BOLD PREDICTIONS: Triple Double Time

Well, my "Bold Predictions" are now at 0-6, but it's only matter of time until I nail one. Could this be the day? It's time to be BOLD!

James Harden will rack up a 30 point triple-double. That means at least 30 actual points scored as well as what would be double digit rebounds & assists. Although "The Beard" hasn't had double digit rebounds or assists in any game so far, he'll come to play in this one to prevent MIN from evening a series they have no business being that competitive in. If Harden gets a triple-double of any sort (even if he falls short of 30 points), I just can't imagine MIN coming out with a "W." It's gonna be raining 3s on the road for Houston & James Harden will be both a gunslinger & facilitator! You heard it here first!

Russell Westbrook will rack up a 30 point triple-double. Nope, you're not seeing double, you're seeing triple-double with my second such "Bold Prediction" of the day! Russ will be out for blood having narrowly missed a triple-double in the first 3 games (after averaging a triple-double this season) & even worse, he let Rubio get one against him last game. Westbrook has vowed to be more aggressive this game & also to shut down Rubio. This is a must-win game for OKC & Russ will handle his business with a big trip-double win or lose.


James Harden started out terrible but then went "Full Beard" in the 3rd quarter, which was the only quarter Houston needed to win this game. Harden ended with 36/4/3 so I ended up right about 30+ points, but the other stats just didn't happen. (Wrong)

Russell Westbrook messed around & got 4 fouls in the first half, which was a disaster for his aggression & triple-double prospects. Even worse, the entire team only had 9 assists! So obviously Westbrook didn't get what the Oracle asked for; however he did end up with a double-double of 23/14/3. (Wrong)

Current Bold Predictions Record: (0-8)


  1. I've been deciding between Paul George and Russell Westbrook. Your bold prediction record of 0-6 makes me a bit more comfortable in picking George over Westbrook ;)

    Though, since when is predicting a 30 point triple double from Russell bold? Somebody wants to break the 0-6 streak I see :P

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    2. Haha it's bold because he hasn't scored 30 points or had a triple-double yet in the series. That would make it a first for both & on the road. That's why it's still bold in my book.

    3. Makes sense. It's kind of funny that predicting a triple double from the guy who got a triple double in 50% of his games last season is bold. But I see that he hasn't done it this playoffs. At least you added the 30 point part. That adds to the boldness.

    4. And yeah, and I'm 0-6 here! haha

  2. Harden is 0-7 shooting. Counting on you Westy!


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