Round 1: Infinity War

That's how it feels. Round 1 is so slow. Let's get on to Round 2 now :P Well, hopefully in the next two days, all of the games will be over and we can move on. Before that, we still have picking to do...

Friday has three Game 6s, and traditionally we will be betting which ones are more probable to be stretched to a Game 7. Unfortunately, nothing in the pool in general has closer PRA to that of Paul George. It has to be him.

Saturday has a Round 2 game, Pelicans@Warriors. Of course the Warriors will win that series, but that's not a reason to go rushing on picking a Pelican. Because we still have a Game 7 in Bucks@Celtics. It's better we milk that as the Round 2 pool will be much limited as some of us already picked a Pelican in Round 1. It's also possible we'll be wrong in any of this remaining series Round 1, so it's better to save on Round 2 picks.

So my pick goes to Eric Bledsoe. For me, it's a coin flip between the Celtics and the Bucks. This can go either way. With only a few factors favouring the Celtics (homecourt, crowd), plus I should be sticking to the plan, I am betting on the Celtics advancing.

Good luck with your picks!

UPDATE: After you guys pointed it out, I looked more on Jabari Parker. It does look like he’s the safer pick because of his consistency even if he comes off the bench behind Giannis. He’s been the real dark horse of this series. I’m changing my pick to him.

Eric Beldsoe is still a viable option. I’d say if you are uncomfortably behind in the race, he’s has better maximum PRA than Parker.

Good luck with my change :P


  1. Always feel with a game 7 it is wise to go with the best player left whatever the team (Imagine not selecting King James if Cle / Ind go 7 and the higher seed wins). I'm going with Al Horford because he is the most consistent of the Celtics; especially at home (And the team is deep enough to have options for Round 2); most likely to put up stats in various cats and I have no trust in the Bucks left (Went with Parker last night which was not a bad selection when you view the box scores).

  2. I was chosing between Parker and Bledsoe. Like so many others I chose... poorly. Parker had 22, Bledsoe 13. Shoulda switched it. Too bad.
    Tonight it´s Paul George. Who else?
    Tomorrow it´s gonna be... no idea yet.

    1. My first RED on the spreadsheet. I hated that game & worse off they won... Bledsoe is hot garbage.

  3. Tonight my top2 options are George and Oladipo. I think it's much more probable to have a game7 in the Ind-Cle series, so I am picking PG13. I also agree to pick from game7 tomorrow instead of game1. But I don't trust remaining Bucks enough. And I am not sure about the result. I have all the Celtics available, and they have enough decent options to pick from in case they advance. So I will pick Horford. Also thinking about a tough matchup against the Sixers for him, I don't mind picking him now

    1. We're on the same boat about Horford Maccabi! And I believe Tangent is as well. Seems that he's a wise Game 7 pick (as long as I don't make a BOLD PREDICTION about him, LOL)

  4. Tonight is a pretty easy call. My best remaining Wizard is Otto Porter Jr, who's now out for the series, so that means Markieff Morris would now be that. My best remaining Thunder is Stevan Adams. My best remaining Pacer is Victor Oladipo. Well then, Oladipo it is. Easy call!

    Tomorrow is far more interesting. I'll do a blog post on Game 7 strategy later tonight once we confirm which series are going 7, so more on that to come!

  5. Tonight I have three options to pick from. It’s either Paul George or Bradley Beal over Oladipo. So I will pick George since OKC is likely done today. I can feel the Wizards can force a Game 7 and are (8-0 at home) even though Porter is out for the entire series. Possibly the only game to picked on Sunday.

    Tomorrow I’m leaning to pick Parker over Bledsoe. Not sure picking a Celtic is a good idea. Sometimes there will be the only game to pick from or other teams not many good options to from.


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