Game 7: A Tale of Four Cities

We have two (2!) Conference Finals Game 7s!!! LeBron and the Cavs extended the series to a Game 7, and the Warriors did their part in Game 6 to force a 7th as well. Let’s get ready to rumble!

East’s Game 7 is in Boston and they’ll be favored to win. The Celtics are chugging like a well-oiled train. So much youth in this team, and so much vigor! Win Game 7 and they’ll be the underdog of the Finals. Lose, and they still are winners to me just by looking what they have accomplished by a seemingly rag tag of a team. Just imagine next year with a healthy Irving and Hayward!

The Cavs are fighting, and we should never count a LeBron team out until they’re out. The loss of Kevin Love to the concussion protocol may even become a blessing-in-disguise as they are +18 without him (-20 with). I love Love but maybe he just doesn’t fit this matchup. I’m picking the Cavs to advance.

The Rockets host Game 7 and they’re missing Chris Paul. Game 6 showed that the Rockets lose composure without a floor general. Even if Paul plays Game 7, I doubt that he’ll be as effective in stopping Curry as he usually does. They can still win with Harden doing his MVP-worthy performance. They are still capable — we’ll see.

The Warriors were clicking on the last half of Game 6. The Splash Brothers were living up to their moniker. They are missing Iguodala, but there is strength in numbers. I pick them to advance.

What? Another rematch? Why not!

I still have the complete Warriors for the Finals. Lose and I’m done. Fingers crossed!

In Google Drive To The Finals, I don’t have Harden anymore, so I’m borrowing Curry...

Good luck with your picks!


  1. I’m with you. With Curry as my only Warrior picked & Brown as my safeguard if the Celtics do advance I feel very good about my place (4th in Google, 28th on FPS) & my risk to keep Durant for the Finals by picking Tucker. Also I’ll go Jeff Green tonight in the start.

  2. I'm leaning Celtics vs Warriors finals if it's Cavs vs Rockets I won't have much at all!

  3. I won´t have much left no matter who plays in the Finals. As do lots of people. So obviously I am going to root for the Rockets. I sure hope Paul will be available.

    As for tonight (I am going to bed in about five minutes, the alarm is going go to go off in about 4 ½ hours), I would have the Cavs if not for the Love situation. I don´t care for the 10-0 record of the Celtics this postseason, this is freaking-game-7 of the conference finals, pretty much nobody in Boston has that kind of experience. LeBron on the other hand...

    I have no idea who is going to win that one. I am really curious about who will play come thursday and also who I am going to pick. My best remaining options in Google Drive would be Livingston, Tucker, Morris or Hill I guess. And it only gets worse after that point.

  4. Your prediction is 1-0 so far. Too bad for fantasy pickers that the Cavs advanced to the next round. Meaning we won’t have the two best players to pick from. Good for LBJ to go to his eighth straight finals! Still have (Hill, Smith, Nance Jr. and Clarkson) for the finals on Cavs side.

    For the West side, I hope Warriors advance. Will be another great rematch for the finals. Have everyone on the Warriors minus KD. Having Iguodala for the finals will help fantasy pickers out as an extra option.

    1. Speaking of Iggy, it’s good he’s out in this Rockets series. He’s better off in the Cavs series. Another body to theow at LeBron

  5. Re-re-re-match!

    Who’s up for Finals and beer at my house??

    1. I'll come over. But remind me where in the WORLD you are?

    2. That’s right. My fav place on earth. Okay, I’m there. In all seriousness though, I’ll be back there within the next year for sure. I’ve been 9 times!

  6. This postseason is a far cry from last year when the Warriors and Cavs went a combined 24-0 before seeing each other as we knew who'd be in the Finals rounds in advance last year while both teams were pushed to the limit this year (with the Cavs going to 7 twice) and if Chris Paul hadn't gone down the Rockets may have emerged as the West Finalist but at the end it's the SAME OLD MATCHUP with a record setting 4 years in a row in ANY sport! The only previous time there had ever been the same two finals in any sport 3 straight years was in the World Series between the Giants and Yankees way back in 1921-23! There might be 3 in a row in the WNBA this year if the Sparks and Lynx get there again.

    1. It seemed like a marketing stunt to make these two teams meet. A LeBron team, and a superteam with Durant. More than the NBA will benefit. Sponsors, networks, news. 4 meetings should be it. New teams next year please. Maybe if LeBron leaves, and Rockets retain Paul, Capela and add more D

    2. Am I the only one bored by that? Yes, I love that 4-in-a-row-never-done-before as much as the next guy, but after these surprisingly competitive conference finals I would really have liked a Rockets-Cavs matchup. Imagine, Harden (w/o Paul) against LeBron (w/o Love), the Rockets as the favorites with homecourt but without the experience.

      Remember LeBrons first ring? He won in 2012 because he got to play the Thunder in the Finals who somehow managed to beat a Spurs team four times in a row that won the 21 game prior to that run. And then they lost on the biggest stage because they didn´t have the experience. I am still to this day pretty sure that the Spurs should have won that year. And we all know the Spurs should have won in 2013. And they won in 2014. LeBron was really lucky to get two rings out of South Beach.

