Playoff Rondo

I don’t remember when I picked Rajon Rondo even on his average game. He’s been my fantasy basketball bane since Boston, Dallas, Sacramento and now New Orleans. It’s safe to say he can smell my Mavs blue blood from afar (we know he hates that). And for that reason, I’m picking him this Tuesday. Coz I can.

Stephen Curry will be back for Game 2. He’s expected to crank up those threes out of the gate, but I don’t think he’ll be 100% enough to defend Rondo. I actually think Rondo will keep on attacking Curry. Playoff Rondo — he likes the challenge.

As for Cavs@Raptors, it’s still Game 1 so no hurry, even though my chips are on LeBron. LeBron. Not the Cavs.

Wednesday, Jazz@Rockets Game 2. Nothing has changed in most’s opinion of this series. And so we continue on picking from the Jazz. I got Rudy Gobert.

Both of those picks are expected 20 PRA-ers, and I’m okay with that. Still a lot of Round 2 to go.

Good luck with your picks!


  1. For me it's an easy selection over the next days in the west. As I want to save Davis and Mitchell for home games (3 and 4), I will pick second best player from each team in game2, just in case both are swept. Holiday and Gobert. I still think Utah can win one or two games, not so sure about the Pelicans, now even with Curry back

  2. I currently have Rondo and Gobert lined up as well, but I'm not 100% sure I'm going with Rondo yet. I am deciding between Rondo, Holiday, and Mirotic. Looking into their numbers shortly to see if somebody jumps out as the first guy I should pick.

  3. Hi Tangent,do you still have "Drive to the Finals" scoring rules information?I am not sure if they have the points multiple each round.Thanks for your reply in advance.

  4. OMG the Cavs 1 looks like the Game 1 Raptors are back!

  5. Congrats on finally getting a good performance by #playoffrondo! I'm glad I didn't switch off him. I was tempted when you said you never do well with him.


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