Dubs Sweep Cavs!

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, our 2018 NBA Champions!

Strength in Numbers, indeed! Truly total domination. What else can I say... now Swaggy P has a ring :P

The Cavs I think are no more. LeBron can still resign for 5 years and the biggest offer, but I think he’s done there. Already brought a championship while in this contract for Cleveland, and the biggest money is not the main factor anymore. Helloooooo Philly!

Gargantuan thanks to Tangent and Jerry in helping me bring content to this blog. Their articles brought fresh insights into this game.. These two to me are the real champs. Thank you guys!!!

In FantasyPostseason’s Playoff Hoops Contest, I got ranked 141st over 458 active players. The short Finals allowed me to climb from rank 200s for most of the playoffs, to a not-great-at all standing but nevertheless a photofinish. If only Draymond got me a triple double...

In Google Drive to the Finals, I ended up 14th after residing in the bottom half for much of the season. This is my worst year and by far has the greatest deficit in comparison to my other years. This is the first time I’ve been below 80 percentile (58 percentile to be exact). Already looking forward to the next Google Drive to the Playoffs!

Leave your recap and final score in the comments!

So that’s it folks! See you all here in 9 months when we again... Drive To The Finals!


  1. Well, this has been a contradictory postseason for me. One of the most interesting Playoffs in the last seasons until the Conference Finals, and a very disappointing Finals. Of course great for the Warriors, congratulations for them. They are great. But the Cavs...well, LeBron is one of the greatest of all time, and they were eastern champions only because of him. But I can't help to think we would have watched a better Finals with the Celtics. Let's see what James does now, depending on where he lands, we might have competition for the Warriors next year. Or maybe the Rockets if they can keep their best players...

    About the game, it was quite worse for me than last year. I finished 128th in FP and 15th in GD. Last year I finished between 50 and 60 in FP, but my first rounds were not very good this year. The Finals was quite good, but not long enough for me. I'd prefer to pick Klay at home, but game5 wasn't going to happen.

    Big thanks to Taong, Tangent and Jerry for your posts, very interesting indeed. And all the rest who contributed with your comments. I hope to see you all next season!

    1. Rockets is a long shot, on both sides. I think LBJ will stay East to ensure he reach Finals everytime. Sixers is the bet. Raptors is the dark horse (LeBron will be good for Canada... hmm so if they win, will they visit 24 Sussex instead?)

      Later, Maccabi!

  2. Thanks again Taong and the others who contributed to this blog. Very enjoyable reading!

    I finished 19th in Google Drive and 110 in FP.

    See you all next Spring!

    1. It will be Autumn for me by then :) Later, Arvo!

  3. Thanks Taong, Jerry, & Tangent for making this happen! I really appreciate your hard work & professionalism.

    On Fantasy Postseason: 2nd place (LaRosa)

    On Google Drive: 1st Place (Taj)

    1. Gratz Taj! Awesome results!!!

    2. Taj you dominated! Buy in next year on Google Drive & defend your title!

  4. This season´s playoffs started off great, and then it pretty much went downhill for me.
    In FP I finished with 3 and 6 points respectively for Green and Hill, for a total of 1280 points and finished on a shared 150th place. In GD I had the wrong order for games 2 and 3 with Smith and Hill (got 8 and 11, could have gotten 22 and 17), but Rodney Hood helped me to 1299 total and 13th finish. I even managed to keep my friend behind me, his Iguodala pick for g4 was not enough to pass me. Phew.

    Thank you for hosting this game and this blog. I just hope next year someone will be able to challenge this ridiculous strong team that even beats the crap out of everybody if they are not trying. LeBron will probably leave the Cavs but I don´t think he will leave the East. That could end his finals streak, you know?

    Steph Curry is again not the Finals MVP, and rightfully so. He looks like a regular season wonder to me. Remember, if the Warriors had won in 2016, Draymond Green would have to be chosen as Finals MVP. Whenever it gets tough, he turns into Robin after being Batman all season long. Durant is doing what LeBron did in Miami, he helps his new team win and is the best player while doing so, but it´s not his team, he is just the hired help. Albeit a great one. I am still not a fan of his choice two years ago, but not everybody is a Dirk (or a Hakeem or a Stockton).

    The Finals series was anticlimactic after two interesting conference finals. It really sucked that these Hall-of-Fame-Warriors only beat the Rockets after one of their two superstars hurt himself. For one, Rockets-vs-Cavs might have been a much more interesting series where I would have given LeBron a real chance to win it all, but the second point is much more important. I was so looking forward to Durant signing with the Rockets five minutes after they would have lost the series. Kevin D and James H reunited again. That could have been fun.

    Seeya in about ten months.

  5. By the way everyone, I’m quitting my job & hope to develop a real DTTF app that simulates how Autotrader did theirs. A man can dream!

  6. Joint 5th and 45 points behind. I missed picking one game in the conference finals and I think that got me out of the running.

    Well done everyone, see you all next year!


    1. Well done Tilly! DTTFers rocking the standings!


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