Game 4 Pick: Uncle Drew

And now we have a series!

Dead-half of Drive & Slam picked LeBron James in Game 3 and he delivered as expected. A 52-PRABS performance is the best so far these Finals, so congratulations to those who went with the obvious pick for Game 3.

My pick Kyrie Irving was also good for 43 PRABS. If it wasn't for the blowout, he and LeBron would have gotten more.

Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith were the steal picks of the game. With 29 and 28 PRABS respectively, I don't think they can do better for the rest of the series. And as a reaction from the community, these two have bumped up in ownership for Game 4...

I still see 9% picking Kevin Love, who is still questionable. Better delay that pick, guys and gals!

The Australian Assassin Kyrie Irving is the hot pick for Game 4 as this might (just slightly) be the last home game for the Cavs. Better not waste the opportunity for some home ballin'!

My pick is Richard Jefferson. He played 33 minutes in Game 3 as he replaced Love in the starting lineup. I will be happy if he gets 20 PRA. And if for some reason Love returns from head concussion for Game 4, I'll still be sticking with him as he is my best remaining Cav.

I love what I saw from the Cavs in Game 3. Less iso-ball. More picks. More ball movement. More energy. Lockdown D. Let's see them win Game 4 please.

Good luck with your picks!


  1. Maccabi de LevantarJune 10, 2016 at 9:18 AM

    I think Richard Jefferson was a good pick for game 3 and will be also for game 4 if Love doesn't play. But as I read Love is probable to play, even if he is coming off the bench, Jefferson's minutes could take a hit. So by now I stick to my original plan, and I go with Tristan Thompson. If Love doesn't play I will switch it

  2. With news that Love is returning, that weakens Jefferson a bit. I'd still be alright with taking him, but I like other options better.

    In DTTF, I'm going with JR Smith. This was always the game I planned on taking him, so I'll go with it. Who shot? JR.

    In Drive & Slam, I'm not willing to take Love with it unclear what role he will play. So I'll take LeBron James tonight, so that I can fit Kevin Love in whichever remaining game makes the most sense without having to worry about the need to pick LeBron at some point. My preference is LeBron with the trophy on the line, but with the Love situation I'll settle for tonight.

  3. Cleveland responded in a big way playing at home after falling to 0-2 playing at Golden State. With a Cleveland win in Game #4 at home, everything will be back to even again, and this series will become a best of 3. If Cleveland loses tonight, then Golden State would have a huge 3-1 edge, so tonight is another pivotal game for this series.

    With the complete rout, Cleveland obviously had the best PRA producers from Game #3, and it was hard to make a bad pick from their roster, as nearly every starter had a great game. Among the best picks from the Cavaliers were Kyrie Irving (42 PRA) big bounce back game for him after a horrible Game #2, LeBron James (49 PRA), Tristan Thompson (29 PRA), J.R. Smith (25 PRA), and Richard Jefferson (19 PRA) in the spot start. My initial idea was to pick Tristan Thompson for Game #3, and he did have the higher total of the two, but when I saw that Richard Jefferson was getting the start in place of Kevin Love, I had to bite at that opportunity to get an extra player to pick, in case this series goes all 7 games. The big game out of J.R. Smith (25 PRA) was a heart stabbing as when I picked Smith, he only put up 5 PRA (net loss of -20 PRA in that exchange). Never happy when things turn out like this.

    From Golden State only Harrison Barnes (29 PRA) had a worthwhile night, as the Warriors were totally horrendous in this game, with noteworthy disasters: Stephen Curry (24 PRA), Klay Thompson (13 PRA), and Draymond Green (20 PRA). Other than picking Harrison Barnes, no one who picked a Warriors player was thrilled at all on this night.

    For tonight, Cleveland now tries to even up this series at home 2-2, and make things interesting down the stretch. Now that I have cleared Richard Jefferson (19 PRA) from the board with his spot start in Game #3, I will go back to the initial plan of going with Tristan Thompson for Game #4. Hopefully Tristan Thompson can at least his 29+ PRA again, and Richard Jefferson doesn't do any better than the 19 PRA I scored from him in Game #3. If all of that happens, that would be great for a change.

  4. I went with LBJ...
    ...wish me luck :)

  5. Start of 4q. RJ is a dud, and Cavs seems like they'll play Love in 4q.

    I think the Cavs messed with success.

    1. I think the Cavs stopped moving the ball. Went back to hero ball. It hasn't worked.

  6. I'll have K.Irving in G5...Then Uncle Jesse in game 6

    1. Or maybe Shumpert in G5, and Irving back at home...Yes? lol

  7. None of Love's fault, but when he's on the floor, the Cavs have play sets unique in these Finals for him that slows down the game and freezes the ball. In G5, they will start him. Unless Cavs adjust, buhbye. Love is a star player, but Dubs love it when he's on the floor.

    LeBron should stop deferring to Lue. It's time he steps in and dictate.


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