Dubs Are 2017 NBA Champs!!

Domination! That describes the 2017 Golden State Warriors. Congratulations to the fans, to Kevin Durant who made the unpopular but right choice, to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green who redeemed themselves, to the rest of the Warriors and their families, to Steve Kerr and Mike Brown and the coaching staff.. congratulations!

As for LeBron's Big Three and the Cleveland Cavaliers, I think they can still compete with the Warriors. But I think next year they have to be a lot better defensively. I don't mind a Part IV between these two teams.

As for the rest of the NBA outside the Spurs, now's the time to rebuild. Can't compete with multiple star teams :P

Thank you to Maccabi, Tangent, Alex, aceee06 and more of our readers who have provided us with valuable content. Even more than the blog posts :) With only half the count of the usual posts per year (the playoffs was that boring until the Finals), you guys have provided us with something worth paying attention to. Tips, strategies, insights.. all valuable!

Most of all thank you to FantasyPostseason.com and Jason (Tangent) for giving us Playoff Hoops Contest and Google Drive, respectively! You guys are keeping our game alive! Thank you thank you thank you very much! Keep tabs on FantasyPostseason.com for next season's fantasy leagues.

Our scores...


2nd place in Google Drive. And almost Top 10 (Rank 11) in FantasyPostseason. I think this is one of my strongest years, but it is kind of an easy tournament with the small player base. Hopefully next year we can help FantasyPostseason promote their leagues.

Feel free to comment below with how you fared this year, and talk about the incoming NBA Awards.

That's all folks! See you in April 2018!


  1. Congratulations to the Warriors. Now that he got his ring, it's time for KD to come back to the Thunder and make it interesting again, right? :p

    About the fantasy games, I have the feeling that it was far from my best year, I did much better finishing about top 60-70 some years ago in the original game. But in FP finishing at 52th looks better than it was. Also 12th on GD. But even if the number of players is smaller, it feels good to be able to play once more. So big thanks to Jason, and FantasyPostseason.com

    Also a big pleasure to read from all of you who participate here, and thank you Taong for all the posts. Without this blog we would probably be missing the original game, and we wouldn't meet to create new ones.

    Enjoy your summer, and I hope to see all of you again here next season! Greetings from Barcelona

  2. Third place on Google Drive, I'm pretty good with that. I expected I'd come back closer to the mean after getting first place last year, but still impressed I had another strong year. Big congratulations to Eveli who had a truly dominant DTTF!

    I finished a lot lower on FP because of missing a number of picks. I really hope they allow picks more readily in advance in future years, though it's my fault for missing the picks (I was way more focused on Google Drive). They've built a system that can handle the large number of people that I simply would have been overwhelmed with on Google Drive, and hopefully they can build on the user interface a bit to make it even better. For example, I had to search for myself in the league standings to see how many points I had, where it would have been nice to see how many points I had more easily. Perhaps there was a way to do that which I didn't know about. Either way, thankful to them for hosting the game!

    I'm looking forward to the offseason. I'm hopeful that Boston and San Antonio can make some mores to lower the gap between themselves and the super teams. Boston has all those Brooklyn first rounders (go for Paul George?), and I could see the Spurs making a pitch to Chris Paul to join them. Imagine how much fun the playoffs would be if we could get more teams that could compete with Golden State and Cleveland. That's pretty much the only option we have now. Super teams, assemble!

    Thanks for running the blog again Taong! We will be doing "NBA Pick to the Playoffs" again during the regular season, so everyone who was a part of Google Drive will get an invite to that. Keep an eye out everybody for more details as we approach the start of the regular season. As for now, the draft and free agency await!

  3. Zzzz... is it over yet? Sorry I am so late that nobody will read this except for Taong, but then again, so be it.

    While LeBron netted me a nice 70 in FP, but I missed so many games that in the end I found my name on 143rd place. Ahem. Let's not dwell on that.

    In GD i finihed in style. Of all the guys I could have picked I managed to get the absolut worst. Klay Thompson came through for me as the baddest pick of the game with 18 while I left Tristan Thompon, J.R. Smith, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala on the table. 20th place is not what I tried to reach. I will be better next year. I hope.

    Meanwhile I want to thank all you guys for providing the opportunity to play these game(s). Without them the playoffs this year would have been a complete waste.

    By the way, I don't see the Spurs that far behind the Warriors. If Durant would really go back to OKC after he got his desired ring (I don't think this will happen, but it would be funny), and Kawhi Leonard can play then the Dubs will have to work to go the Finals again. But who knows, maybe Klay Thompson would be a factor again if KD35 left. In the East no one is able to stop the Cavs if they keep LeBron and Kyrie. Maybe they can switch Love for someone else and LeBron may continue his Finals streak.

    What is the record for most Finals appearances for a player who switched teams during the streak? That means anybody outside the 60s Celtics. I mean, the last Eastern Champion not featuring LeBron was the Celtics big 3 in 2009.

    See ya in April 2018 :D

  4. Any news on DT2F/Google Drive for this year?

  5. I'm also Curious to see if there a 2018 version of this game being created somewhere. As a Lakers fan the last couple of post seasons have been much more interesting due to this game

  6. Tell me you are back this year!

  7. I signed up for the public league on fantasypostseason.com - any chance you are also doing a private league there or a Google Drive or anything?

  8. We are doing the fantasypostseason game. I’ll get to posting about that after work later.

    I’m sure the Google Drive guys will host one too; we are just wrapping up the regular season one they have

    1. That is correct. Details to follow shortly for the Google Drive.

    2. that's great news!!


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