Game 3 Pick: LeBron Time

I did not bother recapping Game 2 -- it was that awful. Let's go straight to our Game 3 pick. Here is the updated ownership breakdown...

Most will go for LeBron James in Game 3. Down 0-2 and probably missing Kevin Love, LeBron will assert himself and carry this team to victory. It's a must-win for the Cavs, and LeBron will make sure they get this one. He knows that a loss, a 0-3 hole, is unacceptable. Picking LeBron makes a lot of sense in Game 3.

Everyone will be saving the last of their Big 3 for the elimination game. And because I am following the path of the cold pick, I am picking my last of the Big 3 right away for Game 3 ;)

There's nothing wrong with the Cavs focusing on defending the Warriors (defense wins championships anyway), but they've been drawn to playing the Warriors' game instead of theirs. Their scheme for Games 1 and 2 did not work (what I saw were iso-balls again in Game 2). Only a fool keeps doing the same thing expecting different results. I say let's see the Cavs get back to their old self and win this game. Move the ball!

Good luck to the Cavs!


  1. Hello,
    A member in my group username: lcpljh picked Steph Curry on June 2nd and draymond green on June 5th. The point totals for both of those picks are incorrect, example, draymond had 28 scoring points but only 2 are showing up. Can you please fix this. Thank you very much for all your help.

  2. I'm going COLD..
    ..................Richard Jefferson.

  3. My pick for both Drive & Slam and DTTF will be Tristan Thompson. Seems like the way to go with Kevin Love injured. In DTTF this was always the plan for Thompson, as I liked him playing at home where Golden State is less likely to play lights out shooting, giving him rebound opportunities. In Drive & Slam, this is where I planned on playing Love. I could have gone LeBron not instead, but I think he plays well in any game, and Thompson is likely to step up if Love is unable to go. Even if Love plays, he will be more cautious and it will hopefully be Thompson grabbing all those boards!

  4. LBJ in Drive and slam, Irving in google league!I hope to save LBJ for game 5 in Google to get fresh PRA

  5. LeBron in g3, Love in g4 if he can play again. After that it´s a crapshoot.

    The best thing about that horrendous g2 probably was that I didn´t waste one of my studs for the game. Last year it was the correct decision to pick James in g2, this year not as much. But it has to be James now. If this is not a blowout it will be 60+ PRA for LeBron. Even in a blowout he should get to 40+ in the first three quarters.

  6. Yes... Brrr cold pick tonight with Jefferson.
    (I believe he will start)
    ...I predict that the CAV's will win game 3 giving me at least two more games to play LBJ and Irving.
    ...I'm not so concerned with getting either of them in a home game as I did coming into the series.
    ...The reason is I believe each game on out the CAV's will play as if it's an elimination game. So we should all predict a 110% from both LBJ and Irving home or away.

    1. btw, the second side of the pick is to hold off and playing both LBJ and Irving in hopes to play them later with a LOWER % of ownership.

  7. Cleveland got annihilated once again in Game #2 in Golden State and now trail 2-0 heading back home for Games #3 and #4. Saying that winning both home games for Cleveland is imperative is the understatement of the year, as Cleveland has shown zero ability to beat the Warriors on their home court @Golden State. What the Cavaliers do tonight and Game #4 will determine how long (or short) this series actually ends up going.

    As expected with the mega blowout, the scores for the Cleveland players were horrendous in the losing cause. Only Richard Jefferson (17 PRA) was worth picking from their squad. LeBron James (36 PRA) was their high PRA scorer, but that isn't a game you want from him if you pick him. Kevin Love (8 PRA) and Kyrie Irving (14 PRA) were especially dismal in the defeat. For Love, at least he had an excuse, left game with concussion, Irving on the other hand just totally sucked out there.

    My pick of Andrew Bogut failed to reach goal of 15+ PRA. Bogut had 8 PRA which was half of that, but did end up with 13 PRA because of his 5 blocks that made the PRABS format closer to goal. Still the day to pick him was vs. OKC when he put up 31 PRA, so that was a huge missed opportunity there, although the way Klay Thompson has been playing, which hasn't been good at all in this series, I am much happier getting 40+ PRA out of him last round vs. OKC, than what he is putting up now. The Warriors players though still had the best nights by far with leader Draymond Green having another stellar night (40 PRA), Andre Iguodala (15 PRA), and Leandro Barbosa (14 PRA) both were decent for them. Both Steph Curry (31 PRA) and Klay Thompson (24 PRA) had mediocre nights for them.

