Jerry Ricochet’s Upcoming Blogs!

Better late than never. I realize my blogs were absent for the first 3 days of the Playoffs, but it wasn’t until Tangent’s quality guest blogs that I birthed this brain child to begin with. A big thank you to Taong for his willingness to include me here.

I’ll be aiming for a blog entry surrounding each day of the playoffs & will generally alternate between the two concepts described below:

Against The Grain
I recognize clearly what the two most popular picks of the day are & make a suggestion for another player more under the radar with reasons why that player could very well over-perform & potentially put you in a good spot competitively by going contrarian to the masses.

Bold Predictions
I make extremely bold predictions (going against something that's favored/expected) about each game on the day's slate; just one prediction per matchup that I fully expect to be wrong about, but just might be right about. I encourage you all to agree or disagree with me in the comments & create an engaging discussion. I'll keep public track of my winning percentage (accuracy of my bold predictions) & it'll be fun to root for or against me throughout these challenges. Again, the whole idea is that I say something bold & specific like "Demar Derozan will score in single digits" & I'd explain why/how that could happen on that particular night.

Prepare yourselves for the fun all you DTTFs enthusiasts!