My Round 1 "Bold Predictions" ended up at 0-9 so let's archive that & start fresh in Round 2. :)

At least five players on the Cavs will score in double-digits. Sorry Toronto, this series is not going to be easy. I predict that the Cavs will turn a corner & play better team ball in this first game (and series). In this game in particular, their 3 ball will be falling & whether they win or not I'm not going to officially predict here, but watch out for that balanced scoring!

The Pelicans will win Game 2. The Chef is back, but will he be cookin? I bet not & believe New Orleans will steal this game on the strength of The Brow's big time performance!

OMG, finally! 5 Cavs did indeed score in double digits (Lebron, Tristan, Green, Korver & Smith). The Cavs somehow pulled off a win as well as the Raptors choked down the stretch & simply couldn't make shots. Cleveland shot the 3 ball well & had balance scoring as I predicted (Right)

It was close, but the Pelicans couldn't pull it off & lost by 5. The Brow had a nice game (as did Rondo & Holiday), but it just wasn't quite enough. Also, The Chef was burning down the kitchen right out of the gates & this GS team looks really tough to beat. Bring on the Rockets! (Wrong)

2nd Round Predictions Record: (1-1)
1st Round Predictions Record: (0-9)


  1. OK, so it's decided then: Raptors win and Pelicans get crushed? Based on your bold prediction record of 0-9, that seems like a good bet haha

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    1. Cavs match up better against struggling Raptors than Pacers, should be close. Pels don't match up well against GSW, this is a blow out but will be close at Pels. ValuePicker11.

  3. Cavs 5 in double digits, bold and correct. Kudos. KLove could still make it 6.

  4. Gratz on the 5 double-digits :)

  5. The old (choke artist) Raptors are back losing yet another game 1 at home after a 1 time exception giving the Cavs home court advantage, will the Raptors win a game at Cleveland?!

  6. Okay, Playoff Rondo was far better than Playoff George. The Pelican big 3 were pretty close, in fact, 45, 41 and 40, so we will see what Rondo´s 41 is worth. But I am happy after my bad picks to end the first round.

    Big problem? In the East you now officially can only guess. Raptors shold be able to beat the Cavs who are once again mostly a one-man-show, and they lose g1. Everybody doubts the banged-up Celtics and favors Philly no matter who has homecourt, and Boston is up 1-0. Harumpf. I will start on the Raptors in g2.

    But, of course, the round 1 round-up. My picks in google-drive and Fantasy Postseason, respectively.
    Starting with google-drive:
    Apr-14: Wall 41 – good pick, behind only Davis who advanced to round 2
    Apr-15: Oladipo 42 – great pick right until he started to go off in g6 and g7
    Apr-16: Dragic 27 – okay
    Apr-17: Antetokounmpo 47 – good one
    Apr-18: Butler 17 – not so good
    Apr-19: Aldridge 32 – missed him two days before that (49)
    Apr-20: Middleton 38 – great pick, he was better than Giannis that day (30)
    Apr-21: Towns 37 – good one (fun fact, if I had reversed Butler and Towns I would have gained 1 point)
    Apr-22: Beal 38 – happy birthday to me with a nice present by Beal
    Apr-23: Rubio 27 – okay, my first pick of an advancing team, right before he got hurt
    Apr-24: Whiteside 7 – it was all running smoothly, but then it started to go south
    Apr-25: Westbrook 67 – yes, not bad, but I did better in FP because...
    Apr-26: Bledsoe 13 – ugh, Jabari Parker would have been better (22)
    Apr-27: George 16 – ... Playoff George didn´t do anything in 45 minutes
    Apr-28: Jabari Parker 17 – ugh, Bledosoe would have been better (28) the curse of the wrong order strikes twice in a row (reversed picks in the last four days would have netted me 155 instead of the 113 I got)
    Apr-29: Sabonis 15 – ugh but who could have foreseen the likes of Collison or Young? Well, a few guys got Young right, but you get the idea
    All in all a bad finish to a formerly good first round. Players picked who advanced: Ricky Rubio from Utah who got hurt later in the first round
    559, the last six days were really bad (except for RW, but that still could have gone better)

    And in Fantasy Postseason:
    Apr-14: Beal 27 – not quite as good as Wall
    Apr-15: Butler 23 – not quite as good as Oladipo
    Apr-16: Gay 22 – not quite as good as Dragic, you get the idea, right about that day I decided to make my „better“ pick in googledrive
    Apr-17: Wall 39 – good pick, and not quite as good as Greek Freak
    Apr-18: Mitchell 33 – better than Butler but evenutally advancing, and not even his best game
    Apr-19: McCollum 23 – not quite as good as Aldridge
    Apr-20: Antetokounmpo 32 – not quite as good as Middleton
    Apr-21: Towns 40 – that was not a good day, I was happy for McCollums good game and realized afterwards that I had picked the same guy in both games, at least he had his second best day of the series
    Apr-22: Aldridge 36 – LMA was not good for me this postseason, he had a bad g1, and then went off in g2 and g5, I picked him in g3 and g4 respectively
    Apr-23: Wiggins 17 – he was solid in the first 3 games, then I picked him and he didn´t do much in g4 and g5, was it me?
    Apr-24: Dragic 16 – the worst game for Dragic in the series, that day just sucked for me
    Apr-25: George 50 – my most brilliant pick of the round by far
    Apr-26: Middleton 19 – that one? Not quite as brilliant
    Apr-27: Westbrook 66 – that gamble really payed off
    Apr-28: Horford 35 – risked one pick from an advancing team, okay
    Apr-29: Oladipo 57 – I still had Oladipo? Great pick
    All in all a good finish to a formerly mediocre first round. Players picked who advanced: Al Horford
    619 points, that´s okay.

  7. Quite busy today, just have enough time to put my picks here...

    Thursday : Lowry
    Friday: Mirotic

    Nothing special. Thursday is just tricky


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