Fo', Fo', Fo', Fo'?

Can they do it? Yes, the Warriors can.

Will they do it? Well, that's up to the Cavs.

See, when you think about the 2016 Cavs who came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the Finals and set that record, you will always now say that the other side of that piece of history is that it was the 2016 Warriors who let that happen.

Will LeBron and the 2017 Cavs allow the 2017 Warriors to take hold of a playoff sweep 16-0 record with the Cavs on the shameful end of that? You'll never read or hear them say that, but I reckon it's in everybody's back of the mind. It's either a player gives up or fight to prevent it. I say they should accept it and have everybody fight for it.

Ranked 5th in Google Drive, there are still two ahead of me who have LeBron available and who will pick him. With my LeBron pick as well, I'll give in and settle for 3rd. Of course that is assuming that LeBron gets the most PRA in Game 4. Fingers crossed.

Ranked 19th in FantasyPostseason, there are still a lot of drivers ahead of me with LeBron. For that I'm contented with staying in Top 20. Top 10 is 40+ points away.

Best available player. LeBron James.

UPDATE: Richard Jefferson said, "Our only goal is -- it's about us and it's about trying to be in the best form that we can be and trying to win a championship for ourselves. If your motivation is other people, then you're probably doing this for the wrong reasons."

Now that's better! Let's... go... Cavs!


  1. On Google Drive, I am currently 1 PRA ahead of you, and we've both got LeBron. Second place here I come! This is of course assuming LeBron does about 7 PRA better than Durant, who the 2nd and 3rd place players have remaining, which is no guarantee. He'd better do that, as my brother Steve is ahead of me by 7 with Durant, and it would be great to win that. Eveli is way ahead and, like Golden State, are pretty much a shoe in for the championship.

    I think we get a sweep. Cleveland has been giving it everything they have but it still isn't enough. LeBron and Kyrie were absolutely phenomenal last game and the Warriors still found a way to win. I'm hoping Cleveland does win a game, because I've still got Klay Thompson left to pick, but I'm also intrigued to witness a 16-0 playoff run.

    1. I guess its your Klay versus my Green in Game 5 ;)
      Good luck!!!

    2. Right now:
      #2. Myself @ 1284 PRA (Klay Thompson)
      #3. You @ 1283 PRA (Draymond Green)
      #4. Steve @ 1282 PRA (Kevin Love)

      This is going to be very interesting!

  2. I didn't think Warriors would sweep the Cavs too...Luckily I already used Curry and Love before the Finals, and I didn't want to use Klay just in case. Now I agree with Tangent, and I don't think we get the chance to pick Klay, or JR (Tristan just disappeared from my plans same as from the Finals). It's Durant left for me, hoping to stay on top10 in GD and maybe top50 on FP. Cavs should show some pride, but they would need Harrison Barnes back with the Warriors, instead of KD

  3. I can't believe it, I can't believe it somebody actually beat the Warriors, 1 game shy of going 16-0 the Warriors suffer defeat so I get to pick Green (GD) and Irving (FP) afterall! I hope I benifit from this as it was tough to drop 20 positions in FP the last two games. In GD I was one point behind two people but we all used James so that is still the case but I trimmed some ground on the next two people.


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