10, 36 - Yet another player with their career worst playoff game. Although Atlanta players giving up wasn't at 0-3 wasn't a surprise but he was extra bad and had no heart following being ejected in the previous game.
      Jason Terry 21, #1/5, 21, #2/12, 22 - I played Paul McCartney's JET song and it looks like it did the trick! His performance was tied for 2nd best this round and looked much better than the other 21 at the other end of this round.

    2. Finals
      Pick, PAR, RPR#/GPR, BPR, L2RPR#/GPL2R, BPL2R
      J.R. Smith 13, #5/6, 25, #8/10, 39 - I had to hear Kyrie Irving wouldn't be at his best in G1.... 36 and out. As I said in my individual recap that was a loss of 23 for me.
      LeBron James 66, #1/6, 66, #2/10, 68 - Ah the round that could have been, certainly had some good results especially this masterpiece but a 2 part mistake lead to my demise and a sub 80 percentile.
      Stephen Curry 39, T#2/6, 48, T#6/11, 52 - Not too shabby given he only beat this score once in the Finals (granted 1 more than I wanted) and Klay Thomson was often times invisible in the Finals.
      Draymond Green 30, T#2/6, 37, T#5/11, 40 - Maybe Klay Thomson was the wrong Big 3 to use in the Western Conference Finals afterall assuming I use him in 1 of the 1st 3 games in the Finals, not the last 3.
      Timofey Mozgov 0, #6/6, 39, #10/10, 39 - With the season I've been having I guess we can check off getting a ZERO in my DTTFs bucket list! Special rules coming for the future in particularly from this one.
      Tristan Thompson 28, #2/6, 29, #2/10, 29 - Not a bad showing individually but switch him with Mozgov and I would have gotten 32 more PAR, yes this was WRONG ORDER #6 compared to 2 correct orders (Jeff Teague, Al Hortford - hard to believe a single digit pick is included in a right order but it was +14 over the reverse and Klay Thompson - Harrison Barnes which was +2). Something even better than reversing that order would have been playing the Finals MVP, yes I have that shame to my name. Tristan Thomson G5 / Andre Iguodala G6 would have meant +36 PAR, Andre Iguodala G5 / Tristan Thomson G6 would have given me +29, Andre Iguodala G5 / Timofey Mozgov G6 (which I never would have done after witnessing a 0, that of course means it's a good play) would mean +32.
      Now if the Irving trick had not happened, I would have benefited in every which way including avoiding the Zero!
      Comparing who I would have picked in G5 (if I still don't take AI) compared to what I got when I did pick em I get a net PAR of -1 or BETTER in all scenarios. JR Smith +10, LeBron James -1, Stephen Curry +9, Draymond Green 0 and Tristan Thomson +1. So worst case +22 PAR for the Finals ranging to +59 if I take Tristan Thomson in G5 and Andre Iguodala in G6 WOW!
      I know this is a lot but there is disappointing days and then there are lots of disappointing and painful days.
      Bad luck happens sometimes, but this much?! no no

    3. Excellent recap aceee06. A nice walkthrough of how a DTTF player goes through ups and downs :P

      See you again in these parts next year!

    4. Rules for the future (2016 and on):
      1. No unpredictable ZERO PARs at ANY POINT in the playoffs! This rule excludes a pick in which the player played less than 5 minutes on the court (rule 5b may apply instead).
      2a. No more than three players that have their worst performance of the playoffs (if their team loses in the 1st or 2nd round) or worst performance during their respective final 2 rounds of the playoffs (if they get to at least the conference finals), excluding players that get 20+ PAR on their worst day.
      2b. No more than one player getting <20 PAR for me AND playing 2 rounds after the round I picked them in.
      3a. No more than two players get a score 5 PAR or more worse than their 2nd worst game, provided they played at least 16 minutes when I pick them.
      3b. No more than one player gets a score 10 PAR or more worse than their 2nd worst game, provided they played at least 16 minutes when I pick them.
      3c. No player is to have a performance 20 PAR or more lower than their 2nd worst game, provided they played at least 16 minutes when I pick them.
      4. No player who plays in at least 2 rounds gets <50% of their 2nd worst game.
      5a. No more than two players getting getting injured (without returning) or ejected in the 1st half of the game I picked them, regardless of PAR.
      5b. No more than one player getting injured (without returning) or ejected in the 1st quarter of the game I picked them, regardless of PAR.
      This may sound strict as some of this didn't happen to me but after what happened, I have to crack down on all forms of bad luck I know of even if I did not experience it.
      I ended up with 1174 points, 220 behind the winner with a 79 percentile. I'd say the rank but they already removed everything which is strange. I can't wait for next year, (Ah 10 months 300 days, what are we gonna do? This is the spring version of summer camp only we don't see each other in person, 2 months 8/9 weeks of camp/game then 10 months 43/44 weeks of offseason!) I LOVE this game despite what I said after "the zero." And lastly, congratulations to the Golden State Warriors on winning their first championship in 40 years, over 14 years before I was born!
      Have a good year everyone! See you in April! -aceee06

