To Save or Not

It still is very early in the Conference Finals, but if the Cavs continue their championship-caliber play and the Spurs unfortunate injuries, then we should start planning for the Finals.

There are six 30-PRA prospects: James/Irving/Love and Durant/Curry/Green. Count Thompson in if you can catch him on his special game. That should be plenty enough to save for the Finals. The rest of the players in those two teams' pool are I'd say 20-PRA picks. What does that last bit mean?

It means that as long as you have 20+ PRA picks this round from the Celtics and the Spurs, then you are still on track and do not have to pull from the Finals pool. My picks:

Game 2 Bradley
Game 3 Horford
Game 4 Crowder
Game 5 Smart
Game 6 Olynyk

Game 3 Gasol
Game 4 Mills
Game 5 Green
Game 6 Simmons

After Gasol, there is not much consistent 20+ PRA choices from the Spurs. We may have to borrow one or two picks in advance from the Warriors. These shall replace the sub-20 PRA in this round. And in case the Finals extend to more games, then that's when we pick the sub-20 PRA.

I am thinking Curry in Game 4 instead of Mills. Let's see which of the Warriors play better this series.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Probably Manu Ginobili's last game. To me, a great player. He deserves a proper send-off. Game 4 pick: Manu Manu Manu!


  1. Maccabi de LevantarMay 19, 2017 at 9:31 AM

    I am not very hopeful we will see more than 4 games in each conference finals. I would like to be wrong, especially because this could be the last chance for Pau to win another ring. But it's like we have two Allstar teams against normal NBA teams. Even with Kawhi healthy I thought it would be too difficult. I hope at least he can play next games.

    I still have both LaMarcus and Kawhi, so I will pick them for Texas games. If it happens that the Spurs still win some games I agree to pick Curry in this series. I still remember he was in foul trouble against Kyrie a couple of times in last year Finals, and he is playing great against the Spurs.

    After two good picks with Simmons and Crowder, I will go to the old tactics to pick the players that should have bounce back games. Horford and LaMarcus for next games. Their teams need much more from them

  2. Ah, time for the recap. My second round, with all the ups and downs. Date-GD-FP

    Apr-30: Started with a bang. I had to prepick and thought that maybe the Bulls would play, so I picked Wade in GD. Couldn´t pick anybody in FP, because I left the country too soon. Double-0 for that day.
    05-01: Lowry 33 and DeRozan 25 respectively. Capela had 34, hmmm...
    05-02: I wanted to start with Wizards on the day when John Wall swent off for 56. So who did I pick you wonder? Bradley Beal for 23 and Marcin Gortat for 31. Good choices. Otto Porter had 26, hmmm...
    05-03: in GD it a Jonas Valanciunas for 28, happy with that. Kyle Lowry for 24. Well, still better than DeRozans 11 I guess.
    05-04: Time for the John Wall pick. Netted me a 33. And again a 36 in the other game. Hated picking the same player in both games. Otto Porter had 24, hmmm...
    05-05: DeRozan for 42, woohoo! Slightly better than my FP-pick Valanciunas for 26. Capela had 31, hmmm...
    05-06: Rudy Gobert for 40, great. Better than the 0 he got for me in FP. Speaking of FP, I tried something with Derrick Favors. Got me a whopping 3.
    05-07: Okay, time for Clint Capela to do something for me. He got... 18? Yikes. Trevor Ariza had 29 fantasy points. Otto Porter had a 28 PRA, Markieff Morris had 31, hmmm...
    05-08: I originally wanted to pick Shelvin Mack. I really did. Then I changed the pick to Rodney Hood. Got a 5 (Mack had 25). In FP Mack got me 23, okay.
    05-09: G5 in San Antonio, I wanted to pick a Spur, I chose LaMarcus Aldridge. 33. In FP I gave Capela a second chance, he had 25.
    05-10: I tried Marcin Gortat for 18, Otto Porter gave me 20 in FP. Markieff Morris was right behind them.
    05-11: James Harden. 20. Nuff said about that. In FP I was clever and saved Harden for a possible g7. The problem? Capela had 27 (best Rocket right after his 2 bad games for me), Ariza had 26, even Beverly had 15. I had Eric Gordon for 8.
    05-12: I wrestled with myself between Porter and Morris. I chose poorly. Porter got me 9. Morris had 29. Best of the day? Bradley Beal. Good thing I had him in FP for 45.
    05-13: no games
    05-14: round 3, later for that
    05-15: At first I had Markieff Morris, because I was sure the Celtics would advance. But I changed my mind and got me a Celtic anyway. I picked Kelly Olyn... nah of course not. I had Marcus Smart for 23, that´s okay. I even had Morris in FP for 28. Should have picked him in both games, better yet, should have switched Porter (he had 32 again) and Morris.

