Game 7 -- This. Is. It!

The Warriors staved off elimination from the Thunder last round in a Game 7, so they very well know that it is possible. Of course they believe in themselves, and wouldn't have it any other way than the end saying "Dubs are champs!" It's a nice cap to a record-setting 73-win season, isn't it?

And there's the Cavaliers. Nothing is sweeter than LeBron bringing that far-longed championship to Ohio. He said that's the only reason he came back. And he wills it, and can will it. The good thing is that he no longer has to carry the city in his shoulders.. he's got Kyrie, who's been equally phenomenal this series. It's totally possible.

And there's us. It's the battle of role-players and bench-warmers. Put your best remaining player forward. There's no Game 8. This is it boys and girls! The endgame. All our ups and downs this postseason come down to this very day.

My final pick... Leandro Barbosa. Hottest pick, too (how ironic).

Enjoy the game!


  1. Hey Taong, I have a member in my group claiming that they picked klay Thompson in game 5 on the 13th of June and that pick is not showing up. Their username is lcpljh. Could you please verify this for me and if they got the pick in on time. Thank you!

    1. I don't see any record for Game 5. Probably missed, or deleted while editing.
      They have Klay picked now for Game 7.
      Pick creation: Sunday, June 19, 2016 - 07:51 (NY time)
      Pick edited: Sunday, June 19, 2016 - 15:22
      Game 5 was ages ago. If it was missing, they should have reported it to you earlier coz they were editing Game 6 Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 22:07 and would have notice the missing Game 5 in their My Picks.

  2. It´s Barbosa for me, too. Other options dwindle down to the likes of Speights or Shumpert, I don´t like any of them picks.

    Who the heck does have LeBron or Steph left for this game? I cannot fathom this.

    I have to ask again about my picks for games 4-6.
    "Okay, Taong, I have to ask. Is it possible to make back-up picks?
    My picks right now:
    g4: Love
    g5: Livingston
    g6: Jefferson

    IF Love does not play in g4:
    g4: Jefferson
    When Cavs win g4, then:
    g5: Livingston
    g6: Love
    When Cavs lose g4, then:
    g5: Love
    When Cavs lose g4 and Love still can´t play, then:
    g5: Livingston"

    The thing is, Love played in g4, even though he didn´t start. So the picks should/could be what I first had picked: g4 Love, then g5 Livingston, then g6 Jefferson."

    Good luck to both teams. I am pretty sure the Dubs will win it. It would be a so-so finish to a great season (two game 7 in a row is not fitting for the winningest team in NBA history), but at least they would have won it.

    On the other hand there is LeBron one victory from a championship. Yes, he has lost in the Finals 4 times in 6 tries, but whenever he can smell a title, he won it. I just can´t imagine that the Cavs can win 3 in a row over the Warriors.

    Then again, The Thunder won two road games in a row against the Spurs. Why shouldn´t the Cavaliers do the same to the Warriors?

    It will be an interesting match, and I hope to watch it live. If I wake up, it´s at 2 a.m. over here.

    Have fun, everybody.

  3. Here we are, game 7 of the NBA Finals. No more extending the series, it ends tonight. I'm hoping to see a Golden State victory and say I got to watch the winningest season in NBA history. They play such a great brand of basketball, it's been fun to watch.

    In my 9 years playing DTTF, this years playoffs has been the longest I've ever seen. It has gone for 48 pickable days, the longest since 2008 where it went 47 pickable days. For the record, the shortest DTTF was in 2011 with 42 pickable days, back when the Mavs won the championship.

    Another notable record is my PRA count. It sits at 1350 PRA, which is by far my career best, toping the 1315 I got in 2009. I'm up by 70 PRA in Google Drive to the Finals, so i think it's safe to say I've got it. Sad this is the first year we lose the leaderboard. This year would have for sure had me in the Top 50. Tonight, I'm picking my best available player, the Brazilian Blur Leandro Barbosa, to add onto my record in PRA and set the new benchmark at a pace that should be tough for future years to beat. For years, people will talk about the great 73-9 Warriors team, but we all know that the great 1350+ PRA machine that was Tangent was the true record setter ;)

    In Drive and Slam, I've got Barbosa left, but I'm not winning anyways so I'm having a little fun and picking Anderson Varajao. Go Wild Thing!

  4. Cleveland took care of business at home in Game #6 to force a Game #7 played at Golden State. History says Golden State wins the Championship tonight on their home court, but whenever a motivated LeBron James is playing on the other team, anything is possible, so this should be an interesting Game #7 to say the least.

    From Game #6, LeBron James (60 PRA) and Tristan Thompson (34 PRA) had monster games to lead Cleveland to a huge victory. J.R. Smith added 21 PRA and Kyrie Irving (30 PRA) really regressed from his previously great 3 game stretch. Naturally I waited to pick Irving on his less than stellar Game #6 performance day. There was a Net loss of -16 PRA of switching LeBron and Kyrie Irving from Game #5 and Game #6. At least I didn't pick him in Game #2 when Kyrie Irving only had 14 PRA, which was totally awful. I really wish I could get the order of these picks in the proper alignment though for the best possible score. Unfortunately I always seem to miss the boat on that objective.

    From the losing Golden State Warriors in Game #6 it pretty much was a team-wide fiasco all the way around. Leandro Barbosa (18 PRA) was probably the biggest surprise and high point from the Warriors' roster. Klay Thompson (29 PRA), Draymond Green (24 PRA), and Steph Curry (33 PRA), all had very moderate numbers vs. average with Steph Curry battling foul trouble early and often until he eventually fouled out basically ending any bleak chance that Golden State had of coming back in Game #6. Andre Iguodala (12 PRA) and Shaun Livingston (10 PRA) led the best of the rest, which combined with Steph Curry being planted on the bench for much of the game, explains why Golden State was a complete fiasco for much of this game. Harrison Barnes (only 2 PRA) also was an unmitigated disaster in this game.

    Back on the Cavaliers side of things, Kevin Love once again had another weak game (12 PRA). Fortunately for Cleveland, LeBron James and Tristan Thompson really stepped up while he and to a lesser extent Kyrie Irving was missing in action.

    For tonight's exciting Game #7 to finish off the 2016 Playoff season, I have Stephen Curry left to pick from the Golden State squad, so he will definitely be my pick in this deciding elimination game for the Championship. Curry has had his difficulties in the Finals vs. Cleveland to be sure, dealing with foul trouble, turnovers, and sometimes simply just poor shooting. He definitely can do better, and hopefully he does do better tonight when I pick him, and Golden State really needs him to step up if they want to win the Championship. I'm hoping for at least 40+ PRA from Steph Curry tonight, ideally I would rather see 50+ from him in the end of season finale, and anything less than that is going to be disappointing to be sure.

  5. Maccabi de LevantarJune 19, 2016 at 4:39 PM

    Tonight Barbosa is the obvious pick for those who didn't risk too much. For me, the only other player who gets enough minutes is Shumpert, and he is better for his team than for this game.

    Anyway, I think we will watch a great match, I hope close until the end. I also would prefer the Dubs to win, because they were so much fun to watch all year long. But whatever team that will win, it will be well deserved. Obviously it's easier to win the eastern conference, but still the Cavs were dominant. Let's enjoy the great show!


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