Down X-3: Thunder Stolen

This Wednesday, the Cavs will attempt to reaffirm their elite status and prove that they belong in the Finals. Tied 2-2, the home crowd should be rowdy enough to stave off the Pacers. We’ll see.

The Raptors will try the same against the Wizards. That’s a more even series now seeing how the Wizards have played in the last two games. The home crowd was a big part of those games, and so I wonder how energized (or not) the Wizards will be in Game 5.

Up 3-1, the Rockets will be finishing off the Timberwolves at home. Count on it. There’s no consistent 30-PRA player worthy of picking from this pool. So moving on...

The Thunder though are in trouble. Down 1-3 to the Jazz, it’s highly improbable that they can win three straight given that the Jazz are looking lethal. It’s time to pick Russell Westbrook!

Thursday holds only one game: Celtics 3 - 2 Bucks. Something tells me that the Bucks will win Game 6, thus extending this to 7 games. A Game 7 will be a dice roll, so I hope the Celtics are aware of that and that they need to end this now. My best remaining Bucks player: Khris Middleton.

Good luck with your picks!


  1. It would be better if the Utah vs OKC series delayed by one day for G5 and G6. It would easily helped our pickings.

    Wednesday 4/25: Oladipo swapped out for Westbrook
    Thursday 4/26: Middleton but would be nice to pick a OKC player on this day
    Friday 4/27: George/Beal over Oladipo hopefully not Lebron
    Saturday 4/28: Jabari Parker if there’s a G7 but would be nice to pick George if there was a G6 on this day. Otherwise, the start of NOLA vs GSW G1.

    1. Friday Oladipo is a safer than Beal. Oh this day is jampacked

  2. I'm near the bottom of the standings, and everybody is going to be picking Westbrook. Gotta do something different to move my way up the standings. Perhaps go with Oladipo early?

    ...... Just kidding. I'm picking Russell with everybody else. No brainer. I'll just sit back and watch the stat machine do his thing!

    1. This is one of the days where it doesn’t matter what Westbrook gets. If he gets 10 PRA, that’s still good coz everybody gets the same PRA.

      A PRA of 60 won’t be as fun too when.

  3. I totally agree with your preview. I also have Westbrook and Middleton for next two days. Next days will be more difficult and interesting to decide on who to pick. I just hope the Raptors and Cavs won't lose game5 at home, or it will be a total mess. Just imagine to decide between LeBron, DeRozan, George...If I was tempted to pick George tonight to make it interesting, I quickly changed my mind when I thought to add Westbrook to that list xD

    1. It’s difficult yeah to pick anyone other than Westbrook. It’s go with the tide


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