  3. Seems like G2 is another egg-laying session for the Celtics.

    1. Even more unbelievable is they are going invisible on their home court! Imagine what they'll be like in Cleveland!

  4. Maccabi de LevantarMay 19, 2017 at 6:34 PM

    Thank you so much to the people who make possible both fantasy games. You are the only reason I don't turn off the basketball match. What a shame for the NBA this kind of...CONFERENCE FINALS!!!

    1. Maccabi de LevantarMay 19, 2017 at 7:05 PM

      We are watching Cavs preseason. Their season starts in a couple of games

    2. 41 point Cavs lead at halftime! Talk about an invisible team and with the game over at halftime it would be a miracle if ANYONE on the Celtics (including IT) had a good game!!!!!

  5. It's now 110 to 60, if D league is below NBA what comes above it.... Super League???!!!!!

  6. Maccabi de LevantarMay 20, 2017 at 5:50 PM

    So...Isaiah missing the rest of postseason, Kawhi missing at least game3, Kyle Anderson moving to the starting 5, Pau to the bench. I hope at least this time LaMarcus will step up and we can watch an interesting game, not another blow out...

  7. rotoworld: Isaiah Thomas - G - Celtics
    Isaiah Thomas (hip) will miss the remainder of this year’s postseason following an aggravation of a right femoral-acetabular impingement with labral tear. an aggravation of a right femoral-acetabular impingement with labral tear.
    In layman's terms, there's a tear in the area in which the top part of his thigh bone meets his hip bone. Thomas initially hurt his hip on Mar. 15 and it cost him two games back then. He also aggravated this injury in Game 6 against the Wizards on May 12, and then again hurt it on Friday night. "Isaiah has worked tirelessly to manage this injury since it first occurred," said Celtics Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian McKeon. "The swelling increased during the first two games against Cleveland, and in order to avoid more significant long-term damage to his hip, we could no longer allow him to continue." There's no word of a treatment plan yet, but labral tears could result in surgery, which may throw off IT's offseason plan. For the rest of the playoffs, Marcus Smart will get some heavy run while Terry Rozier will have to step up.

    - Dang I had no idea he got hurt during the Wizards series. Now I've lost him in BOTH GAMES! I was going to play him at x-2 in GD and x-3 in FP and now I can't play him in either (unless I want a 0)! THIS SUCKS!

  8. Really, thank you´s are in order for all involved bringing us these fantasy games. Withouth them the playoffs would be unbearably boring.

    Sorry, this is really ridiculous. Both conference finals are blowouts. All respect to the Raptors and the Thunder who really fought last year. This time? Okay, the Spurs really had it bad. Parker out, Leonard out, now even David Lee out who managed to score 4 point in hi 2 minutes on the court. No wonder that they don´t stand a chance against the Warriors. But whatever happened to Celtic pride? Red Auerbach must be spinning in his grave. Down 41 at halftime? At home? With the whole team? That´s beyond ridiculous, that´s a disgrace.

    Anyway, Kawhi netted me a 0 on FP, but on GD you gave me my ersatzpick in Pau Gasol who performed reall well considering he entered the game after 10 minutes. I am content with his 23 PRA.

    For g4 I will try Leonard again, if he still cannot play, then I will try Father Time himself, Manu Ginobili for the rescue.

    On the off-chance there will be more than 8 games in what started as potentially interesting third round I will pick players from the eventual winners. But I guess I will go into the Final with all the roter intact, not a good thing if I say so. Hope the Final will go at least 9 games.

    1. The NBA owes us at least 2-days worth of extra balling. 9 sounds about right :P

  9. Haven't posted here in a few days. Weirdly, I've still shown up more than the Celtics have this round. This has been a brutal conference finals. Not competitive. Too bad with all the injuries to the Spurs. A healthy Spurs could have given us an instant classic series.

    Today, I've got Marcus Smart, who is getting the start at point guard with Isaiah out. I'll pick Jae Crowder in game 4, if necessary (assuming Boston doesn't just forfeit game 4). For the Spurs game 4, I'm holding out hope that Kawhi can play. If he can't, it's a huge waste not getting to pick him. I'll have to pick Simmons. Ugh, this is awful....

