Wednesday Strategy: End of the Second Round?

Today very well might be the last day of the second round. Philadelphia faces elimination on the road, and that is usually a recipe for disaster. The decision tonight should be fairly straight forward: Pick your best remaining 76er.

If you still have Joel Embiid, he is the top choice pick here. After that, Ben Simmons would be the next best choice, with Dario Saric, JJ Redick, and Robert Covington not far off. I don't think people have gone that deep into the 76ers, so you are likely going to pick one of Embiid, Simmons, and Saric.


  1. I hope there is at least a Game 6. Would be bored the next couple of days without basketball. Still haven’t picked any Sixers player yet.

    The East Finals should start on Sunday it’s Mother’s Day. No way there should not be a game on that special day.

    Let’s hope the Sixers can played well tonight on the road and take the game to Philly.

  2. Ben Simmons, Simmons for me. Anyone still trusting the Process? It would be funny that they make a comeback and we used all of their players. I can see it, picking Belinelli in the Conference Finals

    1. I do not trust the process, but if anyone here does, it’s a decade-long process, so Round 2 2018 is an improvement.

      I joked to a friend the other day, “Process is this: tank draft tank draft tank draft tank draft tank draft signLebron boom!”


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