Crazy Gameday

I'm taking a small break from the site because this is just too good to pass up.

So yeah I picked Kevin Durant for Round 2 Day 1. I cannot say I am happy with the result, but it is what it is. Just glad I didn't take Westbrook, because I know he's gonna cook up some triple doubles at home.

As for May 1? Haha okay it's a little complicated. We have two Round 1 Game 7s, and 1 Semis Game 1.

If your league is playing classic DTTF PRA, you should definitely have to pick from the Game 7s because you can save some Blazers for later. The Hornets screwed it up and are now not the favored to win in Miami. If you still have Kemba Walker, you definitely have to pick him. As for the Pacers, if you think the Raptors have this, then Paul George is your guy. He will stuff the [insert expletive here] out of the stat sheet.

If your league is playing PRABS with Multipliers, then you have a dilemma.
* Pick Walker or George for 30-50 points, OR
* Pick Lillard or McCollum for 50-70 points (multiplied)

That 20-ish difference might be the difference between you and your league leader. Make a wrong pick and you'll definitely refer to this gameday again in the future. I recommend that you go for a Blazer and start reaping the rewards from the multipliers as early as possible. I got McCollum penciled in.

What about George? Well, what if the Pacers win? What about Lowry and DeRozan? I'll leave you to that thought.

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    1. Yeah is this just a glitch I assume? I only see my very first pick from 4/16, obviously now with stats but I'm hoping you still have the rest of mine somewhere

  2. woulda' coulda' shoulda' I need to be able to see my past pics so I do not pic someone I have already used.(btw, you should eliminate a person's picks from the list of players if they have used them) ty :) (no, I do not keep up with any of my picks, I"m lazy) !

    1. status update from D&S:

      round 1 PRAs - today
      round 2 and G7 PRAs - tomorrow
      leaderboard - in 2 days
      past picks cleanup (duplicate picks, inactive players) - next weekend
      eliminate past picks from new picks - next weekend

    2. Woooohooooooooo
      ...You the man Taong
      Keep up the great work my friend....

  3. I think the Lillard/McCollum to Walker/George comparison is a bit off. At some point this round, Lillard and McCollum will be picked, so if you pass on them today, you don't lose their 50-70. You lose a chance to pick one additional Blazer by the end of the round. Assuming Plumlee is also a pick that would have been made this round, you are passing on Aminu (18 PRA x 2 = 36 PRA) or Ed Davis (15 PRA x 2 =30 PRA). If you think about it that way, it's a way closer decision between guys like George and Walker and them. I'm picking Kemba, with this in mind.

    In traditional DTTF, I've got Kyle Lowry tonight. In spite of all his struggles, he has shown up when the season has been on the line the past two seasons, at least PRA wise he has. I still think the Raptors win, but I'm not confident enough in the likes of Jefferson, Lin, or (insert Pacer here).

    1. Valid points.
      I already picked Kemba before.
      Just praying Pacers advance coz I already picked two Raptors... big big risk
      Kyle Lowry... hmmm. Anyways not enough time for a rethink.

      Back to helping with the site. brb later

  4. Ouch. Those Hornets picks are gonna hurt.
    So I guess going for the multiplier early was the better choice, at least regarding the Miami game.
    Still who would've thought it was gonna be this lopsided?

  5. Mason Plumtree 7 PARBS at half... better turn this around!

  6. Switched from Thompson today to Whiteside after learning that there was only one game on Tuesday , the Warriors vs Blazers , I soon realized that most likely the Raptors vs Heat will probably join them on that day ( I am Canadian lool ) That's just the representation on how this drive to the finals has been for me this year

    1. Apparently that series doesn't start until Thursday. That's what they said on the pregame show. So you may be right in keeping that series for Tuesday.

    2. And I was wrong. Raps/Heat going with Dubs/Blazers.

  7. 47 PRA , a 24 PRA increase from whitesides total

  8. Congrats to Raptors for winning G7!
    That's how important homecourt is.

  9. I'm happy to have escaped round 1 with losing only two players from advancing teams. One of those players was McCollum, and the circumstances that unfolded in that series could not have been predicted (huge congrats to mari031, who was lucky enough to still have all Blazers intact!). The other was Lowry, and that was more of a safe pick in that I didn't trust guys from the teams I thought would lose (I would have probably picked Jefferson for 7 PRA, so I was right on that) and I thought Lowry would be big tonight (I was wrong and he didn't have a huge stat stuffing game as I expected). On to round two now, with a lot of players left to choose from. I like Cleveland, Golden State, and San Antonio, and I'm quite sure I'm not alone in that opinion. I'm 50-50 on the Raptors vs. Heat series. I'm glad I can get a glimpse into the series with Game 1. Both teams are very deep, so making a mistake isn't the worst thing, as long as by the end of the series you get it right.


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