Game 4: Blaze No More

Saturday we have the Blazers at the edge of elimination. If you still have Damian Lillard as I do, then he should get the pick. He has actually been improving as the series goes on. Otherwise, CJ McCollum is the next best thing. Do not worry about the other series on this date, they at least have two more games to go, and only a few of them can do better PRA than CJ.

Sunday, the clear pick down 0-3 is LaMarcus Aldridge if you still have him. Can’t go wrong with that.

Otherwise, the Bucks and the Wizards (both down 1-2) are the targets. Each has two players we can pick from. If you still have two from either, then your best bet is to take the best player from that team so you minimize the risk of missing out on the chance to pick the second-best player.

If you’re like me and have already picked one from both Bucks (Giannis) and Wizards (Wall), then you must pick from the team that you think is more likely to lose Game 4. The Celtics are still vulnerable and a different (albeit unpracticed) team without Kyrie Irving, so I think the Bucks are slightly more weighted to win than the Wizards against the Raptors. Thus my pick... Wizards’ Bradley Beal.

Then there’s this thing with LeBron and the Cavs. It’s still imaginable that they can still salvage this series, and so we can assume that this series can take long enough so we can still have time to pick from this pool. And if the Cavs unfortunately loses Game 4 on the road, then Game 5 everyone is picking LeBron James then. Until then, hands off.

Good luck with your picks!


  1. Agree with all you've said, but I've already pick both Lillard & 2 Wizards so its McCollum followed by Middleton for me!

  2. I'm picking Lillard, so steer clear folks! I'm dead last and have picked everybody on the wrong day so far. Hoping Lillard turns this around, but I doubt it. It's just going to be that kind of round one for me.

  3. It's Weekend McCollum for me tonight. Tomorrow I will go with the Greek Freak, as I already picked both Beal and Wall. And to end game4 on monday, still undecided between Wiggins or a player from Utah-OKC series. I guess it depends on if the Cavs win game4 on sunday. I wouldn't risk to have to decide between Westbrook and LeBron both on elimination games

  4. I've got John Wall tonight. I'm hoping my crappy luck will translate into a crappy game from Wall which will translate into a Raptor win. I'm sacrificing for the sake of all Canadians ;)

  5. Dammit, I was on the road this weekend so I had to make my picks early saturday morning for both games for both days. Just came home, watched the short little films of the games from saturday and didn´t see anything done by CJ McCollum. Then, it was over, and I learned that he had 38 pts alone. Hooray.

    Then I looked in both DTTF-games, the google-spread and the Fantasy Postseason and noticed that I picked the same player (KAT) in both games? WTF? Argh. I had picked CJ in g3 of that series. Oops.

    Now I hope that Beal will do something for me, but I can´t stick around to find out, I have to go to bed now, the alarm is going in a good five hours.

    For Monday I had to chose between Teague and Wiggins and picked them both. I still don´t trust that OKC-Jazz-series. And all I really need from the team that is down 1-2 is Russell Westbrook. Enough time for that in g5.

    What do you mean g5 in the Cleveland-Indiana-series is on the same date? Uh-oh.


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