    Tonight is pivotal for both Cleveland and for DTTF pickers as tonight will determine how long this series will go and how many days left of picks you will have remaining. With a Cleveland win, there will be at least 2 more games, and with a Cleveland loss, this could be done as early as Game #4. I believe Cleveland wins at least one of these home games. If they manage to somehow win both of them, they will be back on track to losing in 7 games. Haven't really seen anything yet to make me believe Cleveland can win a game at Golden State. So the Warriors look to be headed to another NBA Title regardless of how many games this takes.

    Still there is at least 2 games left in this series, counting tonight, so no reason to pick LeBron tonight. I could pick Kyrie Irving after his disappearing act in Game #2, but if Cleveland wins tonight, I am going to need more of their players down the line, and I still think Cleveland wins at least one home game, so I will save him. With Kevin Love out for this game with a concussion, that leaves 2 options, Tristan Thompson or Love's replacement for tonight Richard Jefferson. Initially I was going to pick Tristan Thompson for Game #3, but with Richard Jefferson starting in Keven Love's place, I will use the opportunity to play Jefferson. If this had been last year, the clear choice for tonight would have been Timofey Mozgov, who had a phenomenal series in Kevin Love's absence, but apparently Cleveland isn't going that route this year, at least not yet. Richard Jefferson had 17 PRA in Game #2, and I hope he is good for at least 17+ PRA again tonight.

  8. Worth the spagbol and beer lunch. Cavs lead 20+ 9 mins to go. Hope Dubs don't give up... or my pick Irving sits soon.

    1. Yup, starters sit last 5min. Gotta head back to work. Will watch whole game again at home.

      Now we have a series

  9. Maccabi de LevantarJune 8, 2016 at 8:37 PM

    LeBron looked like an awful pick with 17 at the half. But he was superb in the 2nd half with 35 PRABS. And the Cavs looked really better without Love. I wonder how will it affect the rotation even if he is back

  10. This turns out to be one of these series with blowout after blowout. It might end up going 7 games with no game decided in single digits.

    It was another rout, LeBron got up to 49 PRA with a lot of sitting in the final quarter, that was okay. Irving was great, too.

    What about Love? Will he play in g4? Will he not? Did it affect the Cavs positively that he was out? I don´t know if I can pick Love or not. That is not good as I probably won´t be able to log on again for a few days and have to prepick up to g6 to be sure. The initial plan was to pick Love for g4, then Livingston and Shumpert, maybe Jefferson in g6. Dirk in g7, but I might change that if there is a g7.

    If Love were still out, I would pick Jefferson, and Love in g6.

    Okay, Taong, I have to ask. Is it possible to make back-up picks?
    My picks right now:
    g4: Love
    g5: Livingston
    g6: Jefferson

    IF Love does not play in g4:
    g4: Jefferson
    When Cavs win g4, then:
    g5: Livingston
    g6: Love
    When Cavs lose g4, then:
    g5: Love
    When Cavs lose g4 and Love still can´t play, then:
    g5: Livingston

    Should be a cinch, right? Right? Umm...

    1. Haha!

      Don't pick Love yet. As long as they are winning, they won't rush him back. Without him, the Cavs can run. Less iso-ball, the better

  11. I'm going cold again in G4 with K. Irving :)

    1. IF love play's He will be the hot pick... I believe...

  12. Irving was being aggressive at the start of the game. Glad, I waited to pick him in G3 instead of G1.

    My picks plan:

    G4: Love if he starts but he could come off the bench. His status is now upgraded to "probable". Is RJ worth picking if he starts? But his minutes could be diminished. I just have RJ pick and hopefully I can change my pick if I can make it back home in time.

    G5: LBJ if GS up 3-1. Otherwise, in G6 if GS up 3-2.
    Livingston if series tied 2-2.


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