Game 2 Pick: Still Cold

As he was the hottest pick in Game 1, Kyrie Irving remains to be for Game 2. He's quite good in isolation, and if the Cavs change back to their ball-moving and long-range shooting, he'll be good there as well. So it's a win-win situation for his pickers, couple that with the risk of him being injured later.

My pick plan had him for Game 2, but because I still want to avoid the hot pick, I am switching to Kevin Love. Hoping he gets another double-double!

Then maybe I'll move Kyrie to an elimination game, just to break every typical strategy in DTTF.

What's your move?


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  2. My pick in g1 Kyrie Irving did not too bad, but I am not too happy about the numbers. Irving had 2 more PRA than Love, I doubt this will happen again, especially not when I will pick Love. Dang.

    Steal of the night, Livingston, of course, but I also like what Bogut was doing. 15 PRA in 15 minutes, that´s not too shabby. I had prepicked Bogut for g2 and I am sticking to it, hoping he will stay on the floor a little more and maybe even duplicating the 15 PRA from g1.

    After that it will be Kevin Love for g3. Just like everyone else I will pick him then and there.

    Last year I managed to get LeBron and Steph in their respective best game of the Finals and I didn´t pick ´em when I was planning to do so before the series started. LeBron lit up the floor after Irving got hurt in g1 and won g2 singlehandedly. While the Cavs still need that g2 I don´t think James will go as high again. Last year he was alone at this stage, this year he is not. So I will not change my pick to James, even though it is really tempting.

  3. Stephen Curry (22 PRA) and Klay Thompson (16 PRA) were both horrible in Game #1, but they still won the game with huge games from several key bench players including the best pick of the night Shaun Livingston (27 PRA). Andre Iguodala (25 PRA), and Leandro Barbosa even had 12 PRA). Only Draymond Green (34 PRA) had an exceptional game from the Golden State Warriors starting lineup. Andrew Bogut (15 PRA) also did well (for him), and now I wish I played him instead of my disastrous pick of J.R. Smith (5 PRA), who basically was a waste of space on the floor.

    As a matter of fact I could have almost picked anyone other than J.R. Smith (or Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson) and had a very decent night of it. Unfortunately I chose one of the three landmines, naturally. Other Cleveland players worth playing in the loss were, Kevin Love (32 PRA), Kyrie Irving (33 PRA), Tristan Thompson (22 PRA) or LeBron James (44 PRA), although if you picked LeBron, I am sure he can and will do better in a game later in this series, probably when Cleveland's backs are truly against the wall in an elimination game.

    So even when almost all of the Warriors starters were huge disappointments, they still won Game #1 at home, which does not bode well for Cleveland in this series. Still no team in the NBA is in any kind of trouble until they lose a home game, so they still have that going for them. In any case, I will pick one of my final two viable Warriors players at home tonight. I am going with Andrew Bogut in Game #2, who I now wish I picked in Game #1 instead of the horrendous J.R. Smith. Bogut had a monstrous 31 PRA vs. OKC in the last series which had to be a career playoff high for him. Naturally I could not pick him for that game of course, but if he can do something similar to Game #1 (15 PRA), I think that could be seen as a realistic success for the night. Hoping for 15+ PRA from Andrew Bogut in Game #2 at home, and try to pick players playing at home from this point forward in the remaining games.

  4. Wow, tonight was a blowout. Again. Golden State is playing really, REALLY good basketball right now. Let's hope for some more competitive games in Cleveland.

    In DTTF, I picked Andre Iguodala, who looked back in Finals MVP form in Game 1. Tonight, he was solid with 15 PRA. Not great, but with the blowout he didn't play the fourth quarter, so he probably would have reached 20 PRA in a full game. He played his usual solid game. It was a disaster of a night for many tonight (LeBron, Love, Irving, Tristan, JR). In fact, other than Richard Jefferson's incredible 17 PRA, they were all bust. So I'm not gonna complain about getting a 15 from Iggy Hop.

    In Drive & Slam, back in Game 6 vs. OKC I passed on Draymond Green, just because I didn't feel like picking him on the road in OKC. So I had him available and picked him tonight. 41 PRABS x 4 = 164 PRABS, and on a night where almost every other pick was junk. That helps. Epic.

  5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin Love got injured and gave me only 8 PRA in 21 minutes! Even picking a top player can't guarantee me a good score or even double digit PRA for that matter. #Masterofinvisiblemen Kyrie Irving got 17 PRABSs, but we'll quadruple that to 68.

    1. Yeah Love's best timing for being picked is Game 1. Congratz to all who did.

      Let's see if the Love-less Cavs can do better

    2. Great opportunity for Irving and LBJ to handle the ball more for those who still have them.

    3. Maccabi de LevantarJune 6, 2016 at 8:49 AM

      Yes, I am thinking of switching to LeBron in Game 3 if Love isn't playing, who was my original pick. For two reasons: It's like an elimination game anyway, because 3-0 would be the end for the Cavs. And just in case it's a sweep and Love is able to play in game 4. I still think the Cavs win at least one at home, but...they are looking bad right now.

      About last night, it was bad score from JR, but I still prefer his bad score than every other player available for me but Jefferson or Bogut

  6. Funny thing happened. I had about three options for g2 picking a Warrior. Bogut, Livingston, Barbosa, all of them got to 15 PRABS. Thing is, Livingston and Barbosa had 14 PRA and 1 steal, my pick Bogut had 8 PRA and 7 BS. That is not bad, but it didn´t help me in the classic DTTF format. Ah well, you take what you can get.

    The thing is, most everybody has the same picks in the end. Kyrie Irving was the hot pick in g1, Kevin Love was the hot pick for g3. Now I think LeBron is going to tear it up in g3 after what the Warriors did to the Cavs in the first two games.

    The thing is, Love is hurt now, and most people are going to change their pick now. I guess James will be the hot pick in the end. And probably mine as well.

    Warriors in 5. If only to party at home. James will not be swept. But he will not win either this year.

  7. Hey, I got a question. Why my 2 last picks Haven online 2 Pointa, while K.Love gadżety 17pts in Game 1 and Dray had 28 last gamę? Please fix it!!! My nickname : BartekB2503

  8. Hey, I got a question. Why my 2 last picks Have only 2 Points, while K.Love got 17pts in Game 1 and Dray had 28 last gamę? Please fix it!!! My nickname : BartekB2503

  9. Stat line for LeBron in Game 1 is incorrect. Needs to be updated ASAP

  10. Yeah.. same question as Bartosz.. K.Love in first game and D.Green game 2 points are wrong! Please fix it!

  11. Sorry folks my bad. Wring stats import.
    Fixed. Kindly check


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