Cold Cold Cold

Just laying out my cards for Games 5, 6 and 7 (if necessary)...

Notice that all of them are playing on the road. So yeah, this is a very unorthodox move for me. With PCT 93, I need a miracle.

Disclaimer: Let these picks serve as an example of what NOT to do.

As for Game 5, here's wishing Cavs win. There, I said it. Underdogs, woof!



  1. Tonight is finally the time I pick Mozgov. Have been pushing it back but I can no longer ignore it, he's just been too good in this series. I don't expect he'll explode for 39 again, but getting a PRA in the 20's this round would be nice for a change. I've picked T. Thompson, Smith, Dellevadova, and Shumpert this round. The three guys I keep delaying on - Mozgov, Iguodala, and the King. Hopefully I'm not too late to the Mozgov party, and the Iguodala party if this thing goes 7.

    1. Honestly, seeing as this season is a lost cause, I see the humour in Mozgov going from a 39 to a 0 when I picked him. I was definitely late to the Mozgov party, that's for sure. When he went to the bench after 4 minutes of action, I knew it wasn't going to be good at all. Mozgov joins Thabo Sefolosha as picks I've made who have given me a 0. Up next - LeBron James. If he scores more than 50 PRA, then he will officially outscore my other 5 picks combined this round. I've dropped from the 86th percentile to the 67th. My picks have been as accurate as JR Smith was in Game 4.

  2. Pressed for time now, I'll retype a synopsis later of what I had before I lost everything, and I don't feel like retyping all of that again.

    Going with Draymond Green tonight after his 30 PRA performance in Game #4 as part of the smaller lineup, with useless Bogut hitting the pine. Green had been very subpar up to that point in this series only putting up 17-22 PRA in the prior 3 games. Hopefully Green gets back to putting up 30+ PRA again tonight, or even better putting up a 40+ PRA score (his 2015 Playoff high).

    1. Green 23 PRA after 3q, not bad.

      As for the notes, try typing on Notepad first then paste into the comments. Browser failures do not make it possjble to restore text typed.

  3. Are you freakin kidding me?! ZERO FREAKIN PAR! While this season was a lost cause apparently I could get a DTTF result that could live in infamy. A ZERO by someone who is playing! WTH

  4. Replies
    1. 2:14 GS - Andre Iguodala misses free throw 1 of 2 89-96
      2:14 CLE - Matthew Dellavedova personal foul (Andre Iguodala draws the foul) 89-96
      2:14 GS - Harrison Barnes offensive rebound 89-96
      2:15 GS - Andre Iguodala misses free throw 2 of 2 89-96
      2:15 GS - Warriors offensive team rebound 89-96
      2:15 GS - Andre Iguodala misses free throw 1 of 2 89-96
      2:15 CLE - James Jones personal foul (Andre Iguodala draws the foul)

  5. This game is supposed to be fun, now I officially HATE it! There was the invisible Thomas, the foul city Howard, heartless Hortford but NOTHING? Certainly that couldn't happen from a player that took the court at least not a starter... alas yes and only from a player I pick. With a DEAD performance like this (there is only 1 type of DEAD showing and that is ZERO), I might as well have taken Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving or NOT PICKED at ALL! Afterall they got just as many PAR as Timofey Mozgov! Now on the other hand he only played 9 minutes and what was that all about but he couldn't get a single point, assist or rebound even then?! That result isn't invisible or even super invisible it's DEAD! I had the pride of never getting a zero out of any of my picks... NOT anymore!

    The 0 alone makes 6/14/15 the worst DTTFs day ever but that wasn't even the only awful thing, Curry gets 48 officially knocking my pick out of 1st place for the round and it wasn't even close and although he did not quite surpass it LBJ gets 65 in a REGULATION game and had GS not pulled away I'm sure LBJ would have scored again. But seeing all that and my pick not move at all, ending exactly where he was at tipoff. Neverforget Finals G5 6/14/15 A GOOSE-EGG/BAGEL/ZERO in DTTFs!

    1. With Dubs sticking to small ball, Cavs was forced to match speed coupled with an athletic big (Thompson).

      You are right though, Mozgov shoul have at least made something even in his limited time.

      Taking out Mozgov G7.
      Replacing with JR Smith G7.

  6. I mentioned it before, I don't watch the games, I go down the play-by-play line after line, many hours after the game (I did it just half an hour ago, to be exact, while watching women's world-cup match Germay vs. Thailand). All I remember is reading Curry misses this, Curry misses that, Curry turnover. As I hoped he picked it up in the final quarter, getting 21 PRA in the last 12 minutes, 9 PRA in the final 100 seconds alone. In the end he scored 37 points, with 7/13 three pointers and 6/10 two pointers. Good shooting, didn't realize that.

    So he had a 48, his best in the finals. I messed up pretty much everyone else, but I got James and Curry on their best nights. Gets me up all the way to 79th percentile. Way to go, me!

    That was about it for me. Who do I have left for games 6 and maybe 7? I have J.R. (good pick in game 5 but too unreliable), Shumpert, Bogut (no way) and Dellavedova from the home team and Livingston or Barbosa from the upcoming champs.

    As of now it's the Aussie for game 6. The small and fast one that actually plays, after a series of 4-15-29-15-7, hoping he cracks the 20 again. For game 7 I would chose between Shumpert (probably), Smith (maybe) and Livingston (why not?). But let's see if there even is a game 7.

  7. My Klay pick virtually knocked me out of the running for 99th-100th percentile as it helped me drop 2 spots. I got Draymond Green in G6 and hoping for a Cavs win, just because most players don't have any other options while I still have either Mozgov or Iggy in 7


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