    1. Maccabi de LevantarMay 21, 2017 at 8:13 PM

      Congratulations!!! What a smart pick you did. I doubt he will score so many points again in another game. It looks like the Celtics will not forfeit. I am glad they finally showed their pride

    2. I did switch from Kevin Love, so I was getting an amazing game regardless it seems. I'll gladly take 2 less from Smart than Love though.

  10. Things have gotten so bad with the Spurs and especially with the Celtics that I'm popping out the Cavs with Tristan Thompson (GD) and Kevin Love (FP)!

  11. Maccabi de LevantarMay 21, 2017 at 5:27 PM

    I am picking Avery Bradley tonight, I hope without Isaiah he will have better stats. At least as long as they are within 30...Maybe mid 2nd quarter?

  12. Avery Bradley with a huge 3! Celtics win! Celtics win! Which is great for me, because I really want to pick Kevin Love in this series, but I also have Jae Crowder. Now I can have my cake, and eat it too. Plus, we finally are getting some meaningful basketball games this round.

  13. I have no words on what just happened! NONE!

  14. What a great win for the Celtics! I had Avery Bradley tonight, but swap him for Kevin Love. Just a better matchup than against the Warriors. I was thinking the same with Tristan Thompson. Now I can pick Bradley and Smart the next 2 games.

    The other series I doubt Kawhi Leonard will play since this series is much over trailing in a 0-3 deficit. My options is Mills/Ginobili/Anderson. This means I will have Curry/KD/Draymond/Klay for GS and LBJ/Irving/Tristan for Cavs next round.

  15. Maccabi de LevantarMay 22, 2017 at 9:01 AM

    I have Kawhi pre-picked for tonight. But I doubt he will play. As I said I think it's not a bad idea to use Curry in this series, as it's a more favorable matchup for him. So I am considering picking him tonight if Kawhi is unable to play. I don't trust Mills, Green, Anderson or Ginobili enough. And even if I am thinking to pick Kevin Love tomorrow, I would still have Klay, Durant, Draymond, Irving, Tristan and LeBron for the Finals. If the Finals go to 7 it will not be too bad to pick JR or McGee instead of having a Spurs player tonight

    1. Maccabi de LevantarMay 22, 2017 at 5:00 PM

      So it's Stephen Curry for me. What a waste of Kawhi's points. Those who picked him before the injuries were lucky this time

  16. Hey Taong, you seem to have a saboteur or something, because somebody deleted the 24 points you got from Horford yesterday on Google Drive. Seems like an accident, or perhaps somebody is out to secretly lower your ranking haha.

    1. I should add, I've fixed the error, so your 24 points have been safely returned!

    2. It can be seen who deleted it. Haven't checked, but I'm guessing it's me by accident :P Small phones and stubby fingers!

    3. Yep, I already looked and saw who deleted it, but I wasn't naming any names. Clearly an accident, I just thought it was amusing to think somebody was trying to secretly sabotage!

      Also, this is why I always lock those cells on the spreadsheet after each game finishes. I forgot to last night. My bad.

  17. Kyle Anderson (FP) is looking good so far, Jonathan Simmons (GD) is being plagued by fouls

    1. Might be another rout. I hope not, coz they'll sit Manu.

  18. Nobody should be sat on elimination night, what's to lose?
    Simmons rebounded in the 2nd half to finish with a respectable 22 PAR, 1 less than Ginobili

  19. Maccabi de LevantarMay 23, 2017 at 8:30 AM

    I prefer picking Smart in Game5 at home, I would be surprised if he had 2 very strong performances in a row. So today it's Kevin Love. Same reasons why I picked Curry yesterday, better matchup than facing Draymond or Durantula in the Finals.

  20. Anybody going LeBron James tonight? He had 11 points in Game 3. Bounce back anybody? I'm going Kevin Love myself, but somebody's gotta take the chance on the king, right?

    1. Maccabi de LevantarMay 23, 2017 at 9:55 AM

      For a normal player it would be a very tempting situation. But with LeBron...I think he doesn't have matchup problems, the problem is for his rivals to contain him xD And he will have extra motivation to face the Warriors with Durant. I think the only danger is that Zaza steps under him in game1

  21. Glad I didn't change my Game 4 pick of Crowder (ex-Mavs woot!) to a Cavs. Crowder got the best PRA off Celtics. More options for Finals.

    Now for Game 5.. hmmm...