      A Finals series with these two would be wide open, at least 6 if not 7 games. The one we have (again) will probably last no more than 5. In all likelihood. What is the best-case-scenario? A repeat of the Eastern conference finals with each team winning on their homecourt in the first six games. Now THAT would be a game 7...

      Now for the recap of round 3. My picks in google-drive and Fantasy Postseason, respectively.
      Starting with google-drive:
      May-13: Rozier 22 – a bad start in the series, four starters for the Celtics scored 16, 20, 21, 23 pts, and eventually 25, 30, 31, 32 PRA, and I picked the guy with 8 pts and 22 PRA. Worse yet, my friend picked a bench guy (Smart) and got 9 pts/18 PRA. So much for Scary Terry
      May-14: Gordon 23 – let´s start with the sixth man, why not? He was better than any other Rocket not named Harden or Paul, okay. He was significantly better in the very next game, not so good
      May-15: Tatum 16 – he had 19 games in his first postseason, I managed to pick him in his 18th best
      May-16: Paul 26 – bad pick, he was the fifht best PRA for the Rockets, kind of a wasted pick;also, his worst in the series
      May-19: Thompson 17 – I picked Tristan Thompson in a blowout loss for 17 (ho-hum)
      May-20: Thompson 17 – I picked Klay Thomspon in a blowout win for 17 (bad pick)
      May-21: Love 23 – I still don´t know how the Cavaliers could win this one with Love scoring in single digits
      May-22: Harden 38 – we all know Harden sucks in elimination games, so I had to pick him here, and lo and behold he had a (relatively) good game and the Rockets won
      May-23: Smart 21 – matched his second best in the series, a good pick
      May-24: Curry 35 – the gamble seemed to pay off, the Rockets won, after all
      May-25: James 66 – the Cavs down 2-3, James left, I had to pick him, left the gambla for FP
      May-26: Durant 34 – the Warriors down 2-3, I can´t leave KD on the table, even though I was sure the pick would be a waste (his second worst of the series)
      May-27: Brown 20 – pretty much the best remaining Celtic, as I didn´t have any Cavalier worth picking
      May-28: Capela 29 – two decent Warriors left and one Rocket, I gambled and went All-In with Capela, and he answered big time; the Rockets loss left me at least a glimmer of hope for the Finals, but I would have taken this one for the team if the Rockets could have advanced, that would have made for a far more interesting Finals
      387 points. Not too bad, but that came at a cost. Lost for the Finals: James, Love, Curry, Durant, the Thompson Twins. Left: Green, Iguodala, uhm, ... a few role players

      And in Fantasy Postseason:
      next post

    3. In Fantasy Postseason:
      May-13: Tatum 25 – out of his 13 playoffgames to this day, only three netted less Fantasy points; then again, in this series, it turned out to be his third best game (trailing g5 and g7)
      May-14: Ariza 10 – he had one good game in the series, the one right after I picked him
      May-15: Smart 29 – easily his best game in the series, a good pick
      May-16: Capela 13 – very bad pick, the Rockets basically had a 6-man-game that night, with the other five scoring 16, 19, 22, 27, 27 pts. Capela had 5. Oh, in FP I got Paul who was the guy that scored the 16. Not a good game for me
      May-19: Love 31 – I picked the second best of the losing team for 31 (one game too late)
      May-20: Paul 31 – I picked the second best of the losing team for 31 (ho-hum)
      May-21: Tristan Thompson 32 – perfect timing for the Tristan pick
      May-22: Gordon 16 – in the series he topped 30 PRA in games 2, 5 and 7; I picked him in games 1 and 4
      May-23: Baynes 16 – that was a different approach, he had 17, 16, 15, 16, 16 in the first five games, and 5 and 8 in the last two, so that is more than okay
      May-24: Durant 32 – the gamble seemed to pay off, the Rockets won, after all (KD at his worst in the series)
      May-25: Korver 10 – saved LeBron for g7, but got a total dud from Kyle
      May-26: Green 29 – the Warriors down 2-3, but Paul out, I risked Curry and picked Green, who scored 4 points
      May-27: James 61 – yes, I knew he might win, but I didn´t have the balls to leave him on the table; in the end he missed out on the triple-double by one assist and had 8 turnover, both of which cost me in Fantasy points
      May-28: Curry 49 – his best game in the series, but seeing as the Warriors won and I had picked them clean, hrmph
      384 points, again, not too bad, also a lot a bad timing. Left for the Finals: Klay Thompson (when to pick him?), Iguodala, and lots of role players.
      Fun fact: I never picked James Harden in this one. Didn´t want to pick him in g4 (because picked in google-drive), g5 (Rockets might win), g6 (Rockets might win) and g7 (kind of an elimination game, and Paul was out, in hindsight, why did I not pick him then and there? Because I hoped agains hope that at least one home team would be able to win a g7 in their own building.)

      So, right now I am in 9 th place in google-drive, but not for long, considering the fact that there are too many guys who saved their Warriors despite their being down late in the series, kudos to them.
      In Fantasy Postseason im in 118 th place, but again, not much left for me to pick from. I saw there is one guy just 27 points behind the leader with every Warrior left but Green. Impressive.

    4. Yeah that guys in a good spot. I’m 80 behind 1st but with Curry picked.


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