[Drive & Slam] Leagues

Here you go guys, join/create leagues and invite your friends in: http://drive.ganaca.com.au/leagues

How to join leagues
  1. Tap on Leagues tab
  2. Choose and tap on a league
  3. Tap on Subscribe to group
  4. Tap on Join
How to invite friends to join league
  1. Tap on Leagues tab
  2. Tap on your league
  3. Tap on Group tab
  4. Tap on Invite People
  5. Input email address of friends
  6. Tap on Invite user(s)
How to create a league
  1. Tap on Leagues tab
  2. Tap on Create new league
  3. Tap on Group tab
  4. Tap on Invite People
  5. Input league name
  6. Tap on Save
How to add members to league (league owners only)
  1. Tap on Leagues tab
  2. Tap on your league
  3. Tap on Group tab
  4. Tap on Add People
  5. Input usernames
  6. Tap on Add Users
Fan of these? Join fan leagues:
Atlanta HawksBoston Celtics
Brooklyn NetsCharlotte Hornets
Chicago BullsCleveland Cavaliers
Dallas MavericksDenver Nuggets
Detroit PistonsGolden State Warriors
Houston RocketsIndiana Pacers
Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Lakers
Memphis GrizzliesMiami Heat
Milwaukee BucksMinnesota Timberwolves
New Orleans PelicansNew York Knicks
Oklahoma City ThunderOrlando Magic
Philadelphia 76ersPhoenix Suns
Portland TrailblazersSacramento Kings
San Antonio SpursToronto Raptors
Utah JazzWashington Wizards


  1. For members list, as of now, only owners can view (Group > People). They're working to have it viewable by everyone.

    All leagues are currently public. Figuring out how to make private ones. If you want private, create one then just convert to private later on (and kick some members).

  2. Taong, did you end up joining / starting a fantasy postseason Pick One Daily game as well? I'd love to join all the sites / leagues you'll be trying out. Also what's a good email address to use for you? I'd love to be able to have an exchange outside of these comments some time regarding future game development, etc

    1. Hi Jerry, I sent in an access request for the Google Drive league using this Google account. If I get the access, I'll put in my email address there, and then dedicate a section of the right panel on this blog for that league :)

      I made a fantasypostseason league but retracted activating it coz I'm quite busy with helping Ganaca with the Drive & Slam site. The site is good to go with the basic DTTF functions, just waiting for the final playoffs sked. Til then, we're busy putting as many extra features there as possible.

    2. sucks that there's no D2TF this year... but thanks for providing some alternatives Taong!! definitely don't wanna miss out on some postseason fantasy action.

      So regarding fantasypostseason:
      if the league owner pays the 15 $ to set up the league, do the other owners who will join later have to pay as well? can't quite figure that out.
      any ideas?

    3. btw, I think the addition of multipliers and steals/blocks is awesome. always wanted STL/BLK to be included!
      great to be back guys, let's have a good one

    4. I'm wondering the same thing Silas. I haven't paid yet but was thinking about it just to try it out vs Drive & Slam, see the pros/cons of each, etc. It'd be silly if everyone had to pay $15 so I'm assuming it's just the league creator, but who knows...

    5. I can now verify you only pay it once as the league creator. I instantly regret the $15 spend though. It looks like a mess as far as pick one daily is concerned as the site clearly wasn't designed with that in mind & it's wayyyyy too complicated that while surely I can figure it out, none of my casual player friends will take the time. I just joined the main public league on there for pick one daily and probably you can do it for free without spending the $15 so learn from me, sign up, click forums, click the forum, click find a league and you can't miss it!

    6. Thanks a lot Jerry!! glad i waited for a response.
      gotta love this blog, always helpful every single year.
      shouts to Taong

  3. I sure hope this works out. I am a complete n00b, so I don´t know anything about google thingamajigs, but I will try this game.

  4. Really appreciate this forum looking for alternatives...I'm wondering why the Drive and Slam game doesn't offer the basic DTTF that we've been used to for like 5 years? Points, Rebounds, Assists - and no multipliers.

    1. Play it regardless. It may be easy to show oldstyle stats beside the new one. Maybe ;)

  5. Hi there,
    Let me know if you need any help on the site.
    Also, it would be great if we can view other players picks once that game starts.

  6. I'm wondering the same thing - I set up a league, how do I pick players?

  7. Hi
    Really great that your making this game here this year, definitely will participate.

    Adding steals and blocks, really good idea, but I am not really fun of the multiplier thing. Now you really have to choose players from all loser teams to have players to choose from later, because they get multiplier. In previous years at the finals we sometimes didn't really have anyone to choose, because we chose previously wrong players from winning teams, but this multiplier thing magnifies it even more. Like previously somebody who has players left for finals already has advantage against others, and that is fine, because he picked better, played better. That is his gain. But now it magnifies 4x in finals, so basically previous rounds are not as important anymore. And the first rounds are the most fun, because there are many players to choose from, many opportunities. You can't really think any strategies now, you just really have to leave players for finals or you will be at really great disadvantage against others.

    Sorry if this sounds rude or anything, just not a fan of this multiplier thing, as this kind of breaks the game, but really thanks you for making this game for us fans. I appreciate it and will definitely participate and invite friends to join!

  8. Thanks for running this game, is there a link to any rules or how to make picks, and are you awarding a prize for the winner, or is it just for bragging rights?

    1. We're doing Drive & Slam for free, so just bragging rights. With the nagging we did to AutoTrader, I'm sure they'll get it running again next year.

    2. Rules and howToPlay soon.

      but of course Drive&Slam wouldn't exactly look like that, but you'll get the gist of it :)

    3. So, I want to pick Dirk, so what do I do? Add a comment or what? Just type Dirk and press save?

  9. I think a good idea would be to show a list of best available players. Shouldn't be too hard to develop into the site. You can just give each player a score out of a 100 on each team - wouldn't have to be exact at all just a rough score(could even pull from their 2k scores). Just helps to weed out all the clutter of the scrub players.

    Im not sure if you'd be able to easily filter it so just the teams that are playing on that exact night too but the schedule on the side helps.

    1. and it will show the best available players in descending order on that 100 based score.

    2. PS thank you for building this. It is great. We were panicking trying to find a way to play this year. NBA.com replaced this with some BS voting game.

  10. How do I know how many of my friends registered in my league? My league says:
    •Total members: 26
    •Total content: 0
    Does that mean no one registered yet?


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