    1. The switchers to Love though should be elated!

  22. Back from Sweden I see that there really is one more game in the conference finals, who´d have thought it?

    I got Bradley for 27 in the surprising win-out-of-nowhere and Kevin Love for 39 in g4. Now I have to deciede what to do tonight. It´s either Olynyk or Tristan Thompson. As I have no idea I will pick the players on home court.

  23. I think we should start to predict how many Finals games between Cavs and Gsw there will be..
    7 games? Probable..big 4 of Gsw and Big 3 of Cavs
    6 Games? My bet..big 4 of Gsw and LBJ + Irving.
    I already picked Love in game 4, it's a favorable matchup for should contain him better than Horford
    5 Games?Unlikely...big 4 of Gsw and LBJ or Irving..
    What do you think?

    1. Maccabi de LevantarMay 25, 2017 at 11:42 AM

      I agree it should be longer than 5 games. I already used Curry and Love, so my plan is to have Klay, Durant, Draymond, Irving and LeBron (at least 5 games covered). Tristan as 6th man to use, and if it goes 7 I will decide among the rest of players. Tonight picking Smart, if there's a game6 probably Olynyk. I don't want to spend more Cavs unless there's a game7

    2. I actually wouldn't be surprised if the Finals was over in 4 or 5 games. You never know. Golden State are pretty unbelievably good. I'm only saving 5 players (LeBron, Irving, Curry, Thompson, Green) and if it goes 6 or 7, I'll start dipping into the Tristan Thompsons and Andre Iguodalas of the world. I think going into the Finals with all of the big 7 is way too dangerous. Can't rely on a 7 game series, you are likely to lose somebody big.

  24. I've got Jae Crowder tonight. Easy call, he's my best remaining Celtic player.

  25. I took Crowder on GD and T Thomas on FP! I need good perfomrances

  26. Garbage time in an elims game. Still surprising, but more surprising to know that these elims blowout games are getting more frequent

  27. Yawn...

    Oh, is it time for the Finals already? These playoffs have been so unbelievably boring it is not even funny anymore.

    The Warriors won 10 of their 12 games with at least 11 pts, except g3 in Portland and g1 against San Antonio. In the latter game they just stopped the opponent´s best player by fouling him out of the game. For that reason alone I would like both finalists to finish the season with 4 losses each.

    My quick resume of the conference finals, boring as they were:
    Western Conference: Already picked LaMarcus Aldridge in round 2
    G1: I started off with the guys from the second tier. Patty Mills gave me 10 in GD, Pau Gasol 9 in FP. Pick of the day Kawhi with a respectable 37 and an injury that would end his season. Thank you Zaza.
    G2: Okay, my option on the Spurs getting low and the game being played in OKC I got creative and picked bad boy Pachulia who again outscored Klay in g1, he obviously got injured, played only 6 minute and got me a 7. In FP I had Aldridge for a ridiculous 15. What?
    G3: As Kawhi was out for the playoffs I had to pick my remaining Spurs at home, Gasol got me 23 from the bench, happy with that. In FP I prepicked Leonard and got a 0.
    G4: Ginobili got a 23 too. In FP I had Klay Thompson who obviously doesnt do anything since Durant is there, at least not in these playoffs.

    Good Pick for this Series would have been Leonard in g1 (GS wins anyway, so start with the best of the losers). After Leonard goes down pick his replacement Simmons. Then Ginobili and then Gasol. That would have been perfect for guys like me that already picked Aldridge prior to this round. I mean, I got 63 PRA out of this series, I could have gotten 115 easily.

    Eastern Conference: Already picked Thomas in round 1 and Marcus Smart in g7
    G1: I started off with Horford (25) and Thomas (27, still had him in FP)
    G2: Next came Jay Crowder, who had the following in the first four games of the series: 34, 28, 30, and, of course, a whopping 14 in the game where I picked him. He even got to 20 in g5. In FP I picked Avery Bradley for 16.
    G3: It was Bradley for 27, in FP I took Al Horford for 24.
    G4: My planned pick of a Cav was scheduled for that game. Kevin Love got me a wonderful (albeit too little, too late) 39, Jay Crowder a respectable 28.
    G5: The game was played in Boston, so I picked a Celtic. Kelly Olynyk had 13 (my other possible choice that I considered Tristan Thompson had a 12, so Kelly is a good pick), in FP I still had Marcus Smart left for 9.

    Best case scenario: Crowder (34), Brown (who? 24), Smart (39), Bradley (27) and Rozier (21), that would have gotten 145. Impossible to pick, especially if you don't have all the players available.

    Still, 260 was possible in that round. I got 181. Not too bad.


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