  12. Thanks for being so active on the blog Taong and I'm already looking forward to next year :)
    keep up the great work!!

    1. Not as active and frequent as I eanted too. Hopefully, we can make this daily again next year.

      Til then, Silas.

  13. That wasn't a good DTTF for me.
    But I want to Thank You for a great fun. Taong fantastic job!
    See You next year!

    1. thanks Damian! most had a down dttf game this year, it's just weird. spurs clippers rockets screwing up the expectations, and a lot of first-timers in the finals.

      thanks again, and see you next year!

  14. I wanted to see if anyone here knew how to get the winners list. I know it was in the rules, but now everything at the /drive directory has been washed with a "check back soon" message, which I think will remain until April 2016.
    The reason I ask is because we were expecting a contact regarding being the third round winner, but none has come at this time. I wanted to find out who was awarded this prize, since a check of the entire leaderboard for weeks 5 and 6 shows one person at 336 and one at 333 for the week, while my mom's lineup garnered 337. A person not on the leaderboard could have scored only 337, as the weeks 50th scores were 163 and 174 respectively.
    Any advice about winners is appreciated.

    1. there hasn't been any winners list ever since dttf started years ago (except the one grand prize winner).

      rules specify winners will be contacted by email. make sure you check your spam folder or if you registered your email address correctly. if everythings fine, just have wait. not sure how long the process takes.

    2. unfortunately you wouldn't if you lost out. if they announce the grand winner and you have not received any email, then maybe you've lost.

    3. Email has been checked every 3 days for the last 3 weeks, including the spam folder.
      I had played fantasy with a guy that won the grand prize a few years ago, and IIRC he almost missed the deadline because the notification was in his spam folder. I don't think he got it until nearly the end of June. I was just wondering though, because the rules say they will notify after the end of the prize period. That is nebulous because the prize period was officially over 6/1 for the third round, and practically a week earlier due to the short rounds.

  15. The rules had an address where you had to send a SASE before 8/20/15, but I should have copied the address. I would have sent it already, but they also said the winner list would not be available until after 8/13/15.

  16. is there anyway to see our final results again. I wanted to see how i did compared to past years, but seems like the page is taken down.will it ever be back up?

  17. guess my results are good as gone. I should of put them down here. Sighhhh I just never bothered to write it down somewhere to save it.. completely bummed right now

    1. yep dttf doesn't let the data shown past end of game. it really is a bummer. one of the things I like to do with fantasy games is to revel at past performances. unfortunately that is not possible (yet) in DTTF.

      You can have a recap of your posts here by entering "kaboom" in Search This Blog.

  18. Craziness. They sent out an Email yesterday at 10:05 AM, and expect a notarized affidavit back by 5 PM tomorrow or the prize would be lost. Good thing the email was being checked constantly!

  19. So no posts yet loool , drive to the final is just about here

  20. So no posts yet loool , drive to the final is just about here

    1. Good idea. Will start dissin' out content once the fantasy game sign-up opens.

      Although I'm fearing there might not be one coz I am not seeing the same sets of site activity at that I normally see prior to the playoffs with regards to DTTF. Let's hope we still get one. If not, we'll look for another playoffs fantasy game ;)


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