One. Game. At. A. Time.

Down 0-3 clinging to death, then you give yourself life by winning Game 4. How do you get to Game 7? One game at a time. That is how the Cavs are looking at it. If you are a Cavs player, stop reading here.

But we're fans so we can get into the mechanics of a Cavs-in-7 scenario :P Game 5 will be tough as it will be in Warriors' turf. I'd say that will be their toughest challenge! If the Cavs get over that then Game 6 and 7 will be more manageable. Game 5 is the game-changer.

Then Game 6 is back in Ohio, the Cavs are favorites to win that one. That in turn will be the Warriors' tallest hurdle. But Cavs would win that one and give themselves the chance to play Game 7!

Then Game 7 homecourt doesn't matter. It's the mecca of NBA basketball! Last year, Cavs are first to bounce back from a 3-1 deficit. This year, first one to bounce back from 3-0 deficit -- there's history and greatness that comes with that and a real motivation for the Cavs fans to give their all for their team.

If you are Cavs player and you read this til this line, then you are not focused enough! Win Game 5, Game 5!

Anyways... best available player: Draymond Green.

For FantasyPostseason, tied at Rank 15 and suddenly Top 10 is reachable for me. Especially if this goes 7 games :P

For Google Drive, it's a battle for 2nd place :) 1st place is reachable if this goes 7 games!

But... seriously who am I kidding? Dubs are winning Game 5. Peace!


  1. No kidding, please...I already used the puppy! I don't think we will have more games after tonight. Especially because I guess at Oracle refs will not give so many calls against the Warriors. 1st half of game4 was terrible, and the show with Draymond technical fouls too.

    From now on it's easy choice, best player remaining. Klay Thompson for me, playing at home. And I need to watch Tristan play better yet to pick him. At least he did get boards last game. If there's a game6 it will be between JR and him. As a fan I wouldn't mind to watch 7 games, but in fantasy that would not be good news :-)

    1. I'm watching 4th quarter during lunchbreak. Local pub had the crowd going in Game 4. Mixed fan base. I'll be rooting for Cavs and Draymond just for Game 5. It's gonna be weird for others to see me pumping fist for Draymond baskets and rebounds, yet cringing for every Cavs miss. I want a Game 7.

  2. Ah, look at that, the Finals aren´t yet over, it seems. Well, my bold prediction of Cavs in 6 is pretty much done, but Cavs in 7? Hmm... why not?

    You see, everybody knows that LeBron wins at least one game on the road in every series. So it's only logical if he does just that in g5. \

    Theeen, just like last year, the Cavs will simply destroy the Dubs in front of their then-rabid homecrowd.

    And if there really is a g7? Oh boy, would I love to see that...

    My picks in the Finals so far have been hit-and-miss. I had the big 4 and took all of them at home. Curry and Durant I had in the wrong order, picking the guy that got less PRA in both game. But, what a lovely surprise, I made a last-minute-switch for the Cleveland-games and I got it right for a change. James gained 12 PRA on Irving in g3, and Irving only lost 1 PRA on LeBron in g4. Nice.

    Not-so-Fun-Fact: Over in FP you can't really pick in advance. I am sad to admit I forgot to pick for g4 in FP. Good news: That means I still have LeBron for g5.
    Okay, LeBron in g4 and somebody else in g5 would have been better, but bear with me :D

    Tonight? I kind of hope for a Cavs win but if they lose it must be because Klay Thompon is going to be on fire again. 6 of 8 from downtown or something like that. Or, better yet, Klay with a nice 24/8/4 in a loss. How about that? No? Thought as much.

    One more thing before I sign off: I am really relieved that the Dubs didn't go 16-0 for the Playoffs. Not only because I really hated the Durant-move (that is a bit like Real Madrid, who just became the first team in history to win back-to-back Champions League titles, adding Lionel Messi and Neymar to their roster, just because), but mostly because everybody knows that they would have lost g1 against the Spurs if Pachulia hadn't taken Kawhi Leonard out of the game with a nasty play.

    Winning g3 of the Finals on the road in the final minute of the match? Great team. Taking out the opponent's best player while being down 23 points and then going to narrowl escape with a W? Nothing to brag about.

    Do you really want to have a 16-0 run in the playoffs with an asterisk? Didn't think so.

    1. Well, Messi and Neymar joining Madrid would be like LeBron and Irving joining the Warriors. Luckily neither of them will happen. They are fine where they are ;-)

    2. It's an exploit. LeBron said if he's the owner (believe he will ala Jordan) he will sign big names and market his team the right way.

      Now if only the Mavs can do the same next decade...

    3. As a Knicks fan, I will be glad if Phil Jackson doesn't trade Porzingis for Tyler Zeller and James Young. I am not so demanding

    4. You have a right to demand, you've been hurting for so long. O know coz Dad is a Knicks diehard. If

    5. Yeah, I became a Knicks fan for the city and watching Pat Ewing and Allan Houston. Too long waiting for a decent team. DTTF would be more exciting if I ever get the chance to use Knicks players xD At least I enjoy watching great players not caring about the winner

  3. I say Warriors in 5. I prepared for a 5 game series, and only have the likes of Tristan Thompson and Andre Iguodala left, so I'm a little bit biased in that prediction ;).

    Should be a fun game. Our rankings in Google Drive will come down to it. Fantasy Postseason is largely irrelevant for me now. I missed a few too many days not paying enough attention to it (being allowed to pick more days in advance would help). So tonight, we have Love vs. Klay vs. Draymond with second place on the line!


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