Slow Down The Game? No!

So Durant demolished the Cavs early on. And when they changed their coverage on Durant, Curry had a field day.

And what is this I'm reading around that the Cavs should slow the game down because they cannot match up with the Warrior's pace? I say it's a knee-jerk reaction. Cavs should stick to their plan. They did not lose because their strategy fell to the Warrior's. They lost simply because they did not play their game. 20 turnovers. No rim protection. No transition D. Missed shots. These things are uncharactertic of the Cavs. They just played a poor game. They do not need to change their well-laid plans. The Cavs are not the best defensive team this year (in fact they suck at it), their strength is on the offensive side: 3 pointers and playmaking. And LeBron. Slowing a game down is not who they are.

I think Game 2 will be a much closer game. You will see the Cavs that the fans expect.

Game 2 pick: Steph Curry. I have a bad feeling he won't be as good in Game 3 and 4.


UPDATE: Dubs are up 2-0. Although I think Cavs can still win at least one of Game 3 and 4, it is safer to get your top two available players picked next, just in case of an otherwordly chance of a sweep. For me it's between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Both are viable picks for Game 3, but my guts are going with Irving. If they lose, then James for Game 4; otherwise, Love for Game 4.

Good luck!


  1. I know I'm late at doing this but here's my 3rd round recap!
    Date --Google drive pick (PRA) ---- Fantasy postseason (PRABS+bonuses-To)
    5/14 Kevin Durant (43) ---- Klay Thompson (16) KD was great KT was poor!
    5/15 2nd round
    5/16 Pau Gasol (16) ---- Patty Mills (9) - Spurs were terrible all series but worst in this game!
    5/17 Marcus Smart (12) Invisible like most Celtics except IT who has a mediocre 28 (who knew it would be his best deal?)---- Al Horford (23)
    5/18 Michael Jordan-He should certainly give me a boost, right? ---- No games
    5/19 Avery Bradley (16) ---- Jae Crowder (14) Both were disappointing performances from a disappointing team.
    5/20 LaMarcus Aldridge (24) ---- Jonathan Simmons (20) - Finally some respectful performances on a losing team.
    5/21 Tristian Thompson (32) Excellent showing yet Smart 7 ups him, hey Smart where was that showing both times I picked you? (See 5/17 and 5/23) ---- Kevin Love (45) Great time to pick him!
    5/22 Jonathan Simmons (22) ---- Kyle Anderson (32) - Nice Steal here!
    5/23 Kevin Love (39) - Just missed out on the 40 plateau and was 3rd to LBJ and KI but there should be better times in the finals to pick both of them while Love doesn't match up so well against the Warriors. ---- Marcus Smart (14) - How on earth does he get 39 and 40 for people in G3 but 12 and 14 for me on either side of that?!
    5/24 Isiah Thomas - Absolutely humiliating that I did not pick him for real not just because he went down without being picked but apparently I'm the only person who isn't called #REF that missed out on him, embarrassing! ---- No games
    5/25 Jae Crowder (20)- Better than most picks in this game (only LBJ and KI beat that) ---- Tristan Thompson (13) - Not nearly as good as when I took him in GD but that's why I'm glad there are 2 games.

    I started off the finals doing the same as when I began the 3rd round taking Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson (in the game I did not take them in previously), KD was great with 59 (though hopefully doesn't beat that until a G6 or G7) and Klay Thompson was horrible again with only 13, dropping me from 11th to 16th on GD!

  2. I've also got Steph Curry tonight. My original plan was Irving G2 and Curry G3, but I'm going to swap that instead and just go with Curry. Go out there and drain some 3's Curry!

    1. With Kerr back in, I'm hoping his "original" system favors Curry.

  3. Curry (GD) and James (FP) tonight need to make up lots of ground!

  4. So much for superstition. Black jerseys aint.
    Dubs 2-0 Cavs

  5. Well, my Finals picks have been terrible by now. I still have KD and LeBron as must-picks. I guess popular pick will be Irving tonight, LeBron in game4. I need to pick different, again. So it's LeBron tonight for me. I also think, just in case Warriors go 3-0 tonight, maybe Cavs will be a little discouraged for game4. LeBron should never be a bad pick anyway. But I hope he is more motivated tonight

  6. I had the same decision as most people, Kyrie Irving or LeBron James. And I think the guy I'm picking is the popular pick for the day, Kyrie Irving. No worry about hot pick vs. cold pick from me, it's not my style, I just like picking the player I think will perform the best. I have a feeling all of the big three for Cleveland have a huge game tonight, and LeBron should produce well in just about any game, so Irving feels like the better pick to make for tonight. He shot 8-23 in game 2, so I see that improving big time tonight.

  7. In many past playoff series when I see 2-0 maybe 2-1 and have 2 major players left on the trailing team I worry and use one and those series tend to get to 6 games and sometimes the trailing team comes back (like Thunder against Spurs), during the conference finals I decided I would use 2 of the combined top 7 of the Cavs/Warriors in case the series surprisingly ends in 5 games but it will never be a sweep..... 3 games into the finals and the 15-0 Warriors are about to prove that WRONG! I have James and Green left on GD and Irving left on FP and now I'm going to lose Green and Irving respectively. Not only that but Klay Thompson was disappointing on both games (G1s of the West Finals and NBA Finals) so he should have been the one unused!


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